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The same goes for anything you know about trade secrets, strategic plans, current operations, or personnel. With regards to getting started. So why do you get paid so much? They also target recent alumni of leading companies in a particular industry. A direct communications style seems to work extremely well with this audience. I invested a few hours assembling my notes about the industry, reading recent news, and researching anything that looked like a gap. Good Listening skills are important at this level. Asking for help, clarification, or responding to other answers. If you don’t know something, be open and suggest they move the conversation to other topics. Can you please edit your question to make it relevant to users that aren't in this exact situation? Why does a MixRGB node rotate my ColorRamp/mapping coordinates? Waste of time, make sure to get paid for full-hour or nothing. Can I afford to take this job's high-deductible health care plan? What prevents dragons from destroying or ruling Middle-earth? The hourly fees are selected by the consultant, so a good fee of $150+/hour for professional services is easily achievable. The first is the hardest.

Some experience in senior level finance or strategy roles is helpful. © 2020 Guidepoint Global, LLC.

There are no minimums on the platform. As a expert network consultant you have the ability to set your own hourly rate. It appears that most sources suggest that the hourly rates the consultants get from the platform is 200—400 USD / hour (billed in 5-minute increments, with no minimum, and most consultations being under an hour), which does seem to be on the lower end of the Software Engineer consultants, which ordinarily charge 100—200 USD/hour with a 4-hour minimum. Don’t play games with what you know or don’t know.

When invoicing clients, what is the process for handling exchanges of consulting services for the client's services? The client is generally trying to rapidly get up to speed on an industry for an acquisition or corporate strategy project. If you are interested in consulting and think your expertise would be valuable to our clients, please contact us . This is very specifically asked. Is this image of Jean-Luc Picard sourced from a TNG episode? Second, calls are usually recorded and monitored by client compliance personnel to prevent inappropriate disclosures. @Memj, can you elaborate, or maybe even make an edit suggestion? I’d advise quickly moving to $300 an hour and testing some higher rates ($500 – $750) once you start getting some decent reviews on the network. In fact, you can even cite these publications as sources, adding more credibility to your contributions. Having a complete LinkedIn profile helps, especially one which features deep expertise in a particular industry. Requests were a bit more sporadic after that (a few per month).

Do they round it up to an hour? I hate the three horizontal bars on top. Whether or not someone chooses to join our network of experts and consult with our clients is, of course, a personal decision informed by any number of considerations. The expert network industry is split by region, by virtue of the need to recruit local consultants in that country. I also did some research on business models and market sizing, to identify quotable public sources. Be careful to let the consultant finish speaking and make sure you’re answering their point. These Thanks for contributing an answer to Freelancing Stack Exchange! The client is looking for a fast download on how the industry works at a strategic level along with a commentary on any significant current events. These people come to you.

Just get them on the phone!” Yeah, that kind of money. Jerking your rate to $500 per hour is a non-existent speed bump in these people’s project budget. For example, a technical expert network firm may be engaged to help research venture capital investments. In addition to padding your files for consulting discussions, you may spot other business opportunities in the process… You’re a free agent for the time being – make the most of it! What happens to US representatives after a redistricting?

knows their stuff and can share ideas with them in a professional manner.

The hourly fees are selected by the consultant, so a good fee of $150+/hour for professional services is easily achievable. As for the rest of you, try reaching out to a few of the standard expert networks to see if you can get into their database. An unlimited expense account and an epic pile of blackmail pictures? There are a variety of safeguards to keep this from occuring. We cover the 3 most important pricing factors to consider, the 4 most effective pricing methods, and the average fees and rates used across the most popular consulting industries. These folks don’t care about money, they care about speed and accuracy. For those of you who are actively looking for a job, I found the expert networks were a great way to stay current and prepare for high level job interviews. A List for New Writers (US & Global), How To Build A High Value Drop Servicing Business, A Secret World of $500 Per Hour Consulting Calls, The BREAD Process: Alphasight’s Research Model, Expert Network Review – ProSapient Paid Consultations, Alphasights Review – Expert Networks (Advisor View), Gerson Lehman Group Expert Network Review, The Best Paying Online Tutoring Platforms, Freelance Sales Agent: Find & Close High Ticket Deals. Pro-Tip: Pay close attention to any industry surveys and public company “investor day” presentations. In other words, should one 4x or 8x the normal rate to achieve the standard 4-hour minimum, or is there an altogether different approach that should be employed at setting up the rate with this firm? I worked for Guidepoint Global as a consultant for one of their investment bank clients. Simple demur and answer on terms which you are comfortable discussing (or decline the question outright).

Google reveals that most of these interviews last for 30 minutes. No, really, why are you asking? Deep knowledge of a hot science field? We connect clients with on-demand expert advisors. First, a reputable expert network group will not allow you to consult for a competitors of a current employer or faciliate insider discussions about your current company. Welcome to the wonderful world of expert networks, a platform for short “consulting calls” between experts in an industry and clients in consulting, professional services, and investment management. Rates are a tricky subject.

NEW YORK   |   NEW JERSEY   |   CONNECTICUT   |   SAN FRANCISCO   |   BOSTON   |   LONDON   |   DUSSELDORF   |   ATHENS   |   DUBAI   |   SINGAPORE   |   HONG KONG   |   SHANGHAI   |   SEOUL  |   TOKYO. Learn everything you need in order to choose the right consulting fees and rates for your business. “What, the network’s top rated expert in our target industry wants an extra $400 for her time? While you can certainly “wing it”, it pays to have your information organized and ready to go. A rather beefy – and completely “ethics safe” – answer to what would otherwise be some very sensitive questions…. What would be the appropriate way to set a good rate with them? For more information click here.

Make it really easy for a LinkedIn reader to figure out you know about Industry X. What's the minimum billing period for Guidepoint Global?

This will generally be respected by the client. First – the obvious. You’re being hired to fix this problem – and quickly. This is a mix of smaller / regional expert networks and new expert network models. Additional safeguards are in place for conversations with buy side investment management groups, especially hedge funds. You're asking about the billing period of a specific company. To learn more, see our tips on writing great answers. Strategies For Earning A Living Wage In The Gig Economy.

A Harvard MBA? Incidentally, you’ve got a ton of latitude on your consulting fees. You’re not going to be solving anything on the fly.

In any event, most of the conversations I’ve had have steered well away from these topics and the few exceptions were generally the result of a clumsily worded question rather than deliberate intent to request inside information.

billed back to THEIR clients, who are paying millions of dollars for advice on how to make a multi-billion dollar decisions.

The signup page only asks for " Consulting Rate (per hour) " and "Currency Type", without any indication or …

If you know material non-public information about a prior employer, such as their future plans or confidential information, this needs to remain confidential. However, as a special case, they do let you set up your profile for a 1-hour-based billing, although that does appear to require a manual pre-approval, and might also limit your consulting opportunities.

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