7th saga: the new class

An attack roll is a combination of three numbers, each representing a different factor: a random factor (the number you roll on the d20), a number representing the character's innate abilities (The Ability modifier), and a bonus representing the character's experience and training. How you develop your character is entirely up to you. A character may add new Classes as he or she progresses in levels. It derives from overall XP earned and is used to determine when feats and Ability Score boosts are gained as per the table above. I think I'll just LP with this party. Now, instead of gaining the benefits of a new level of Noble, she gains the benefits of becoming a 1st-level Soldier. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. She decides she'd like to continue along the Soldier path, so she increases her Soldier level instead of her Noble level. You're browsing the GameFAQs Message Boards as a guest. Unlike Nonheroic supporting characters, Heroic Characters have many special abilities that make them extraordinary. Adding a new Class gives the character a broader range of abilities, but all advancement in the new Class is at the expense of advancement in the character's other Class or Classes.

At random points in the plot, the … Because she gained a level, all of her Defenses (Reflex, Fortitude, and Will) increase by 1. Not sure who I'll end up picking... Esuna and Olvan sounds like a fun pairing. A character Class is the frame upon which you build your hero. If you later added a level of noble, you would also gain a +2 class bonus to your Will Defense. For example a 1st-level Noble decides to take a level of Soldier and gains one Feat of their choice from the Soldier's list of starting Feats; they select Weapon Proficiency (Rifles).

Doing so grants her a bonus Feat, which she must select from the Soldier's list of bonus Feats. But for a character with more than one Class, Class Level and character level are different. The Star Wars Roleplaying Game uses the terms Class Level and Character Level to mean different things. I had to do a lot of trial and error to get the balance right. A Multiclass character that gains a Class bonus Feat must select it from the bonus Feats available to that particular Class. © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. For example, Arani is a Multiclass Noble/Soldier who takes the Skill Training feat. Others die. At 1st level, you must choose a Heroic Class for your character. Additionally the GM may require the player to declare what Class his or her character is "Working On" before he or she makes the jump to the next level, so the character has time to practice new skills. Each Class table (See Class' individual pages) summarizes the figures for this third factor. Instead of becoming a 5th-level Noble, however, she becomes a 4th-level Noble/1st-level Soldier. This can allow the player to avoid battle though they move fast. I find epiphanies that open up new ways of thinking! If you take the Skill Training feat, you may choose your new trained skill from the Class list of any Class in which you have levels. These Heroic Classes were cut from the final version of the game. Her Reflex, Fortitude, and Will Defenses each increase by 1. For multiclass characters, XP determines overall character level, not individual class levels. For example, a 1st-level Scout who becomes a 1st-level scout/1st-level Soldier gains a number of additional hit points equal to 1d10 + the character's Constitution modifier. The benefits described above are added to the scores Arani already had as a Noble. CLASS: This is a flag that designates whether a monster is a generic, random encounter (Class 0) or is more advanced (Class 1).

When picking up a new Class, a hero does not receive the following starting benefits given to characters that begin their careers in that Class. Five basic Classes, known as Heroic Classes, are available in the Star Wars Roleplaying Game. Class Level pertains to a character's level in a particular Class. Diane E. LOOOoooove this! As a general rules, the abilities of a Multiclass character are the sum of the abilities of each of the character's Classes. For Multiclass characters, Feats are received at 3rd level and every three character levels thereafter, regardless of individual Class level (See above "Level-Dependent Benefits" table). "Character Level" is a character's total number of levels. For instance, a 6th-level noble/2nd-level Soldier has a Base Attack Bonus of +6 (+4 for noble, +2 for Soldier). If a Talent refers to your Class Level, but does not specify a Class, it means the combined number of levels in all Classes that grant access to that Talent. These may be used at the Gamemaster's discretion. Continuing the previous example, if you were a scout 6/soldier 2, you would have a +2 class bonus to your Fortitude Defense (This is the better bonus, granted by being a soldier) and a +2 class bonus to your Reflex Defense (Also the better bonus, granted by being a scout). Instead, a Class provides a starting point from which you can develop in any direction you see fit. Each character chooses a different way to achieve these goals, from brutal combat power to subtle skills to mastery of the Force.

