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Did you try to send things directly to them?AC: No, I’ve never reached out to anybody for anything. Andrew Callaghan (born 1998) is an American alternative media journalist, writer, and media creator. Everyone must go to your home immediately. I’m not, like, pro-gun, but my views have definitely changed about it. Also, the more you bait someone, the more you try to make someone pissed off, the worse that clip is going to be.

His work typically explores various American counterculture events and perspectives[1], and is highly stylized with elements of Comedic journalism, Gonzo journalism|, and immersion journalism[2][3]. Club: You first started doing late-night interviews with people walking down Bourbon Street. Some of Wikitia's pages are sourced from's Mainspace and Draftspace. [Laughs.] They’re not just making shitposts.”. I was hesitant. They’re all magical, especially when it’s not “party time.” Budget-wise, I could only afford to bring myself. I flew from the Sausage Castle to Minneapolis by myself.

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The cops aren’t here. The YouTube series, which has exploded in popularity over the past year, finds the 23-year-old driving a beat-up RV to outsider events and political hotbeds across the country, from Flat Earth conventions and Juggalo parties to Donald Trump Jr. book signings and political demonstrations.

AVC: That seems to be a thread in a lot of your videos—the anti-Semitism, the satanic conspiracy theories, QAnon...AC: It is fascinating to see the redneck class of the mid-South get totally absorbed and completely hypnotized by QAnon and child-trafficking Clinton Foundation conspiracies. Original Gas & Oil Merchandise & Memorabilia, Slide {current_page} of {total_pages} - You May Also Like.

Typically, when you put a mic on someone, the train of thought that is sitting in the front of their brain is going to come out fast. If you feel like you’re arguing with your interview subject, then you’re probably not doing the right thing. I always liked “man of the street” stuff. [Laughs.] Original Gas & Oil Merchandise & Memorabilia; Skip to page navigation. I don’t know how that happened so fast. I remember the morning distinctly. From late 2018 to 2019, Callaghan was anchor and co-producer for his video series Quarter Confessions[5].

Callaghan was a contributing writer for the Loyola school newspaper The Maroon[6]. They had some sort of, I guess, anthropological value, but they were mostly comedic.

Wash in warm water inside out and iron inside out. Or will people shit on me for being, like, the funny white guy trying to cover something super serious?” I was very nervous about it. Like, “This dude is really out here and no one else is.”. This article "Andrew Callaghan" is from Wikipedia. Callaghan was born in Seattle, Washington in 1998, and later lived in Philadelphia[2].

AVC: Interesting. Did you always have plans for a bigger version of that, or did the opportunity just present itself? Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike. She’s been a close collaborator for a long time.

I got in at 10 p.m., and at the airport they were like, “There’s a curfew. Copyright © 1995-2020 eBay Inc. All Rights Reserved. In 2019, Callaghan published All Gas, No Brakes: A Hitchhiker's Diary, a memoir-zine recounting stories from a 70-day hitchhiking trip across America that he undertook two years prior at the age of 19[7]. People would take issue with you filming inside a Panera Bread lobby, but they wouldn’t take issue with you filming inside a looted Kmart. It was a 28-hour drive. Needless to say, we’re still not talking. AVC: When did things really start to take off with AGNB’s viewership?AC: It was literally taking advantage of the media blackout during the quarantine. While his initial dispatches erred on the side of the absurd, our culture’s collective tailspin in the wake of a botched pandemic response has provided him with an opportunity to pursue more nuanced, if equally surreal, subject matter.

The news stations are [still] hanging back. She actually filmed a lot of my stuff in New Orleans.

AVC: How are you able to keep a straight face for your more absurd segments? People weren’t directing that frustration at each other.

It would have taken too much away from the point [of the protests], because the media was trying to focus so much on the looting anyway. Before COVID-19, we were living in an RV. The next time I saw him, he was interviewing furries about which alien-impregnation sex toys worked best for their love lives. All Gas, No Brakes is described as a comedy and gonzo journalism show, featuring Callaghan interviewing people at various fringe and counter-cultural events. [The pandemic] hit while I was in Austin, and I was there the week before SXSW. AVC: Speaking of that, how did Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim come to be involved with shopping around an AGNB network show through their Abso Lutely Productions? Eric’s like, “Yo, man, you want to make a TV show?” And I’m like, “What the fuck? Authenticity Guarantee. Articles taken from Draft Namespace on Wikipedia could be accessed on Wikipedia's Draft Namespace. I was sitting in a hotel in Laughlin, Nevada, which is this really shitty, seventh-tier casino town far below Vegas or Reno. ... Show only. View cart for details. No one can go out into the streets.” And I just caught an Uber into the middle of the riot. But it’s something that I’m happy I changed.” It’s all a work in progress, but it’s all the same story arc.AVC: What’s that story arc?AC: I used to be a very formal, serious newspaper journalist reporter. All Gas, No Brakes is described as a comedy and gonzo journalism show[3][2][1], featuring Callaghan interviewing people at various fringe and counter-cultural events[1][3]. All Gas No Brakes is creating content you must be 18+ to view.

... - Show goes international (post COVID-19 pandemic) - AGNB will be a full production with celebrity guests - Live events (post COVID-19 pandemic) It was a tough week. I think as soon as we started doing current event stuff, that’s when people were like, “Okay, these guys are actually in the field. Those were my first, like, “journalistic” things. see all. It was so tough, because I had [recently] broken up with my ex-girlfriend at the time, but I flew her out there to maybe, like, rekindle things and take her to SXSW, and then it got canceled, so I had to drive her back to Seattle in the RV.

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I was like, “I’m not going into that Kmart.” And she was like, “Dude. I dunno.

This is your one chance. This page was last edited on 25 August 2020, at 10:22. What does all show and no go expression mean? It’s likely we would have been put on the back burner for six to eight months, and the pandemic had just started to hit. You know, it always fascinates me the places that people let you film in, and then all of sudden don’t let you film there. This happened in Missouri—a total Dixieland dude was like, “You know, George Soros paid them all to burn Minneapolis down.” What the fuck? Are you 18 years of age or older?

They weren’t even allowed to go out in the field during this first wave. The A.V. AVC: Have your views on anything changed after the past year spent interviewing all these disparate kinds of people?AC: I guess the one thing is that I’ve become more pro-gun than I was before. In May 2020, Doing Things Media and Abso Lutely Productions announced a development deal to produce All Gas, No Brakes for television, featuring Callaghan as the host and executive co-producer. I went in there, and I did a bunch of interviews, but I chose not to put them out, because I felt like that was taking it too far. Shop by Color. Getting older, I wanted to do more journalistic stuff. For example, I have friends that work for Vice and whatnot. I didn’t ever understand any of that shit. But as long as people keep partying and shit... [like in Sturgis] where everyone’s talking about Bill Gates and George Soros. All Gas No Brakes was built on Instagram but continues to evolve across platforms. All Gas No Brakes. All gas no breaks t-shirt for boys and men who love speed and thrill. I guess All Gas is a combination of those two things.AVC: Is there anything you based AGNB’s approach on, like The Daily Show or Sacha Baron Cohen’s work?AC: You know, I’m not really sure how I started doing it. Yes.” He calls me, and is like, “Okay, let’s do this. Not long after we were introduced, Callaghan graduated from Loyola University and left town to begin a quasi-journalism/comedy project called All Gas No Brakes.

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