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The Jo, This case study explored the perceptions and experiences of high school dropouts who enrolled and successfully completed the National Guard Youth ChalleNGe Program (YCP) at Camp Shelby, Mississippi, and sought to discover the interventions that helped them succeed.^ A 20-question survey was distributed to cadets scheduled to graduate. Time is construed at various levels of the ecological system. Social class refers. It incorporated focus group discussions (FGDs) for 26 trainees, key-informant interviews for 11 institutional managers, and teaching document reviews. The YCP, orchestrated by a Director skilled in both theories, resulted in over 90% of the high school dropouts being recycled into successful cadets with a high school diploma or GED. 0000773360 00000 n • If not available, what are the potential facilitators of, and barriers to, the use of research? The major influencing factors for the above eight themes were 1) institutional managers’ support, 2) continuous networking among trainees, and 3) national policy. The chapter explains theories of disability and Bronfenbrenner's model bio-ecological systems. Over an evolutionary time scale, small steps of adaptation lead to changes in individual traits and, later, to new traits and the utilization of previously untapped resources and habitats. The impact of information systems on user performance: A critical review and theoretical model, The Multipath Approach to Personality: Towards a Unified Model of Self, In book: The SAGE Encyclopedia of Out-of-School Learning (pp.239-241). This entry discusses what constitutes the, ecological system in Bronfenbrenner’s original ecological systems theory, the defining, properties of bioecological systems theory, the critiques of ecological systems theory, and the. Compared with the immediate post-training study findings, the perceived long-term outcomes became more strategically focused and demonstrated the training impact on a considerably broader scale within the workplace. Ecological interactions. Please note that the pagination of. %���� 0000652345 00000 n Three primary themes emerged from the interviews: Shared Philosophy, United Team Approach, and the Desire to Make a Difference.^ A significant finding that emerged from the study was insight into the original YCP design. 0000005317 00000 n 0000761679 00000 n 0000644982 00000 n This produced a long list of items that proved to be of little practical value. Berlin, Germany: Barbara Budrich Publishers. 0000773879 00000 n Should these be viewed as having the lowest rank in conservation priorities, or should we take account of their value as natural laboratories? 0000653050 00000 n trailer <]/Prev 1444443/XRefStm 4052>> startxref 0 %%EOF 218 0 obj <>stream Early efforts concentrated on the identification of factors that facilitated IS use. 0000683768 00000 n 0000772664 00000 n The scientific community should take an active, role in forming collaborative partnerships with practitioners to codevelop and share this, knowledge.

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