fastest submarines in the world

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Akula is a strikingly dangerous weapon. This is used to display charts and graphs on articles and the author center. [3] It was the world's fastest submarine.

As in the case of Komsomolets, developing the submarine took much longer than usual. [citation needed], Though officially named, within the Soviet Navy the boat was commonly referred to as the "Golden Fish", in reference to its cost of development and construction. At the depth of 100 meters K-162 managed to reach a speed of 82.8 km/h The nuclear reactor powering the sub was using about 97% of its capacity at the time, so theoretically it could have gone even faster. For more information on managing or withdrawing consents and how we handle data, visit our Privacy Policy at:, ~6,440 kmph [4,000 mph or 3,477 knots] [Estimated], 64.8 kmph [40.25 mph or 35 knots] [Maximum Speed], 55.5 kmph [ 34.5 mph or 30 knots] [Maximum Speed]. Considering the points mentioned in favor of fast attack submarines, it is, therefore, possible that we do have fast ones around. Not to mention, sneak up on the competition, before putting it to shame. In December 1970, it set a world record that remains unbroken to this day.

The reason why a state-of-art submarine fell prey to a fire can be explained by its technological complexity. No data is shared unless you engage with this feature. Designers used titanium to create a light and tough hull. [citation needed], K-222 was laid down on 28 December 1963 and commissioned on 31 December 1969, at Severodvinsk. [4] The scrapping also began before the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) chose an international consultant for the fuel's unloading. The Soviet sub’s captain underlined that K-162 had multiple opportunities to attack. The project was intentionally forced to be highly innovative by discouraging the reuse of prior technical solutions. Deadly because the submarine can be easily detected by the enemies and once that happens, speed was hardly an advantage. Even present-day submarines cannot go deeper than 600 meters. Like having a good sonar in order to detect enemy weapons capable of launching cruise … Unlike my other fastest in the world articles, this specific one is a bit tricky, especially if you understand the dynamics of a submarine. One Soviet official, after the submarine was tested in the early 1980s, allegedly said: “If it could be possible to install this sub somewhere in Moscow close to the Tsar Cannon, then, looking at it,  humankind would deliberately and voluntarily give up warfare forever.”, A starboard quarter view of a Soviet Project 941 "Akula" class ballistic missile submarine underway. K-222, Soviet designation Project 661 Anchar, was the Soviet Navy's nuclear-powered cruise missile submarine and the only submarine of the design. With these missiles and its incredible speed, K-162 was designed especially to target U.S. aircraft carriers - at the time the USSR hardly had any means to counter this threat. They were in service from 1977 to 1996. In an unusual move, the scrapping was performed with the reactors and nuclear fuel still on board, as no provisions had been made in the design for the reactor's removal.

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