average temperature for november 2019

As you are pleading the 5th amendement and steadfastly refuse to explain your concept in terms of the clear depiction above, I think it is time to move on. No there is a clear difference, the third indication is completely absent here, thankfully. Even in this context the claim that the mirrors create energy is absolute b.s.. That is probably why emergency space blankets were designed with humans in mind. “You went missing in action.

I am an eternal optimist and as unlikely as it sounds, maybe you would learn something. (Expect Universities to raise tuitions with that demand). Have your last words…. Assuming a change in a species’ size is due to evolution is a bad mistake unless there is a change in DNA. Sometimes if I switch devices it may work immediately but sometimes the post disappears into the ether indefinitely and you just have to give up.

He is trying to introduce a more complex situation than the extremely basic 3-plate scenario, in order to confuse matters. El Niño & La Niña activity may be the wildcard with their own cycles of cool and warm.

I hope people do not confuse my observation as a complaint about Dr Specer’s work. They know nothing about climate. San Fran +0.6 2010-14 … 10 You guys sure do love your ambiguous terms. That’s why we are able to tell what the temperature was back in the 1700’s to within a thousandth of a degree. Yes, thanks for helping…something that “protects structures from extreme temperatures and thermal gradients” is exactly the opposite of what you need. Well, it’s just first you said, apropos of nothing: “It is admirable that you think you are willing to take a bullet for your friends.”. Ok DREMT, even you must surely realise the implication of this, is that in a vacuum, 244K for all 3 plates, no longer holds.

(I hope the formatting work!

Insulation, of any kind, can not raise the temperature of the heat source beyond that theoretical level (and not just because of death!). Their internal body temperature is now well below that theoretical level. The 2nd Amendment was NOT drafted to protect hunters’ rights…it was drafted to kill Tyrants if the unfortunate situation should ever arise. In fact, funny story, when JD first introduced the 3-plate thing, they (meaning the GPE cult) actually got the temperature value of the blue plate wrong. Bit difficult to name names under the circumstances. In that case, if the defence also presents all of his comments here, no jury would convict on that basis but he may be involuntarily confined (preferably with no access to a computer). Bottom line: reflecting the energy back towards the filament does not make the filament hotter. 1E-03 1370 1630 Clearly the climate systems and insulation are different to the human body but still share some common characteristics. Thanks again. In contrast if a material has a negative coefficient of resistance such as a semiconductor , then yes the temperature would go up and thermal runaway can and often will occur. Was the Southern hemisphere really that much above nominal? 0120 (1892-): +0.62 So will the Sherpas on Mt Everest, and that’s not very far from New Delhi. 0003 (1832-2006): +1.68 Your twisted logic inevitably leads you to conclude that the passive green plates raise the temperature of the heat source. It’s cold during the winters in the Arctic. The forecast for the next few days of hazy with a chance of embers seems to be the situation here. Like your sun argument, that’s really stupid.

So how is this possible at emissivity = 0?

An all-encompassing statement like that enables be to cherry pick just one counter-example for debunking. Clearly this is not the case for humans who normally lack fur or feathers. (Miriam O’Brien aka slandering “Sou” from Hotwhopper, that means you.).

The 400 W source can also generate this power indefinitely. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.macleans.ca/news/canada/this-mysterious-arctic-tree-stump-could-reveal-ancient-secrets/amp/, https://wattsupwiththat.com/2009/10/26/on-the-vikings-and-greenland/. Whatever you need to do inside your head to think of the blue plate as a heat source, whether it needs internal nuclear reactions, like the sun, or whatever else…do it.

He finds quotes, misunderstands them, misapplies them, takes them out of context, and thinks hes made a point. The surroundings are a perfect vacuum with no additional heat source, anywhere.”. Another fantasist, eh? If we can’t agree on basics, then there is no way we will progress to understanding more complex situations. For a body the size of the Earth I would expect to see a very gradual slow down over a number of years then a plateau for a number of years where the temps will be seen to be doing nothing then a very gradual decline. – these 81 stations with at least 100 years activity: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1UsJgaymQYMGiR1Vxc6cghgzBI5baeor0/view, The difference is incredibly small, especially when considering the trends for 1910-2018 This is substantial evidence understanding the more complex 2LOT is beyond DREMT/Joe’s ability in this field. Thus 400 W input translates to an output of 200 W/m^2. If you ever end up stranded in the North Atlantic in a dinghy and a rescue party drops you a metallic reflective blanket from a helicopter, please don’t throw it overboard. No. I am sure they will be happy together. Maybe it’s time you did likewise. “Sure, the temperature of the green plates get hotter and hotter and hotter, whilst always emitting 200 W/m^2, except when you actually get right down to emissivity of zero, when they suddenly become zero K, and emit nothing”. Those multiple comments over multiple years have discussed it all, so there is little point in rehashing it all. There are even some days a year in Germany with almost no solar and wind. Just like the 1930’s where both EXTREME hot and Dry (weeks to months over 100 F and years of drought unlike anything remotely seen today) and also Extreme Dry cold occurred. I am in total agreement with your analysis. Like I said, what value is there to eyeballing that chart and figuring out the %? I do….

