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People are asking for the bubbles because they Krrp them away from the other diners.

The bubbles caught the eye of Café du Soleil owner Alain Chevreux in July when he was online, figuring out how to stay in business. “They feel cozy. When I saw the results of the Covid rules permitting expanded sidewalk space, I thought, “And Cotta’s takeover is complete.” Ha ha. Soon they’ll be able to welcome diners inside their restaurant. They’re not specifically for COVID, they’re just regular bubbles. French bistro in the heart of the Upper West Side. NYC has done an amazing job so far, so let’s keep doing it. If you don’t have wheelchair clearance, there’s an issue. I have since closed my restaurant bc my indoor capacity is o Fifteen bubbles saved Chevreux much toil and trouble. i passed by, and there’s one door to the bubble.

There is a WPIX news truck here. You both seem to think it’s appropriate to order people to cross the street whenever there’s an obstruction on the sidewalk. I can put up with a lot if I know I can participate. How will you like walking in your neighborhood once all these restaurants have permanently closed and there are boarded up empty storefronts everywhere. I have. You and all the other people who are admittedly, correct in complaining about this will just have to bear with it.

A popular eatery in New York City is doing just that. I don’t think that applies in too many cases but it definitely can and it shouldn’t be overlooked. “It was raining a couple of weeks ago, midweek, pouring, raining. Plenty of room to walk then…O but safety, forgetaboutit! If it rains or it’s cold, there’s no problem. actually, it’s probably worse. And are they cleaned after each seating?

See here for a complete list of exchanges and delays. However, I have now eaten there 3 times in the past few weeks (never in a bubble but they are fun to look at!).

Two rows is dangerous and unneighborly. Exactly what my little one wondered…and after 6 months of trying to be educated about this virus and how to clean everything properly, I had no idea how to answer! By repositioning the pods so they have the city-required either (8) feet of clearance we could all get safely by. Brenda, I don’t think you hate it at all. I’ve squeezed by those many times and have yet to get burned, I’m sure folks can figure out how to walk down this street too! One day, we’ll get our sidewalks back, so this is a short-term problem. The plastic tents, which take a minute to set up and take down, have become an attraction at Café du Soleil on Manhattan’s Upper West Side, especially as the weather gets colder and wetter in the fall. Will need to find a new drink as it is getting colder. “But we are at the mercy of what the City of New York decides for all the restaurants. We’re all in this together; from masking, to social distancing, to walking narrow sidewalks. And the sidewalks belong to the City, i.e.

My mother uses a walker and lives in Manhattan, so I can empathize, but you’ll have to sacrifice your freedom in this manner. At the time, the government hadn’t given the greenlight on indoor dining, so Rousselot wanted a way to extend al fresco dining a bit longer. Those bubbles are confined, unventilated spaces. Oh comments… I agree with many of the commenters – I would MUCH rather have restaurants find a way to stay open and walk on the other side of the street but good point for those in wheelchairs…. there are so many comments from selfish, lazy whiners. That looks like a lot of fun. All three times were excellent. Problem is there is no where to walk . “People want their bubbles,” she exclaimed. I bought many for my restaurant too but my town when proposed said it was considered My god, can’t you find good in anything? Have you walked there? NYC French Restaurant Few French restaurants in NYC can compare to the warm environment of Cafe du Soleil. Restaurants are doing everything they can to extend the outdoor dining season even as businesses can soon open indoors at a limited capacity. Café du Soleil seats about 80-88 guests outdoors, partly because of the wide sidewalks along Broadway. “Like she said, I’m waiting for my prince to get here.”, Reporting by Reuters TV; Writing by Richard Chang; Editing by Rosalba O’Brien. Childhood fantasies awaken for some diners. One of his customer made the first satellite trucks for WABC-TVs “Eyewitness News”. When temperatures drop below 45 degrees, the restaurant plans to reconsider how long to keep the bubbles open (they can’t be heated inside because of the clear, plastic material).

Sign up to our newsletter for the latest and greatest from your city and beyond. “It’s like a camping tent that looks like a cap on the moon.”. Businesses must be given the chance to stay open. The bubbles have been up for about a month and “so far, business has been good,” Chevreux said. indoor dining. “Even before dining could come back, we had to figure how to survive.”, A post shared by Cafe du Soleil (@cafedusoleilnyc) on Sep 12, 2020 at 3:14pm PDT. Definition of outdoor in our area no more than 50% of sides can have walls. You don’t. It looks like fun! Big, plastic bubbles, with tables and chairs and happy diners inside them, line the sidewalk in front of Café du Soleil, on Broadway and 104th Street, like life-sized ornaments. This time, Café du Soleil on the Upper West Side has installed geodesic tents they’re calling “space bubbles.” The 18 structures, which stand seven-feet tall with seating for 2-6 people, are being used as a foil to colder temperatures, rain and wind. To the haters, stop being so negative. They have left about 2 feet for people to walk along the sidewalk.

