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Large bonfires are ignited and people drink and jump across the flames. Also takes place in Sorata (La Paz), Potosi, Oruro, and Cochabamba. Here people run through the bonfires or spread coals and walk through the hot embers.

She said today is a festive day in celebration of the restoration of democracy to come,"This process won't end, it will continue for many years. 16 Italaque. 10 San Lorenzo.

The festival features countless colorfully dressed dancers, marching bands and a seemingly endless supply of beer. 14 Sorata.- (144 km. Dancers dance to instruments such as the tarka and pinquillo. San Juan takes place on the coldest, longest winter night of the year.

Yotala. In honor of the god of abundance, the Ekkekko, Alasitas takes place in La Paz near the end of January and sometimes in February. Hundreds of festivals are held elsewhere across the country. This date is celebrated with parades and the Chapaco Rodeo and horse racing. In the highlands, they light fires to keep evil spirits away on the coldest day of the year. There is a tradition to bake bread babies, sweets, and various refreshments throughout the festival. Also celebrated countrywide; however, this is not a public holiday and business continues as usual. Just as the sun comes up, everyone heads into the Tiwankau ruins to greet the first rays of sunlight of the year with outstretched arms. 6 Change of authorities. The event, which has run for hundreds of years, sees neighboring villagers in the department of Potosí get together for a brutal fist fight, with blood spill believed to appease pachamama (mother nature) and bring fourth a bountiful harvest.

24 San Juan.

San Roque is the patron saint of dogs. Dancers dance the “tarqueada” when the potato fields have begun to bloom to request rain and proper climactic conditions for a good harvest. San Juan. 1 Laja. Another La Paz entrada which is a little more family-friendly than the Gran Poder, Entrada Universitaria is performed entirely by university students and doesn’t have any religious themes. The devout dance in large groups to the Señor del Gran Poder. Also called the Flower Festival, it is carried out in the El Molino neighborhood with a procession after Catholic mass. 10 Ephemeredes of Oruro. Invitation to folkloric dance troupes to participate in practice sessions over the next few months for the dancing at the Festival of the Virgen del Socavón that will take place at Carnival in Oruro. Outgoing authorities are thanked and new ones are welcomed. To celebrate victory over the Spanish in 1816, indigenous groups meet in the town of Tarabuco for music and dancing. Inhabitants of San Ignacio de Velasco emulate the soldiers that accompanied Christ to the Calvary on Good Friday. Dates vary. (Dates vary). Lasts about a week. Seven-day festival in Oruro. Solemn procession of the Virgin’s image through the streets.

Folkloric dancing emulates how the town defended themselves against the Portuguese when these towns were Jesuit Missions. Señor de la Exaltación. Celebrants go to mass, then participate in a procession and dancing through the streets. Alasitas is a bizarre and intriguing festival where indigenous Bolivians flock to La Paz from surrounding areas to purchase miniature replicas of the things they desire in the coming year. A religious celebration of All Saints’ Day on November 1-2, cemeteries and graves throughout Bolivia are visited by relatives and loved ones. 2nd Sunday. Typical Andean folkloric dances by groups of “Tinkus”, the ancient warriors of this region. Takes place in Manquiri. This music festival has grown over the years and international groups have begun to participate. The very devout participate in street processions and mass.

21: Virgin of Lourdes. Virgen del Carmen. 24 Ephemerides of the Department of Santa Cruz.

Civic acts and at times military band marching. Carnival in Santa Cruz. Handcrafts are sold and there is folkloric music and dancing to celebrate the cross of the Calvary. San Antonio.

Our hundreds of Bolivian traditions would be difficult to summarize on a single page. Virgen de la Candelaria. Tiwanaku. A procession of riders on horseback called Matacos (men) and Cunas (female Matacas).

Takes places in the lovely small town of Porongo. 14 Departmental anniversary. Also held in Oruro. 8: Día de la Inmaculada Concepción. Pentecost. As in Santa Cruz and Vallegrande, there are processions, and traditional foods are sold in the streets of this, the Festival of the Cross.

Mass and processions. Trinidad is the capital city of the department of Beni. Also celebrated in small towns in the departments of Oruro, Cochabamba, Potosi, Sucre, Tarija and Beni.

