extreme ghostbusters killjoys

This FAQ is empty. Details. On the way back to headquarters, Kylie presented her theory the entities were attracted to laughter. Meter. The laughter inside soon turned into screams. Garrett refers to one of the clowns as Emmett Kelly,". Just as Kylie laughed, the vampire's attention turned to a figure in a trench coat laughing. Season 1 Episode 9: Written by: Alexx Van Dyne: Production code: 113: Original air date: September 11, 1997 () Episode chronology Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat.

Hanho Heung-Up Company, Ltd. Just outside on a roof across from them, were three more clowns. It observed a man laughing at a stand up comedy show. Animation Company: However, Eduardo let the clown go. Written By: They saw the victim's faces on the clown's exposed hand. But they didn't know where the clowns were located. The clown stopped and slapped the wallet away. Only Garrett was nailed. Watch Extreme Ghostbusters - Season 1, Episode 9 - Killjoys: Ghostly clowns are on the loose and feeding on laughter.

He struggled to rip the clown's glove off the man's neck. In Killjoys, the Extreme Ghostbusters go after vampiric clowns that devour victims that laugh in their presence. He informed Roland the clown got away. She dropped the radio and picked it up. Susan Blu Roland, Garrett, and Eduardo caught up to Kylie. She couldn't make out the perpetrator but saw he wore big shoes. Eduardo noticed a jack in the box on his mail slot. He was relieved when his would-be stalker was just a clown. Eduardo ran for it and caught up to Ecto-1 on foot. Looking for some great streaming picks? The man reached a dead end and turned to confront his stalker. Kylie asserted it was too early to celebrate. So as they pursued him, they ran into the other clowns. When the EGBs go after evil ghost clowns, laughter vampires who are terrorizing the hearts and minds of Manhattan, Eduardo becomes a clown vampire, too. A man missed an evening bus. "Extreme Ghostbusters" Killjoys (TV Episode 1997) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. When this episode first aired, there was an animation error: the "clapboard" could be seen briefly for one frame during the scene when the Extreme Ghostbusters are in Ecto-1 discussing the vampire analogy. But the clown grabbed her. Eduardo floated up into the air and reverted to normal. However, Roland was reminded of his bathtub joke and laughed aloud. The woman witnessed the man melting and decided to call the Extreme Ghostbusters instead of the police.

Season Aired: Eduardo chalked it to nothing but laughed oddly. Soon after, the team arrived at the comedy club amid a feeding frenzy. Also they must find a cure for Eduardo, who has been turned into a clown by the vampiric entities as revenge for capturing one of their own. The clown stalked Kylie. Th… Kylie picked up a reading on the P.K.E. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Expand Details. The team dropped off Eduardo at his house. Air Date Number: The clown threw her down in frustration and ran away. When the EGBs go after evil ghost clowns, laughter vampires who are terrorizing the hearts and minds of Manhattan, Eduardo becomes a clown vampire, too.

Eduardo grabbed a seltzer bottle and sprayed the rest of the pie off Garrett's face.

At some point in time, a nest of vampiric entities settled in Coney Island on the southern tip of Brooklyn. Slimer hugged Eduardo, happy to see him back to normal. At the end of the episode, Egon wears a special proton pack with floodlights and a modified blaster. Ecto-1 pulled up to the alley where the man was eaten by the clown. Kylie noticed his shoe prints had grown to a size 40!

During the Laugh Riot bust, Eduardo calls a clown "Krusty.". Eduardo traps one of them, but then he starts to turn into one of them. The clown plodded along after him. As the man's clothes dropped to the ground, the clown walked away and belched. The vampire threw the radio down in confusion. He grabbed the man and a monstrous "tongue" emerged from his mouth. The man let an insult slip out and the clown glared at him. The man reached a dead end and turned to confront his stalker. Roland was back but totally naked. Roland promised to pick him up the next day. A man missed an evening bus. As they readied themselves to shooting Eduardo to save Roland, the head vampire, a bigger more monstrous slug, revealed itself from the giant ticket stand. The clown heard laughter from an apartment unit and easily scaled the wall to the window. Dressed as clowns, they set out to feed on laughter. When Kylie takes a reading of the first victim's clothing, she does a play on "Something Wicked This Way Comes," a line from "Macbeth" and title of a Ray Bradbury novel. It is also part of the deluxe equipment the Egon Spengler toy is marketed with.

Eduardo didn't take too kindly to Garrett's presumptions. Kylie presented the others with a new theory, the entities were vampires who feed on laughter instead of blood. They tracked the clown to another victim's apartment r… Kylie realized Egon wasn't a laugher either, thus he was spared by Eduardo. When Kylie informs Eduardo that there may be more clowns after the first one is trapped, Eduardo responds with "Send in those clowns", a reference to the song Send In The Clowns. Eduardo swatted it aside. Killjoys Garrett was worried Roland's sense of humor might be a liability.

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