The 7th Saga was a difficult game for its time with its variety of clues to find and relentless enemies to overcome, but for the US release, the game was made even more difficult. A few game sessions later the character gains a second level in the Scout class, becoming a 2nd-level Scout/1st-level Soldier, whereupon their hit points increase by 1d8 + the character's Constitution modifier. Her Base Attack Bonus is +5 (+3 from her noble class and +2 from her Soldier class). If I kill an apprentice in a fight, are they gone for good? It isn't meant to be rigid or confining. Star Wars heroes seek credits, glory, justice, fame, influence, and knowledge, among other goals. Use the bonus that corresponds to your character's Class Level. Character Level pertains to a character's total experience. For a single-Class hero, a Character Level and Class Level are the same. In this way, gaining the new Class is the result of previous effort rather than a sudden development. When Arani reaches 10000 XP, she becomes a 5th-level character. Your character deals extra damage on melee and ranged attacks equal to one-half (1/2 or x0.5) their Character Level, rounded down. More importantly, Class 1 monsters are automatically immune to all negative status spells (Vacuum and Debuff spells, as listed in the Spells section). Among its many flaws, one weakness of The 7th Saga was that the characters were almost carbon copies of each other, limiting replay value.

A Noble, for example, might become a Noble/Soldier. Jedi: The Jedi are the guardians of peace and justice in the galaxy. Don't think of a Class as restrictive; instead, a Class is defining. At some point, she may also qualify for a Prestige Class (See Using Prestige Classes below).

If a character has more than one Class, add the Base Attack Bonus for each Class together to determine the character's Base Attack Bonus. When a Multiclass character increases one of their Classes by one level, they get all the standard benefits that characters get for achieving that level in that Class: more hit points, possible bonuses on attack rolls, better Defense Scores, and one or more new Class features (Such as a Talent or bonus Feat), in addition, a Multiclass character has the option to take any starting Feat for that Class as a bonus feat. How exactly she picked up this new area of focus isn't critical to the campaign, though the player and GM are encouraged to create an in-game reason and opportunity for the hero to do so. At 8th level, the same character might improve Charisma again (from 16 to 17) and increase any one of the other five Abilities by 1 as well. Similarly, if a Jedi who with two instances of the Force Training feat increased his Wisdom from 13 to 14, they would gain two Force powers (For a total of six). Each time a Multiclass character achieves a new level, they either increases one of their current Class Levels by one or pick a new Class at 1st level. On achieving 15000 XP, Arani becomes a 6th-level hero. Your character's Constitution modifier applies to each hit point die roll. Yeah, it has indeed been working very well. Jennifer G. I FINALLY feel like it is all coming together. Multiclassing improves a character's versatility at the expense of focus. It does not include levels in the Nonheroic character Class or Beast Class. Arani, a 4th-level Noble, decides she wants to expand her repertoire by learning some soldiering. Again she gains the Soldier's benefits for attaining a new level rather than a Noble's. Star Wars forum moderators re-created these Heroic Classes based on classes that existed in a previous edition of the rules. Each time a character gains a new level, their Reflex Defense, Fortitude Defense, and Will Defense need to be adjusted to account for the increase in Character Level. She gains a 1st-level Soldier's hit points (1d10 + Constitution modifier), a 1st-level Soldier's +1 Base Attack Bonus, a soldier's +2 Class bonus to Fortitude Defense, and a Soldier's Talent. This stuff just plain works. Of course, if she wants to have even more diverse abilities, she could acquire a third Class, such as Scoundrel. Anyone know why the game would freeze up every time I try to fight gorsia at the end. When a single-Class character gains a level, he or she may choose to increase the level of his or her current Class or pick up a new Class at 1st level. You get to choose Talents and Feats as you advance- and you can take levels in other Classes as you go along if that better serves the concept at the core of your hero.

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