florence township council

xڭZ�n�}�W�S0г�=�[email protected]�Z�ulK��kI(���.EJ�|}��T�4ik#"�S����.�NUϯG'WGߝ�������$��o�ɻ&i��;z�����ټ_e6��4�r�.�WUަ7�?�Jz�\e�ln��)3�A#J�x��^54a��K���ʘ~�5�/�CLޥs�&3���m���h�.M.y=Oxi���-���6�h�Y$�?����:��Q8`�7����i��&����ѯЊ��Jm����yUA'�FK>3��t��i:Uc�ʘC➏�D}����U-w�(� ���OO����>mJSR:�)t��&ݼX��΍ 1948, AUTHORIZING THE TAX COLLECTOR TO PROCESS THIRD QUARTER "ESTIMATED" TAX BILLS, DUE AUGUST 1, 2020, AUTHORIZE REFUND FAAD PARK PERMIT FEE - EVENT CANCELLED, EXTENSION OF GRACE PERIOD FOR 2ND QUARTER TAX BILLS, APPROVE CURRENT ESTIMATE NO.


���!o�g��l1�P���^�qE��x�?�r �L$��؝�x���a+U>�z�#�X%B��!E,�d�h�mR����į�����y��VS����&�87 �k��[email protected]�l�SC���c�’��^�v��f�ּ8�����DDh� �U���%j���J�I�����pv�E�'U �@��صy�z��F�2�����],pg;�k�H6�k%�C,� ,=Q���ԟw�+�uaՓK�cγE�S2D�5� G�'�L�z�(b����u���ޭ�\\�0���&A�q��(��2�E�~�IY�_bR�u:U�"u��6���>S˯|n�as�k�,�EdZ�N"���"JLe���x���Iu��DhN�X ���d�ZKw�f*(Sօ��\\�׏��l�W��1�Ǫ�GԮ�9�-�Y�j����fJB�PO������s;�-�v.'ϰ��? Click here for main Florence Home page: 711 Broad Street • Florence, NJ 08518 • 609-499-2525 255 0 obj <> endobj Council … APPROVE RENEWAL APPLICATION 2020-2021 ABC CLUB LICENSE AMERICAN SLOVAK CITIZENS CLUB INC. APPROVE CURRENT ESTIMATE NO. RESOLUTION PROVIDING FOR THE INSERTION OF A SPECIAL ITEM OF REVENUE IN THE BUDGET OF THE TOWNSHIP OF FLORENCE, COUNTY OF BURLINGTON, PURSUANT TO N.J.S. On October 1, those staying in properties leased for tourism and parking areas will also pay. Notice to Residents: Lately there have been numerous complaints forwarded to members of the borough council.

