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Aquaman's Flashpoint incarnation plays a huge role in the creation of the New 52 universe. The new developments included a new lead character, a new supporting cast, and the inclusion of sword and sorcery–type fantasy elements in the series. Nu 52's JL origin. DeMatteis, J. M. (w), Janin, Mikel (p), Cifuentes, Vincente, Guillermo Ortego, Jordi Tarragona (i), Cox, Jeromy (col), Wands, Steve (let). Simply one of the best one-issue Aquaman stories ever. Aquaman plays a major role using his connections and influence. The 2015 "Convergence" storyline gave Aquaman a new look at issue #41. Amazing art, very nice action some mystery and setup that pays off later and a distinct "Aliens" feel. She explains that the original Aquaman had given a sample of his water hand to Dr. Curry in order to resurrect Curry's dead son, Arthur, whom he had named after the hero. [75] Aquaman and the other heroes transport the Totality back to Atlantis, only to find it under the control of Vandal Savage and the Legionnaires Club, and that Poseidon has been enslaved by the Legion of Doom.

17 Super Friends.

Since that time, DC has published thousands of Aquaman comic books, which have included some incredible storylines, Aquaman story arcs, graphic novels, and individual issues making for a plethora of amazing stories.. Aquaman's first origin story was presented in flashback from his debut in More Fun Comics #73 (November 1941), narrated by the character himself: The story must start with my father, a famous undersea explorer—if I spoke his name, you would recognize it.

Greatly distressed by the harsh treatment given to the oceans during his time as ruler of Atlantis, Aquaman decides to abdicate the Atlantean throne and return to full-time heroics. They met after she fled to land, running from her forced fiancée.

The issues of the storyline are Aquaman v4 #21-22. Also, he was often subject to jokes and memes. Simultaneously with the solo series, an Aquaman backup feature was also published in World's Finest issues #125-139 (cover-dated May 1962 to February 1964). There’s no better comic version of Aquaman than the one Geoff Johns wrote during the New 52 reboot of DC. The series also added mystical elements to Aquaman's mythology and reinvented Ocean Master as a sorcerer. Using the bones of his severed left hand in a magical ritual, the sea gods give Orin the power to raise Sub Diego onto dry land. As detailed in the five-issue Aquaman limited series (June–October 1989) (by the same creative team of the 1989 special of Robert Loren Fleming, Keith Giffen, and Curt Swan), which continued a few of the themes from the Legend of Aquaman Special, Mera is eventually driven insane by grief over the death of her son, Arthur, Jr., and is committed to an asylum in Poseidonis. [88] Aquaman had also been bestowed an ability he never showcased before, given to him by an old Sea Monarch, granting him the ability of unaided flight using his own power. This mysterious figure is revealed to be Aquaman, who has allied himself with the Anti-Monitor against Lex Luthor and Perpetua. Arthur Joseph Curry is the second DC Comics superhero to be known as Aquaman. [52] They later intercept a pirate vessel but Aquaman finds that he can now only call on dead sea life to help him. It stars Jason Momoa as Aquaman, who sets out to lead the underwater kingdom of Atlantis and stop his half-brother, King Orm from uniting the seven underwater kingdoms against the surface world. The issues of the storyline are Aquaman v3 #5-8. A very action packed storyline that involves the Grant Morisson JLA vs the Ultramarine Corps and ties with the excellent Seven Soldiers arc. When the original Aquaman attempted to resurrect Sub Diego, a part of his soul attached itself to the dead body of Arthur Joseph Curry, while Aquaman's (Arthur Curry) body mutated into the Dweller of the Depths. Initially, he was depicted as speaking to sea creatures "in their own language" rather than telepathically, and only when they were close enough to hear him (within a 20 yards (18 m) radius). Not only does this adventure compel him to come to terms with his real identity, but it also forces him to discover whether he is entirely worthy of fulfilling his own destiny: becoming a King. The issues of the storyline are JLA #22-23. Aquaman's first appearance by Paul Norris and Mort Weisinger. However, Arthur learns that Atlantis is being ruled by his malicious half-brother Orm (Patrick Wilson), who seeks to unite the seven underwater kingdoms and wage war upon the surface.

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