C, up from the October value of +0.46 deg. Because I don’t agree with organizations A, B, C, and these select scientists D, E, F, that by default makes me incompetent. – “But what are all those monthly files? You launch into diversions after diversions because you are incapable of answering the simplest of questions.. All you have to do is simply indicate whether the depiction above corresponds with your version of the 3 plate problem.

A bit of a line ball really. “Terrestrial mammals have only one mechanism to preserve their body warmth outside of hiding from the weather and that is by the mechanism of their fur or feathers preventing convective heat loss of the air warmed by their body temperature”. Nothing to be scared of. All seems pretty reasonable. A quiet Sun begets stratospheric warming which also influences temperatures in the polar and temperate parts of the world during the winter. Due to the difficulties working with the dysfunctional comments section my humble piet was baked blind, but it was still rather tasty for a humble pie. This is the previous version which was correct. dang, all those “ε” should be “epsilon” = ε = emissivity. Most Recent Hourly Data Available. After 60 seconds, check the temperature. The 400 W source can also generate this power indefinitely.

Temperature anomalies and percentiles are shown on the gridded maps below. 0183 (1912-): -0.54 If nothing else, not everyone has followed every line of previous discussion. 2019 11 30 -41.2 That’s because unthread I wrote, ridiculing the position that Team GPE has to defend: “insulation can increase the output from a heat source.”, https://www.drroyspencer.com/2019/12/uah-global-temperature-update-for-november-2019-0-55-deg-c/#comment-415564, “No DREMT. seem suppressed by solar minimums. So the ice doeesn’t melt, build it in the Arctic with the help of the locals. Why pose a more difficult problem when you can’t correctly solve the original one? “Trapped radiation inside a cavity simply resonates it doesnt change its own spectrum and it doesnt change its own temperature” . When the AMO goes negative then you will see substantial cooling. Similarly for the human body, the back reflection from the inside of the blanket allows a higher set point to be obtained (particularly compared to an inadequately insulated human in a dangerously cold environment). According to the MO, the UK in November was 0.9°C below the 1981-2010 average. Maybe a little superfluous, but I did enjoy Tim and MikeR butting heads. Do you have any specific criticisms of this solution? Just proper experimental evidence backed by hard won theory. This wiki article states that the Sahel flips between wet and dry periods by apparent attractor-switching, and three transitions can be rapid. You ploughed on regardless, never admitting a scintilla of doubt. Yes Scotland was colder than England, and hence England was warmer than Scotland. Yup from the last solar max to the coming solar min, temperatures been dropping like a rock. GHE does not heat anything. France DREMT, in the unlikely event you are right, I am not sure why NASA put in the effort to invent the space blanket. What are the view factors for the plates in Geraint’s experiment?

0180 (1911-): +1.34 New York can already celebrate the New Year. DREMT twists in the wind of comments with no basic understanding of, nor grounding in, thermodynamics for certain systems as I wrote. * This also was an unfortunate characteristic of your predecessors who are no longer with us, and made some surmise that you were the latest reincarnation of these miscreants.

1990-94 … 8 What a silly billy. “insulation to your home doesnotmake the heating element within that heater warmer. Try not to go wild and have a good break over Xmas. There are two equivalent ways to describe the situation. All the calculations are done using the standard energy balance equations and the S-B law. You don’t know what you are talking about. It is evident that Scotland was a lot colder than UK as a whole, what inevitably lets some people think we stay just in front of a GSM. As I have long held, drop the heat term and end this confusion. Then upon JD’s introduction of the separation of the blue plate into another green plate, there are three plates and the 2 greens must decrease below the temperature of the middle blue plate with greens closer to 220K at steady state equilibrium with givens in the illumination of the original GPE. c) ε = 1. You play these semantic games of introducing ambiguous terms, and then refusing to specify what you mean. For instance there are various active regulatory systems involved in thermal homeostasis and the set point varies dependent on a large diverse range of factors (diurnal, hormonal etc., etc.) The ocean is the ultimate heat bank for the planet, and make up the majority of the surface. (Weather station: Montreal - Pierre Elliot Trudeau International Aiport, Canada). Thanks again for asking 7:16am to show you what DREMT/Joe means.

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