ABC PLENARY RETAIL CONSUMPTION LICENSE 1 FOR 2019 TOWNSHIP PARKS 400 PROSPECT STREET, TRENTON, NJ 08618, FINAL PAYMENT NO. Open to the Parterre every day from Monday to Friday from 7.30 to 19.30 and Saturday from 7.30 to 15.30. Nov. 18. %%EOF Voters participate in partisan elections held in od… 3 FOR FLORENCE-COLUMBUS ROAD WATER TOWER Bruce Garganio Council Member-at-Large Term … FOR 2020, RESOLUTION NO. A Multimedia Center for City Visitors - Infopoint completed at Station Square . 0 TO EAGLE CONSTRUCTION SERVICES 1624 JACKSONVILLE ROAD BURLINGTON, NJ 08016, APPROVE RENEWAL APPLICATION 2020-2021 ABC PLENARY RETAIL CONSUMPTION LICENSE GLORY DAYS VENTURES LLC, CHANGE SIGNATORY FOR ACCOUNTS DEPOSITED AT, CONTACT PERSON FOR THE EMPLOYMENT PRACTICES LIABILITY ATTORNEY CONSULTATION SERVICE, RESOLUTION APPOINTING HOLMAN FRENIA ALLISON, P.C. a resolution of the township council of the township of florence setting the hours for sale of alcoholic beverages for consumption on-premises for st. patrick's day, sunday, march 17, 2019: 2019-62 : self-examination of budget resolution: 2019-63: approve payment no. Council President 7 Sandusky led the Salute to the Flag. 2 0 obj <> endobj 4 0 obj <>stream You can find our digital edition archive HERE, Florence officials appointed to seats at reorganization meeting, Florence Township receives defibrillator devices aimed to benefit patrons. BOX 143 ESTELLE MANOR, NJ 08319, ADOPT MUNICIPAL BUDGET  TOWNSHIP OF FLORENCE, RESOLUTION OF THE TOWNSHIP COUNCIL OF THE TOWNSHIP OF FLORENCE REFERRING A PROPOSED REDEVELOPMENT PLAN FOR A PARCEL WITHIN THE 2001 ROUTE 130 REDEVELOPMENT AREA TO THE TOWNSHIP OF FLORENCE PLANNING BOARD, AND DIRECTING THE PLANNING BOARD TO TAKE CERTAIN ACTIONS PURSUANT TO N.J.S.A. - Town Hall and City United States - Free directory United States town halls and towns. DR. LOU'S PLACE LLC, APPROVE RENEWAL APPLICATION 2020-2021 The meeting was called to order by Council President Sandusky at 7:00 PM. your password October 31, 2020 from 6-8pm. OwT��FR��y?7a���Ҷx�}���J V ;T}���]JtFi��t��W�D��.D�`�CJ��6�D�r4 �i����)6l/;�U�y��!�oD�Jڐ ^�1�9�::�Ay��诪gB"ϻ��9P�>Ý;\�c�L� j ��Y���Y7�����3 '�+l=��g�L�c��H̚9Ri������CbZ�H�`=B��_!g`�����S� �kw�t��Tm�d�@��.������BF��S0B��q�a˳�]i Florence Township is governed within the Faulkner Act (formally known as the Optional Municipal Charter Law) under Plan F of the Faulkner Act (Mayor-Council) system of municipal government. COVID-19 Hotline. COVID-19 Hotline. Florence Township crossing guard honored by municipal officials for years of... Florence council approves tax abatement with Burlington Stores, Florence council passes ordinance for electronic pet fences, Florence officials wipe out fees for multiple recreation programs, Florence mail carrier honored at council meeting. 40A:11-12a, RESOLUTION AUTHORIZING AN EXCHANGE OF CONSTRUCTION CODE SERVICES, APPOINT HEALTH INSURANCE BROKER ASSURED PARTNERS, APPROVE RENEWAL APPLICATION 2019-2020 ABC PLENARY RETAIL CONSUMPTION LICENSE NPH FLORENCE, LLC, AUTHORIZE REFUND MECHANICAL INSPECTION FEE, APPROVE RELEASE OF MAINTENANCE BOND NFI PHASE IV, QPSI, RESOLUTION IN SUPPORT OF THE TOWNSHIP OF BURLINGTON FOR APPROVAL FROM THE NEW JERSEY DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION TO PERMIT THE TOWNSHIP OF BURLINGTON TO IMPOSE A 4-TON WEIGHT LIMIT FOR VEHICULAR TRAFFIC ON BUSTLETON ROAD, RESOLUTION IN SUPPORT OF THE TOWNSHIP OF BURLINGTON FOR APPROVAL FROM THE NEW JERSEY DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION TO PERMIT THE TOWNSHIP OF BURLINGTON TO IMPOSE A 4-TON WEIGHT LIMIT FOR VEHICULAR TRAFFIC ON A PORTION OF NECK ROAD, WAIVING THE APPOINTMENT OF A RISK MANAGEMENT CONSULTANT/INSURANCE PRODUCER AND INDEMNIFYING AND HOLDING HARMLESS THE BURLINGTON COUNTY MUNICIPAL JOINT INSURANCE FUND AS A RESULT OF ANY CLAIMS ARISING FROM SAID ACTION, APPROVE CURRENT ESTIMATE NO.

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