2013 australian federal election

Senate Votes Would Have Produced A One-Vote Turnaround, Credit Julia: Gillard And Windsor Speak At Victorian Women’s Trust Tribute, Mick Keelty Discusses Investigation Into Missing WA Senate Ballot Papers, Keating: Rudd Preserved Labor As A Fighting Force, Electoral Commission Asks Court Of Disputed Returns To Void W.A.

It has been online since 1995, but the personal circumstances of the owner, Malcolm Farnsworth, are such that economies have to be made. Here's what you need to know about the 2013 election. The outcome was that the Sport party's Wayne Dropulich was replaced by Zhenya Wang of the Palmer United Party.

| ACT | NT.

Can Bill Glasson Topple Kevin Rudd In Griffith? The Senate has 76 seats. Following a dispute of the results, the Western Australian results were declared void. At the urging of people online, I have agreed to see if Patreon provides a solution. Posted November 08, 2013 18:05:27 | Updated November 09, 2013 00:17:59. [9] The Coalition government will require the support of at least six non-coalition Senators to pass legislation.

September 7, 2013.

If you are able to contribute even $1.00/month to keep the site running, please click the Patreon button below. By the end of the year, both Rudd and Gillard were gone from the Parliament. The year of three prime ministers begin with Julia Gillard but then saw Kevin Rudd overthrow the woman who had herself deposed him in 2010. [25][26] Previous examples of winning with low vote shares include Family First's Steve Fielding in 2004 on 1.9 percent in Victoria[27] and the Nuclear Disarmament Party's Robert Wood in 1987 on 1.5 percent in New South Wales. The Myth Of The Ten-Week Election Campaign In 1984, Jingoistic, Xenophobic, Protectionist: Bill Shorten’s March To The Fringe In Speech To Submarine Workers, Carbon Tax Repeal Bill Defeated In Senate As Palmer Squabbles With Government Over Amendments, The Result Of Clive Palmer’s Al Gore Stunt: Carbon Tax Abolished, ETS Dead, Terri Butler Wins Griffith By-Election For ALP; Status Quo Result Sees 0.68% Swing To Liberals, The Malcolm Mackerras Six And The Question Of How To Define A Landslide. The year of three prime ministers begin with Julia Gillard but then saw Kevin Rudd overthrow the woman who had herself deposed him in 2010. Copyright © AustralianPolitics.com 1995-2020, CURRENT HEADS OF GOVT & OPPOSITION LEADERS, FEDERAL, STATE & TERRITORY GOVTS SINCE 1930, FEDERAL, STATE & TERRITORY ELECTION DATES SINCE 1901, Alby Schultz Announces Retirement From Hume, Sharon Grierson Announces Retirement As Member For Newcastle, Former Speaker Harry Jenkins To Retire At Next Election, Labor MP Kirsten Livermore To Retire At 2013 Election, Gillard And Abbott Appear On Sunday Talk Shows, 2013 Election Advertising Underway Already: Greg Bickley In Bendigo. Election Petition Regarding W.A. "Preference whisperer" Glenn Druery organised tight cross-preferencing between many minor parties. A Scenario For Tony Abbott And A Motion Of No-Confidence.

Mick Keelty, a former AFP Commissioner, was requested by the AEC to investigate the issue of the misplaced ballot papers. – Greens To Appeal, AEC Defers Declaration Of W.A. Audio or Braille versions were available from Vision Australia. Joe Kelly joined The Australian in 2008 and since 2010 has worked in the parliamentary press gallery. Bob Katter narrowly held on in Kennedy, whilst Clive Palmer snatched Fairfax from the LNP in Queensland. Tony Abbott And Women Of Calibre: What Did He Actually Say? [11][12] After the final recount the result was duly declared which changed the last two predicted WA Senate spots from Palmer and Labor back to Sports and Green. Family First's Bob Day won a seat on a primary vote of 3.8 percent in South Australia,[26][28] and the DLP's John Madigan won his seat in 2010 on a primary vote of 2.3 percent in Victoria. The AEC acknowledges the Traditional Owners of country throughout Australia and recognises their continuing connection to land, waters, culture and community.

The terms of the four senators from the territories commenced on election day, all other terms take effect on 1 July 2014.[5][6]. [22][23][24] Motoring's Ricky Muir won a senate seat on a record-low primary vote of 0.5 percent in Victoria. Julia Gillard’s Place Amongst The List Of Australian Prime Ministers, Eva Cox: Abbott A Confused, Conservative Sexist, But Not A Misogynist, Gillard Announces Agreement With Social Networking Sites Over Cyberbullying, Gillard Chooses Nova Peris For ALP NT Senate Seat; Crossin Dumped, Tony Abbott Briefs Liberal Party Candidates, Bodyline, The Economy And A Republic: Wayne Swan Joins The Dots, “Our Plan” – Tony Abbott Releases Coalition Policy Document, Robert McClelland Announces Retirement As Member For Barton, GILLARD ANNOUNCES SEPTEMBER 14 FEDERAL ELECTION, Gillard Uses National Press Club Speech To Announce September 14 Election, Tony Abbott’s Address To The National Press Club, Combet: Tony Abbott Is Australia’s Biggest Bullshit Artist, Tony Abbott State Of The Nation Address To CEDA, Kevin Rudd Interview On Sky News Australian Agenda, “A Plan For Australian Jobs” – Gillard Launches Industry And Innovation Statement, Julie Owens Rebukes Media Over Coverage Of Opinion Polls And Leadership, Julia Gillard’s Speech To The Australian Workers’ Union National Conference, In Barton, Tony Abbott Promises Home-Grown Policy With A Strong Australian Accent, Greens End Agreement With Gillard Government, Wayne Swan’s Speech To The AWU National Conference, Zed Seselja Topples Gary Humphries For ACT Liberal Senate Preselection, Gillard Offers Western Sydney Motorway Funding With Conditions, John Forrest, Nationals Member For Mallee, Announces Retirement, Abbott: Indigenous Issues Will Be At The Heart Of A Coalition Government In Word And Deed, Gillard Calls Leadership Ballot For 4.30pm Today, Chris Bowen Resigns From Gillard Ministry, Martin Ferguson Resigns From Gillard Ministry; Second Departure Today, Senator Kim Carr Resigns From Gillard Ministry; Third Departure Today, Gillard Reshuffles Ministry; Supporters Promoted; Four New Ministers, Gillard Confirms $12 Billion Budget Shortfall.

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