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The following list is a compilation of models who have appeared on the US version of Deal or No Deal. Release Dates Anchal competed on America's Next Top Model season 7.

Currently engaged to Shane Keough (whose mom Jeana was on The Real Houseives of Orange County), Brittany placed in the top 5 in the Miss USA pageant. | / ... Self - Briefcase Model #14 Like No.

9 and appeared in all the original episodes of the show. Malika has a degree in marketing and is a mentor for models. The abstract artist recently had her first solo show. Season 2 Models, in the 100th episode of DoND, Models of the 2018 Deal or No Deal revival. The Brazilian beauty just became a U.S. citizen and is the co-founder of a marketing and advertising agence in Boca Raton. During the four years of Deal or No Deal aired on NBC between December 19th, 2005 and May 18th, 2009 we had the opportunity to see some incredible models and one great comedian. One is the granddaughter of Berry Gordy, one is a two-time Survivor alum, one was crowned Miss Germany, and they're all impressive, accomplished women. / ... Self - Briefcase Model #18 show L.A. Clippers Dance Squad. In it, 12 models from the fixed squad played a small game, where Oprah was the contestant, with values ​​ranging from $ 0.01 to $ 100,000. The Deal or No Deal Models win the Game Show Award (extended). | This small town girl took began taking college classes at the age of 15. Olga speaks three languages: English, Russian, and French.

According to her Instagram, she … Some episodes have featured male models or sometimes a family member or a contestant (both genders) is dressed as one of the 26 models. / ... Self - Briefcase Model #10 Madi recently finished college with a degree in advertising and social media marketing. The game show is back, and so is host Howie Mandel! Lucky No.

24 is starting her MBA at the London School of Economics and Political Science in the fall. The former Miss Germany has a PhD in cultural studies.

Million Dollar Mission), when Tomorrow Rodriguez won $ 1 Million, the models were wearing different dresses, with shades of red, white and blue, (representing the USA Flag), in that order. Self - Briefcase Model #20 But, alas, former Briefcase Models Meghan Markle and Chrissy Teigen are busy doing other things, so it's time for a new lineup of ladies. Summer is a mom blogger and YouTuber with friend Brooke White and has an online shop called The Girls With Glasses. Filming & Production 6, Patricia was the original No. However, in episode 9 of Season 4 (A.K.A. Meet the New Deal or No Deal Briefcase Models Hoping to Follow Meghan Markle's Famous Footsteps. The following list is a compilation of models who have appeared on the US version of Deal or No Deal.

