crisis on infinite earths hour 3

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What was your favorite part of hour 3 or the entire Crisis On Infinite Earths crossover? Not wanting to waste anymore time, the anti-Monitor forces everyone to the ground unable to move. While the Crisis caught the Titans and Alexander Knox off-guard in hour 1, and hadn’t yet hit Smallville in hour 2, the Birds over on Earth-203 seem to know there’s something going on. Earth-203 - New Gotham

Having first had a rocky start, the two men shake hands and re-introduce themselves with their full names.

Fortgesetzt wird die Handlung mit de… Lex confirms she got it on her first try.

Turns out that because he had the all-powerful Book of Destiny, he saw what was supposed to happen.

They share a tender moment before Flash goes with Frost and Cisco.

Pariah transported the heroes to the Vanishing Point, a place outside of time and space (remember it from the end of the first season of Legends of Tomorrow?). He is an older man with dark hair and a slim trim.

Jefferson’s entry into the Arrowverse is a painful one. John briefly explains it is of the utmost importance, and that Lucifer owes him. Having left the old dingy brick laid halls, they enter a very clean and chic, futuristic-looking room.

Despite young Barry’s protests, elder Barry knows he has to get the job done. Episode number

Apologizing for not being there to help save him, but that no matter what they are brothers until the end.

Comic Years is the go-to source on news, discussion, Stephen Lobo showed up as Jim Corrigan, the Spectre from DC Comics. Since then, he’s appeared as Barry’s dad Henry and as the Jay Garrick Flash on the current incarnation of the show. Dig loses his temper and insists he is not losing his wife or his best friend.

In a sequence that was an homage to the death of Barry Allen in the Crisis comics crossover, Shipp’s Flash sacrificed himself. Though this was just a one-off cameo, Lucifer and Constantine have history, including involving his friend and demon Mazikeen.

She is stopped by Kate.

The Monitor admits he should have seen that his connection with the Harbinger could be used against him. Okay, let’s get into spoilers. The Monitor is beside her and she informs him that there are only seven remaining worlds. Iris isn't all that phased, as long as she has her husband. Realizing they are quickly running out of time, both Barry Allens use their super speed to begin communicating. He reminisces his life and how they meant everything to him.

The Monitor confirms now that the final Paragons have been identified, they next must determine how to stop the antimatter wave. Other Arrowverse actors were jealous of the way the mask Cress Williams wears as Black Lightning fits on his face.

There the two of them make it to the end of the hallway and they are standing before a wall encrypted with multiple symbols. The anti-Monitor corralled his speed and used it to build his antimatter cannon, which he tested by destroying the first earth, Earth-2.

Suddenly, this scene that could’ve been a cop-out move now has the weight of 30 years of history on it as both the actor and the character of this canceled television show get heroic closure. Home » TV Shows » Crisis On Infinite Earths Hour 3 Review: Death, Deception, and the Devil. He will be the new Spectre of the Arrowverse.

The upcoming Peacemaker spinoff from The Suicide Squad will have another familiar face in it beyond John Cena. Rationalizing that if she does this and it doesn't work they can't risk having something happened to her because she is the Paragon of Hope, and without her, they will all be doomed.

Oliver will become the Spectre, truly owning the green hood he’s been wearing for years.

Earth-90 Barry reveals to him he was married once too. He is interrupted by the arrival of Iris who congratulates him on his beautiful family.

They asked Black Lightning for his help which he agrees to, absorbing the electricity from the machine, giving Team Flash more time.

Telling him that when you've been a speedster as long as he has, you pick up some neat tricks. He exclaims how happy he is that his plan work, and he replaced Superman as the "Paragon of Truth." He takes a moment to tell Jefferson how amazing a hero he is too. During the aftershow on CW hosted by Kevin Smith, overall executive producer Marc Guggenheim revealed that the next installment opens at the dawn of time. Barry promises Iris that no matter what he will always come running home to her. They all quickly realize Pariah sent them there knowing the anti-Monitor could not follow. The CW has announced when we will finally see some new episodes of its various series that have been delayed due to the pandemic.