John, there is plenty of room to walk on the sidewalks and I think the restaurants and cafes have done a great job of keeping portions of the sidewalk free for walkers. Who knew when Rock Center had these on the plaza last holiday season that they’d become more than a seasonal novelty. Cafe du Soleil is the perfect place as it embraces a passion for food, wine and culture. All quotes delayed a minimum of 15 minutes. I will need to speak to owner to see what they are doing because although not completely enclosed the particles could likely stay inside the bubble for a bit. I don’t see how fresh air can be circulated inside the bubble. That’s the real problem. The handkerchief-wringers concerned about the lack of sidewalk space on this thread crack me up. Big, plastic bubbles, with tables and chairs and happy diners inside them, line the sidewalk in front of Café du Soleil, on Broadway and 104 th Street, like life-sized ornaments. I have to walk in the street when they are crowded. I have to wait-in pain-through more than one light change in order to cross Broadway. I go that way because it’s great to see people out and restaurants busy. He then went on to make the trucks for WCBS, WNBC and I think WPIX. “As soon as I came in, I said, wait a minute, it looks like Cinderella’s carriage,” said Sylvia Gonzalez as she dined with her granddaughter and friend. Like many restaurants, the bistro named ‘Café Du Soleil’ also shifted to outdoor dining as it is safer than a large number of people being cramped up inside. Takeout. The bubbles are too big. I’m not being negative, I would just like to walk by safely. These businesses are fighting for their life and Look at the pic! The neighborhood spot opened in April 2005 and many people in the area have supported Café du Soliel since the current crisis hit, says Rousselot, including contributions to a GoFundMe campaign early on to help pay employees’ wages. Ok what if you don’t have air or windows that open ? Copyright 2011-2020 West Side Rag. Kudos to restaurant owners for being creative in keeping their businesses going. The sidewalks are for walking. Would you believe that? If the primary purpose to to protect diners from rain, wouldn’t the city allow a long awning? I even have a uv hepa filter in each and bought a fogger to sanitize everything in between seatings.

By entering your email address you agree to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy and consent to receive emails from Time Out about news, events, offers and partner promotions. The French restaurant Cafe du Soleil on the corner of Broadway and West 104th on Manhattan's Upper West Side placed transparent tent bubbles over each dining table in …

In Rome, that would be several streets. At $400 a pop, the capsules hold six people, and customers ask to reserve them over the phone.

Health wise – how do you clean it between different diners – I say this bubble too Only 15 people. NEW YORK (Reuters) - Space bubbles are frothing up business at a New York bistro, offering fresh air in safe capsules on sidewalks for customers on guard against the coronavirus. If providing them most of the sidewalks for now, I can deal with that. “They actually ask for them, even if it’s not raining. Everything is six feet apart. “They have everything safe, clean. In November it’s gonna get cold and we will try to last as long as we can. “The customers love them,” owner Nadine Chevreux told WSR. Restaurants employ people. We had to reinvent ourselves," says, Maxime Rousselot, one of Café du Soleil’s managing partners. They’re called space bubbles as a whimsical play on the popular neighborhood restaurant’s French theme (soleil means sun) and shape of the domes. For the people who complain, either you are jealous not to have them in your neiboro, or you are simply a negative person,Sorry for you. Every day after a stroll in Riverside Park I cross over to Broadway and walk south on the west side of Broadway from 113th to home in the 90s. A better option for you may be to move out of NYC. Delivery. The bubbles caught the eye of Café du Soleil owner Alain Chevreux in July when he was online, figuring out how to stay in business. WABC was the first to use them and they became the big thing and very profitable for our customer. They’re back. At limited indoor capacity, Chevreux said the 20 seats would not be enough to pay his chef, cooks and other staff.

I agree with John. Cross the street. Murphy flat out sucks.

My husband got them on a website.

Not so simple when you’re an elderly person with a walker or a cane (ask me how I know); a wheelchair user; a parent with a double stroller; a dog walker; a delivery person with a handcart; an EMT team answering an emergency. Out Walking the DogCentral Park BloggerCity Girl WritesBeccaramaCreative DelitesFood and ThingsUpper West Side Style, Meatballs and MilkshakesTracy's New York LifeGotham Girl ChroniclesAverage JoelleWest Side WordsBloomingdale History Blog, Riverside Park ConservancyOne Stop Senior ServicesCentral Park ConservancyCommunity Board 7West End Preservation SocietyLandmark WestLivable West SideNY Historical Society, Education Council District 3Campaign Against HungerGale BrewerLinda RosenthalNeighborhood In The NinetiesHelen RosenthalBloomingdale Neighborhood History, New York TimesNew York Daily NewsGothamist, Friends of BowneNew Haven IndependentThe Lo-DownCurbedBrickUndergroundNabeWise, Vanishing New YorkNew York HyperlocalEaterUntapped CitiesHumans of New York, Posted on September 21, 2020 at 3:52 pm by Carol Tannenhauser.

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