ed, edd n eddy double d quotes

Eddy's Brother: All for nothin', huh? Eddy's Brother: Just for old times' sake, let's play uncle. I like you, girlfriend.

[The sisters have vacated the tank, as well as most of the fish.]

Ed Let's sing a song! Dig a hole! Let's go, Double D.

THE ROBOTS ARE COMING!" Chickens cannot fly, as they are mammals." Still the trouble makin' Eddy, I see. All except EEnE: Whizz whizz, it's time to whazz! Edd And it only took 130 episodes, 4 specials and a movie, Eddy! We're finally in, baby! Edd: Mister Eddy's Brother! There's no escapin' now, smart guy!

[hugs and kisses Eddy] You're awesome.

Eddy [badly bruised] Come on, bro, give it up! sarah will tell mom, mom will tell dad, and dad will just sit there and read the newspaper all day! Eddy: It's mine! Sarah [joyfully]: Winter time's fun, Jimmy! Edd And it only took 130 episodes, 4 specials and a movie, Eddy!

Dig a hole!

The series features three boys, Ed, Edd and Eddy, known as 'the Eds', who create crazy money-making schemes in order to by Jawbreakers, their favourite candy.

His personality is a loud mouthed, bossy, short-tempered kid who has a short fuse and talks up a big game with his showman-like boisterous personality. I demand you tickle each other right now! Ed Let's sing a song! Eddy's Brother: [Laughing cruelly] That was good, pipsqueak.

Prepare yourself for a merciless thrashing! [Edd has refused to partake in Eddy's plan of breaking out of school].

Everyone loves us! Ed: It's my butt! Bro guy! Eddy: coughs, "oh it must be this malaria double Dee I'll just go take a laxative". You know you're only encouraging him.

Ed Let's sing a song!

Sarah: Jimmy, are you crazy?

The series features three boys, Ed, Edd and Eddy, known as 'the Eds', who create crazy money-making schemes in order to by Jawbreakers, their favourite candy.

I just made things up so people would like me, think I was cool. We got burned! [Pushes Kevin forward]. Eddy: I told you he's a whiz at tellin' time! Nazz: Dude, eddy's brother is a real jerk.

Thank You. Speak to me! Lay off him, man!

Ed: Okay, I dare you, Eddy, to sprout the wings of a bat and stalk like a zombie while whistling "Row Row Row Your Boat" through a car wash! "[Eddy goes flying on the rocket but it dissolves in the air and Eddy starts falling down]Edd: "Oh!

... (Double D and Eddy start physically duking it out) Ed: STOP! Ed, Edd n' Eddy Quotes 22131.

He's always been little! Eddy: ....Um, I told the guys you'd put us up.

Eddy's Brother: Wanna crash at my place, don't ya?

Double D, that's something I'd expect from Ed!" Eddy's Brother: Just a sec. What would I do without you? Below is a list of scams that the Eds (and, occasionally, other characters) have created over the series. [Eddy continues to stuff pages into Ed's ears]. We're doing our best to make sure our content is useful, accurate and safe.If by any chance you spot an inappropriate comment while navigating through our website please use this form to let us know, and we'll take care of it shortly. What are you doing to that poor defenseless dictionary? A page for describing Quotes: Ed, Edd n Eddy's Big Picture Show. Are you all right? This will leave to comply a well-warned detention for the rest of the semester. Dig a hole!

Kevin: Eddy and his two stooges got away with their lives, man.

[is thrown skywards by the cheering kids while Sarah hugs Ed]. Eddy: Oh yes you do, or Ed here will write your locker combination on the girls' bathroom wall.

22130 (Jonny and Plank plummet to the ground so hard that they end up in China) ... Eddy: "*imitating Double D* Excuse me, Eddy, may I 'fuel inject'? I'm too young! Their plans usually fail though, leaving them in various, “You know what they say, a little childhood trauma builds character.”, “Will you please refrain from touching me while I am eating? Edd: Did I just do that? Edd: I will not tolerate your singlehanded annihilation of the English language for your own monetary gain, Eddy! Double-D: I'm not registered for that.Eddy: Then we'll elope. Edd: Eddy! Edd : It's not how you win or lose, it's how you play the game!

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