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Before that, he had articles published across a number of different outlets. In the DC Comics Bombshells universe, Donna Troy is a Nisei Japanese American teenager from Los Angeles. This eventually happens with the revelation that Circe is the mastermind behind the attacks and capture. Unfortunately, after Crisis on Infinite Earths and the Wonder Woman revamp, we had to go back and redo it again as a brand new Wonder Woman being born on Earth could not have rescued the girl from the burning building. The Titans' story grew beyond the Deathstroke conflict, though, as Cadmus also kidnapped and experimented on Beast Boy and Superboy. The Titans of Myth incited war between other worlds near New Cronus in order to gain new worshipers. MORE: Titans Season 2 Finale Sets Up Season 3: Blackfire Comes To Earth. And while Donna Troy, in some continuities of her own, begins life as a non-Amazonian, she is always ultimately granted the powers of one. [43][44] In the aftermath of these events, the remaining party of Donna, Kyle, Ray, and Forager announce to the Monitors they will serve as bodyguards for the New Multiverse, and depart to places unknown. Donna was born in Chattanooga to the late Donald and Betty Pringle on January 24, 1959. It glows blue, and like Wonder Woman's lasso is quite durable. [volume & issue needed] She dates Kyle Rayner for a while and retires from the Darkstars, leaving her powerless. It's the latter, however, that is most interesting - especially in relation to Donna Troy. Jason, who has followed Donna to Washington, tells her that the Monitors are responsible for Duela's death. Every year Cooper looks forward to seeing the latest blockbusters from the likes of Marvel, DC, and Star Wars, but also loves the rush to catch up on Oscar films near the end of the year. Created by Bob Haney and Bruno Premiani, she first appeared in The Brave and the Bold vol. But it would not be until the intervention of Wonder Woman, Hip… More: Wonder Woman 1984 Looks So Much Better Than Black Widow. [9], Eventually, Donna rethinks her decision and asks the Titans of Myth to grant her powers again; her request is rejected. However, Hyperion and his wife, Thia, were warned of the deception at the last moment. 1 #60 (July 1965). Only a supporting character in the first season of the DC Universe original series, Donna Troy received a lot more screentime in season 2. The first major redefinition of Donna's powers came about when she took the name of Troia. [1][failed verification]. The subsequent Crisis on Infinite Earths miniseries (1985–1986) rewrote the history of many DC Comics characters; Wonder Woman's own pre-Crisis history was written out of existence, and the character was reintroduced in Wonder Woman vol. She makes her live adaptation debut in the DC Universe and HBO Max series Titans, played by Conor Leslie. Where The Star Wars Original Trilogy Characters Are During The Mandalorian, Wonder Woman 1984 Makes Donna Troy's Titans Death Even Dumber, Kristen Wiig as Barbara Ann Minerva (aka Cheetah), Wonder Woman 1984 Looks So Much Better Than Black Widow, Game of Thrones: Why The Show's Dumbest Storyline Really Happened, The Mandalorian Season 2: Who Plays Gor Koresh, The Mandalorian Season 2 Cast Guide: Every New Character, Blood of Zeus' Greek Mythology & All Characters Explained, Why Oscar Isaac Is Perfect For Marvel's Moon Knight, Moon Knight: The Problems With Casting Oscar Isaac, Titans Season 3's Red Hood Mask Is Shown In Detail In New Image, The Mandalorian Season 2's Krayt Dragon Explains An Obi-Wan New Hope Moment, Narcos: Mexico Renewed For Season 3, Diego Luna Not Returning, Dragon Ball Super: Why Android 17 Is So Powerful, Doctor Who Reveals The Doctor Is Responsible For Starting The Time War, Discovery Season 3 Creates A Star Trek Plot Hole With TNG Drink, How DC Prevented Smallville's Original Lois Lane Plan, Full House: Big Bang Theory Actress Almost Playing DJ Makes Better Sense, The Mandalorian Honest Trailer Struggles To Not Bash Rise of Skywalker, The Mandalorian Season 2 Continues Return of the Jedi's Ending, Dylan O’Brien Reveals His Favorite Teen Wolf Season, Star Trek: Why Captain Janeway Is Perfect For The New Series Prodigy. In the DC Rebirth relaunch, Donna has a fuller set of childhood memories restored to her after meeting the pre-Flashpoint Wally West.

Realizing that Donna was created from a portion of Diana's soul, Queen Hippolyta accepted Donna as a blood-related daughter and held a coronation on Themyscira to formally introduce Donna as the second princess of Paradise Island. Dark Angel forces Donna to undergo multiple "lives" that all end in tragedy and result in her resetting back to her beginning.

John's love of film and television defies genre and sometimes even logic. [16] It is not clear how this ties in with later revelations. [52] Donna remains with the League and battles such foes as Superwoman, Wonder Woman's counterpart from the Crime Syndicate of Amerika, and the demonic entity Eclipso. She is the original Wonder Girl and later temporarily adopts another identity, Troia. It is revealed that the Titan Rhea had rescued a young Donna from a fire; Donna and Sparta had then been part of a group of 12 orphans from around the universe who had been raised on New Cronus by these Titans as "Titan Seeds", their eventual saviors. [32][33] She takes the doppelganger's costume, defeats one of Monarch's lieutenants, and is acclaimed leader of an insect army by right of conquest.

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