(New Year's Day).

Here festivities are more indigenous than Christian. Celebrates General Sucre’s cry for independence from the Spanish in 1809. This festival revering the cross on which Christ was crucified takes place on May 3 in Bolivia nationwide. A procession through the streets during which a statue of Jesus after death on the cross is carried through the streets on Good Friday. Fireworks and dancing in some locations. Fiesta de la Uva. Dates vary. A pilgrim procession in veneration of el Senor de Manquiri takes place in Potosi along with dancing, music, and mass. Last Sunday in August.

28: San Agustín.

Also held in the Distrito Minero de Santa Fe (Oruro). Bolivian culture has been influenced by over 30 native ethnic groups and numerous immigrant (foreign) cultures and each has contributed its own beliefs and lifestyles to the potpourri of Bolivian customs and traditions.

Late May/ Early June. A procession with a statue of the virgin, bands and dancing in the streets. 4 Huaylla. Each area in Bolivia has its own variation, but the more exotic ones are in Villa Serrano and Sucre (Chuquisaca), Vallegrande (Santa Cruz), San Ignacio de Moxos (Beni), and Tarija, where some of the celebrations last until the end of January. Click on the link for more details on our New Year’s customs and rituals.

14 Varios provinces. 8 Sucre. 8 Vallegrande. Spring Equinox. 2 Copacabana - Virgin of Candelaria. If you ever participate in San Juan and someone in your group has a guitar, be prepared to hear “Hotel California” over and over again until you hate it. Popular songs, fireworks, folkloric dances. Folkloric groups, processions and mass. 30 San Andrés. A religious festival for the holy cross. 31 San Ignacio de Moxos. 3 Canasmoro, San Andrés and Bella Vista. Virgen del Rosario. The famous tropical bull fights, not to be confused with the festival of San Francisco Javier in the department of Santa Cruz. Day of the Indian.

All Saints/All Souls Day. Indigenous leaders and inhabitants gather to watch the first rays of sun (of the sun god Inti) shine across the main portal of the Temple of Kalasasaya. Folkloric exhibitions and typical food. Fireworks and folklore, as well as an agricultural fair. Celebrated by those who live in the town of San Lorenzo in honor of their patron saint. Folkloric dances, bull fights, music, dancing and typical food and drink. Celebrated in Potosí, Cochabamba, Sorata and over 15 days in Oruro. A celebration for the Virgin of the Rosary. Departmental anniversary involving civic functions and parades as well as other celebrations to honor Santa Cruz. Ñatita is like Mexico’s Day of the Dead but turned up to 11. The best parties are held on the island of Suriqui (Lake Titicaca) and in Tarija, Vallegrande (Santa Cruz), Copacabana (La Paz), and Cochabamba. 21 Inti Raymi. here called Holy Week, begins on Mundy Thursday and continues Good Friday, Saturday and Easter Sunday.

Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. However, Bolivia’s rich culture shines through during the festivities with bright costumes, traditional dances, celebrations of iconic pagan figures, and more. Celebrated in the various Jesuit mission towns in Santa Cruz. One of Cochabamba's biggest festivals and the celebration of the Ephemeredes of Cochabamba’s, the departmental anniversary. International Culture Festival takes place in the cities of Sucre and Potosi. Rather, the event has the sole aim of keeping Bolivia’s undeniably beautiful folklore alive by encouraging participation from students attending the country’s largest state run university.

Dates vary. Oruro, Cochabamba, the Yungas and Sucre also have festivals on this day. Fiesta de la Cruz. Local growers of this native Bolivian mangosteen celebrate the fruit with an annual festival, which now includes business round tables with potential overseas buyers. 22 Magdalena.- Local party with folkloric dances, bullfight, games. 15 Ephemeredes of Tarija.

First Sunday. There is much drinking and eating throughout the night as people gather around the fire to talk, play games, and sing. Couples go to ask God for fertility as well. 3rd week. 21 Tiahuanaco (La Paz).. Equinoccio de la Primavera. This weird and wonderful festival takes place primarily in La Paz in early November. Oruro hosts by far the most well-known celebration of Carnival in Bolivia. The Festival of the Grape, commemorating the harvest.

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