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Some suggestions include:Developing your preaching calendar.Implementing the SCORRE method. (Episode 8)Improving your public reading skills. Read more... Our Sermon Player is HTML5 and will work on any kind of website. (Episode 6)An idea that you have been thinking about.You are challenged! Storing your sermons online with a podcast keeps them within reach at anytime. But as people spend more of their lives online, the church has an incredible opportunity to meet them there. But, that doesn’t mean that somebody who missed the sermon on Sunday can’t listen in on Monday (or even a month later). Here are the top 5 reasons every church should host their sermons online: Each week your pastor prepares and presents a sermons to your congregation, and each week you see God use those sermons to move the hearts of your congregation. 8 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Trey Sermon. My conviction is that a good sermon requires a healthy pastor. The following is a list of Reformed podcasts we are familiar with and find helpful. We also provide you Listener Statistics so you can know how often a sermon has been listened to plus a geographic location of each listener. We've served over 4.4 million sermon listens—and counting. Find out why hundreds of churches for over 10 years have trusted SermonCast for secure HD video streaming, sermon video hosting, podcasting, and live online church services. Learn about using emphasis, pauses, pace, body language, and eye contact.He also suggests that we can learn from politicians, newscasters, and comedians.Suggested Resources:Public Reading of Scripture, Clayton J. SchmitPreaching the Story, Jeffrey FrymireEat This Book, Eugene PetersonThe Cross and the Lynching Tree, James H. Cone. SermonCast church video streaming service is an easy and affordable way for your church to broadcast God’s Word worldwide, publishing video to your church website, social networks, tablets and smartphones.

Now your members have a way to listen to your messages anytime they want! If you used an smartphone app, digital recorder, or CD, then you’ll need to get the file onto your computer. This episode takes a peak at practices that address the issue.Good self-care forces us to answer questions like these:When was your last vacation?Do you protect at least one day off per week?Are you building boundaries and margin into your life?Doug defines the terms for us. In simpler times, the internet was just AOL message boards and instant messenger. At Buzzsprout, we currently hosts over 10,000 podcasts and about half of our podcasts are churches that are hosting their sermons online. Best Sermon Ever welcomes Jeff Barclay for Episode 10. After your file is saved to your computer, you’re ready to host it online. 011 Doug Talley on Preaching and Self-Care, Most pastors aren’t good at self-care, so says Dr. Doug Talley.

Once and done uploading appears on the included sermon player for your website and on your Apple Podcasts (formerly iTunes) listing. Your best sermon ever is yet to be delivered. If we think something is interesting, we share it. The Joe Rogan Experience, The Daily, The Ben Shapiro Show, Crime Junkie, Dateline NBC, My Favorite Murder with Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark, Pod Save America, Up First, Call Her Daddy, Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard and more. Once and done uploading appears on the included sermon player for your website and on your Apple Podcasts (formerly iTunes) listing. What You Need to Podcast This Week’s Sermon. As a church, you’re already producing high-quality valuable content each week. You can use a digital recorder or a smartphone app to record the sermon at the podium. Buzzsprout hosts your podcast so that anybody can download them at any time. There’s so much wisdom and insight! We've served over 4.4 million sermon listens—and counting.

Give it a listen! Jeff is Lead Pastor of Christ Community Church in Lawrence, Kansas. Our original proprietary feed creator remains unbroken after a decade of solid use.

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