Batwoman and Superman find themselves close together both wondering where they are.

Lois decides to return to the legion ship, because parallel Earth Rory still has baby Jonathan, and she will keep everyone updated from her end. This is the second time a character makes a sacrifice to save another character who is destined to die in a possible future.

Pariah tells them that this is the nexus between the antimatter universe and their own. Except, not for long. Jefferson and Dig briefly locked eyes with a nod of acknowledgment at each other. He immediately gets off the phone when he realizes his hero, Dr. Ray Palmer is standing before him. Jim turns to Oliver, informing him, it is now his turn, to serve a higher purpose. So, Who Are They?

Supergirl is in the ship's office looking at the Book of Destiny, debatably getting ready to open it. Original airdate

David McWhirter The Anti-Monitor is the inverse of everything the Monitor represents. She is possessed by the Anti-Monitor and announces "It's time to end the age of heroes and everything you hold close" before throwing Dig against a wall. Purgatory Frost and Cisco are both in the control room and Cisco is excited when he announces he is trying to determine where the antimatter Wave-Particle is on Earth, to locate the source of the waves and he has discovered its located at a subterranean region very close to them. Before they can, the group is interrupted with the presence of another man.

Dig doesn't care and just wants to know how to get his wife back, their interests to find her falls on deaf ears. Ryan tells her that she is not like her, and he is a normal human being.

The room lights up with the arrival of the rest of Team Flash. Birds of Prey didn’t last very long and never really embraced its comic-book roots. There is a lot about this episode that is worthy of discussion. The Last Temptation of Barry Allen, Pt. Though he doesn't like it, Dig insists he is coming with them. Earth-1 - Waverider Despite his denial during an interview, Tom Ellis showed up on Earth-666 as his character from Lucifer. [1], DCTV Crisis on Infinite Earths Crossover - Birds of Prey Cameo (HD) Ashley Scott returns as Huntress, DCTV Crisis on Infinite Earths Crossover Sneak Peek 4 Superman Speech HD, DCTV Crisis on Infinite Earths Crossover - Lucifer Cameo (HD) Tom Ellis Scene, The Flash 6.09 Promo "Crisis on Infinite Earths Hour Three", The Flash Season 6 Episode 9 Crisis On Infinite Earths Part Three Scene The CW, Earth 90 Flash vanishes in Crisis Crisis on Infinite Earths, DCTV Crisis on Infinite Earths Crossover ENDING SCENE (HD), Crisis on Infinite Earths Tom Ellis Explains LUCIFER'S Cameo (Exclusive). They insist Ryan is a Paragon and they need him to help save the universe, quite freaked out by everything Ryan backs out of the room, wanting to spend his final moments with his wife and child.

I love the character and I love Tom [Cavanagh] as a person, and I certainly love Matt Letscher's version, but you have to make choices.". Ralph's reaction to seeing the assembly of heroes, "Holy All-Star Squadron", is a reference to the All-Star Squadron, a World War II era offshoot of the Justice Society of America in the comics.

On his way there he is startled to run into The Monitor, having just left him in the control room. Pariah proudly announces that he has sent them away.

With Brandon Routh stepping away from acting, Ryan Choi will take over as Atom in Legends of Tomorrow, just as he has at times in the comics.

Juggling as many characters as that other big superhero crossover event this year, this show is a celebration of 40 years of DC live-action heroes. Cisco is neither surprised or impressed with his new name and look. There he tells Novu how foolish he has been for trying to stop him. The Spectre is a magical, cosmic character who is sometimes called “God’s vengeance.” Either way, it means that he’ll be out there in the ether, living on in some way (and available for cameos and guest spots on other Arrowverse shows). They all enter the hidden room together.

Cisco has some experience with villains who are just “the hero, but opposite” and he hates the name Anti-Monitor. His daughter and friends are sent away, leaving Oliver alone once again. Season 6 » Episode 9

Before that wave can hit them, he vanishes the seven Paragons away.

This was a breakneck episode full of great character moments, emotion, and fun twists.

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