Technical Specs, See agents for this cast & crew on IMDbPro. / ... Self - Briefcase Model #19 Mahogany's grandfather is Berry Gordy, the founder of Motown, her uncle is Redfoo of LMFAO and her brother is Sky Blu of LMFAO. Sarati was the lead actress in the music video for "River" by Eminem featuring Ed Sheeran. She was Briefcase No. Below is a full list of all four seasons Deal or No Deal models in alphabetical order The models who participated in the game were (in order of suitcase): Deal or No Deal Models Site If you would like to opt out of browser push notifications, please refer to the following instructions specific to your device and browser: this link is to an external site that may or may not meet accessibility guidelines. (uncredited), executive producer (234 episodes, 2005-2019), supervising producer / co-executive producer (170 episodes, 2006-2019), associate story producer / associate producer / assistant story producer / story producer (117 episodes, 2006-2008), assistant associate producer (93 episodes, 2006-2007), Supervising Celebrity Producer (69 episodes, 2008-2009), casting producer (66 episodes, 2006-2007), associate producer (50 episodes, 2008-2009), co-executive producer / supervising producer (39 episodes, 2005-2006), co-executive producer (38 episodes, 2005-2006), associate producer (38 episodes, 2005-2006), associate story producer (31 episodes, 2018-2019), Associate Story Producer (31 episodes, 2018-2019), supervising producer / supervising post-producer (27 episodes, 2006-2009), associate producer (23 episodes, 2008-2009), producer / creative producer (17 episodes, 2018-2019), associate producer (5 episodes, 2007-2008), post producer / producer (1 episode, 2008), senior talent producer (unknown episodes), makeup department head (21 episodes, 2018-2019), production manager (27 episodes, 2008-2009), production manager (5 episodes, 2005-2006), post-production supervisor (4 episodes, 2006), post-production supervisor (1 episode, 2005), associate director (31 episodes, 2018-2019), construction coordinator (57 episodes, 2007-2008), property master / assistant property master (24 episodes, 2006-2009), scenic industrial (7 episodes, 2006-2008), general foreman construction (2 episodes, 2009), re-recording mixer (196 episodes, 2006-2009), production sound mixer / audio mixer (5 episodes, 2005), graphics programmer (234 episodes, 2005-2019), lighting: follow spot operator (144 episodes, 2006-2009), camera operator (123 episodes, 2005-2008), Lighting Director (33 episodes, 2018-2019), steadicam operator (21 episodes, 2006-2007), still photographer (17 episodes, 2018-2019), lighting console programmer (15 episodes, 2006), Steadicam operator (4 episodes, 2007-2008), casting associate (144 episodes, 2006-2009), extras casting director (109 episodes, 2005-2007), casting associate (56 episodes, 2007-2008), casting producer (55 episodes, 2007-2008), senior talent booker / talent booking (39 episodes, 2005-2006), casting associate (23 episodes, 2008-2009), casting assistant (23 episodes, 2008-2009), casting production assistant (19 episodes, 2008-2009), casting assistant (18 episodes, 2007-2008), casting production assistant (1 episode, 2006), casting production assistant (unknown episodes), casting manager (uncredited) (38 episodes, 2005-2006), casting associate (uncredited) (23 episodes, 2008-2009), costumer / costumer: contestants (78 episodes, 2007-2009), wardrobe assistant (66 episodes, 2006-2007), cutter/fitter (uncredited) (21 episodes, 2008-2009), assistant editor / first assistant editor (123 episodes, 2006-2008), lead assistant editor (104 episodes, 2005-2007), supervising post producer (84 episodes, 2006-2007), post-production assistant (44 episodes, 2008-2009), first assistant editor / Lead Assistant Editor (31 episodes, 2018-2019), post production supervisor (26 episodes, 2006-2007), post-production coordinator (24 episodes, 2007), post-production coordinator (19 episodes, 2008-2009), post-production coordinator (8 episodes, 2006), post-production coordinator (6 episodes, 2006), post-production assistant (4 episodes, 2006), post-production assistant (unknown episodes), composer: additional music (4 episodes, 2008-2009), composer: additional music (2 episodes, 2018-2019), script coordinator (23 episodes, 2008-2009), teleprompter operator (182 episodes, 2005-2009), creative consultant (178 episodes, 2006-2009), executive in charge (174 episodes, 2005-2008), production assistant (121 episodes, 2006-2008), studio stage manager (119 episodes, 2006-2008), audience coordinator (84 episodes, 2006-2008), Senior Vice President of Production (70 episodes, 2006-2007), set production assistant / associate producer / caterer (66 episodes, 2005-2007), clearance coordinator (61 episodes, 2008-2009), production assistant (57 episodes, 2006-2007), production assistant (38 episodes, 2005-2006), set production assistant (34 episodes, 2006), production coordinator (33 episodes, 2008), standards & practices / standards and practices (31 episodes, 2018-2019), production assistant / set production assistant (23 episodes, 2007-2008), production assistant (23 episodes, 2008-2009), standards and practices (23 episodes, 2008-2009), production secretary (23 episodes, 2008-2009), set production assistant (21 episodes, 2006), production assistant (17 episodes, 2007-2008), production assistant (14 episodes, 2007-2008), production secretary (12 episodes, 2007-2008), production assistant (9 episodes, 2007-2008), assistant coordinator / assistant production coordinator (6 episodes, 2005-2006), set production assistant (4 episodes, 2005), production coordinator (4 episodes, 2006), set production assistant (3 episodes, 2005), production assistant / production staff (3 episodes, 2008), production assistant (2 episodes, 2006-2007), assisant production coordinator (1 episode, 2005), executive producer assistant (1 episode, 2008), set production assistant (unknown episodes), office production assistant (unknown episodes), celebrity talent consultant (unknown episodes), choreographer (uncredited) (9 episodes, 2005-2006), audience coordinator (uncredited) (1 episode, 2008).

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