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Terms of Service #. Thanks for your support!! Haunted Palouse, 7-10 p.m., downtown Palouse. Snagging one of the eight first-come, first-served campsites, I set up my tent and eat a PB&J for dinner at my picnic table, steeling myself for the 3.5-mile Pine Ridge loop hike to Kamiak’s 3,641-foot summit. This camping site occupies a former naval training center and the old military jail building is all that remains from its previous history. Halloween. The breach of an ice dam that took place thousands of years ago near today’s Sandpoint, Idaho sent water and glacier-ground silt (known as loess) across the region, laying the groundwork for some of the most productive farmland west of the Great Plains. ... At this old mining town, folks have seen and heard spooky happenings such as apparitions and footsteps at the Timber Inn, the Cedar Inn, and the Flame Bar. With camera, tripod and headlamp in tow, I start walking, ready to capture the golden orb’s farewell. Hold hands and scream! You will receive 3 tickets that can be used for two haunted houses and the haunted hay ride. Built in 1927 for the railroad workers here, this haunted hotel is home to some noisy, banging spirits. Dress warm and bring appropriate clothing for inclement weather. The building otherwise appeared the same as it would in the daylight. I knew every startle was staged and all the blood was just corn syrup and food coloring, so all the horrors seemed silly and absurd.

The haunted hayride has participants sitting on a trailer and hay bales, pulled by a tractor down Shady Lane, Paula Echanove, one of the founders of Haunted Palouse who has volunteered there for all fifteen years, said. Prices just for the maze depend on age, but the Spooktacular is $10 for everyone.

Everyone feeds off each other’s ideas to keep the attractions original, so returners can expect something different every year. On the front steps, the two men's apparitions plug each other with six-shooters, clutch their chests, and ... Reports say that although the theater on the first floor is abandoned, the second floor is a private home. Learn More >The Bagott House - A cozy place to stay overlooking downtown Palouse.

The Joyce building is nothing remotely special and it is called that allegedly because of a woman who moved there in the 1970's. “Some people find it a hoot, like a funhouse,” Milano said, “including my wife who laughs all the way through.”. Haunted Palouse brings visitors from all around, raising thousands of dollars for the town. We gear towards high school and college students, so be prepared. Some say the ghostly presence may be that of a child who died in the downstairs pool. This corn maze offers family friendly adventures during non-scary hours on weekends but turns frighteningly ghoulish by October 18 with the Halloween Spooktacular! Here are a few regional attractions you can visit. Up ahead, an especially big rise comes into view, and I realize that must be my destination, the 3,612-foot Steptoe Butte. Yes! Finding the best haunted attractions, movies, TV and books can be challenging. Stay connected with everything KUOW by signing up for our free, weekly Best of KUOW newsletter.

The first haunted house we approached was at the corner of East Whitman Street and North Beach Street, just a block off the main drag. Cutting through basalt outcroppings—the rolling loess farmland now long in my rearview mirror—I turn into Palouse Falls State Park and drive up to a fenced ledge overlooking stunning Palouse Falls. The fire department also walks through the haunted houses, ensuring that there are quick escapes in case there is an emergency, Echanove said. How about a summer music festival, an annual hot-rod gathering or a couple of haunted houses? Admission is $25, but groups of 20 or more can get a 25 percent discount. Visitors report a variety of activity in rooms 1 and 3, though whether the activity is genuine or a product of influence...well ... A shadowy apparition may pass along the train tracks carrying a lantern.

The former nursing home known for a social security scandal involving staff hoarding corpses in the dark basement of the facility for illegal collection purposes. This Yakima haunt has had a permanent home for two years after many years roaming locations and even a one-year hiatus. Cut to the present, and the rolling hills of the Palouse are draped in green, beige, yellow, mauve and other all-stars of the agricultural rainbow. She covers social services and the Nez Perce tribe for the Tribune, and contributes commentaries and cultural pieces to 360. The trailer, loaded with college students, slowed as lights flashed on madmen and boys devoured by combines. As legend has it, a gunfight occurred in the late 1800s over the hand of a local young woman. Check out the “Stay in Palouse” links on the right. It is unclear whether this historic inn is still in operation, but guests staying in various rooms have reported showers and faucets that turn on by themselves and quarters which appear out of no where. The scares in the houses and on the trails pick up on fears that someone might have, but there have been people screaming and people laughing.

He is usually seen during summmer nights. The last two weekends of October find the center of town turned into a nightmare.

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