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It is well known that these words are the first syllables of six lines of a hymn addressed to St John the Baptist, which may be given here: Ut queant laxis resonare fibris Mira gestorum famuli tuorum, Solve polluti labii reatum, Sancte Joannes. In 1661, after the Restoration, by order of the sovereign and knights companions in chapter "that supplicational procession" was "converted into a hymn of thanksgiving.".

The liturgy (containing five services for Morning and Evening, together with the order of Baptism, Holy Supper, Marriage, &c.) was prepared in 1828, revised and extended in 1875; the hymn book of 1823 was revised and enlarged in 1880. Three top police chiefs sang from different hymn sheets on Tuesday. 3. ii. He closed his eyes, and, from all sides as if from a distance, sounds fluttered, grew into harmonies, separated, blended, and again all mingled into the same sweet and solemn hymn.

100+1 sentence examples: 1. The hymn is too familiar to require a long analysis. Sanctus, or Tersanctus, or Triumphal Hymn, " Holy, Holy, Holy," &c., ending with the Benedictus, Blessed is he that cometh," &c. The Homeric Hymn to Apollo evidently combines two different versions, one of the approach of Apollo from the north by land, and the other of the introduction of his votaries from Crete. Of late years, in certain of their meetings on Sunday evening, it has become customary for part of the time to be occupied with set addresses for the purpose of instructing the members of the congregation, or of conveying the Quaker message to others who may be present, all their meetings for worship being freely open to the public.

11), too, belong to a group of ideas which may perhaps be associated with the plan of the Temple and with the old hymn of dedication (r Kings viii. This was their favourite hymn, invariably sung at the end of each term.

Theodulf was the author of at least part of the hymn for Palm Sunday, the Gloria laws. If desired, a psalm or other canticle of praise or a hymn may also be sung by the entire congregation. Thus any tune of a given metrical pattern could readily be matched with the words of any hymn in the same metrical pattern could readily be matched with the words of any hymn in the same metrical pattern. On the whole, the Commission urges that new, 21. Even Columba himself, in his Latin hymn Altus prosator, was suspected by Gregory the Great of favouring Arian doctrines. hymn example sentences.

7 and 32) reproduce the ideas and almost the phases of the Syriac "Hymn of the Soul," so confirming the hypothesis that Mani was influenced by Bardesanes. It well deserves the epithet "craggy" (rraorraX6Ecraa) of the Homeric hymn.

The most common forms, however, are the processional litanies, and the solemn entry of clergy and choir into the church, which on festivals is accompanied by the singing of a processional hymn, their exit being similarly accompanied by the chanting of the Nunc Dimittis. After some readings and a hymn, the priest moved to the pulpit. Even though they are momentarily looking at the same, 25. As the congregation sang a hymn, a deep voice could be heard above the others, strong and confident. In a hymn to the Saviour composed at this time he gave vent to his prophetic dismay. In his hymns he celebrated Opis and Arge, two Hyperborean maidens who founded the cult of Apollo in Delos, and in the hymn to Eilythyia the birth of Apollo and Artemis and the foundation of the Delian sanctuary. This work contains also the texts of the Hymn and the Dream of the Rood. This is a hymn of praise to … The " Purusha Sukta," the 90th hymn of the tenth book of the Rig Veda, gives us the Indian version of the theory that all things were made out of the mangled limbs of Purusha, a magnified non-natural man, who was sacrificed by the gods. Sessional hymn of the holy bishop, in Tone V: Spec. Many large churches, however, provide, 23. For some it is all the singing they do, other than the occasional. The ancient Polish hymn or war song, Piesn Boga Rodzica, was an address to the Virgin, sung by the Poles when about to fight. 273; Homeric Hymn to Demeter, 476; Strabo vii. : This site hopes to reach out to hymn experts, hymnologists, or anyone with an appreciation for sacred music.

These references indicate that the hymn was used in private devotions; as it does not appear in any of the earliest liturgies, whether Eastern or Western, its introduction into the public services of the church was probably of a later date than has often been supposed. Example sentences with the word hymn.

He was convener of the committee which issued the Free Church hymn book, and he threw into this work the same energy and catholicity of mind which marked the rest of his activities. The philosophical theory of the origin of things, a hymn of remarkable stateliness, is in Rig Veda, x. 2. for an excellent example of Oriental religious thought, the fine Babylonian hymn to Ishtar (i.e. 673); and secondly, in the Hymn in memory of Hermias, beginning " Virtue, difficult to the human race, noblest pursuit in life " (ib. They do not represent the opinions of YourDictionary.com. There is also the fragment of a hymn in praise of Wycliffe. These tabs will help guitarists play this famous Christian hymn. At all events the meaning of " healer " gradually gave place to that of " hymn," from the phrase 'I17 Ilacav. A great traditional version of the hymn can be found at Chordie. On awaking (it was Christmas Day), he immediately mounted the pulpit, and gave forth his famous hymn on the Nativity. 2 The Vulgate Dies irae dies illa, whence the striking hymn by Thomas of Celano (c. 1250). Other works include The Nativity for soprano and orchestra, sacred choral anthems, It is a remarkable accomplishment, relating in cartoon form a, The new album incorporates ethnic vocal laments from Eastern Europe and a dirge-like, It is best sung as a processional or the final, On the next day we buried him, like his sister, with a German and a Wendish address and the singing of a, It was a cloudless summer morning, and all Nature, smiling in her felicity, sent up a, For example, they did not often gather together with harps and rebecks to celebrate their national glories, or to, A couple of other band members were hidden in the wings ready to help out if James was unable to complete the, Prayer borrows its first line and its meter from an Ambrosian liturgical, The most emotionally intense love song in the piece is the rapturous, This is a countrywide problem and as far as the parents are concerned everyone should be singing from the same, A licensing program can help congregations enrich parts of worship in addition to congregational, His one-man open air services, standing with, She has already helped several local charities, including her local church, which managed to buy new, The head of the school took action after finding it impossible to buy new, She frowned slightly at the clock as she shoved her, All set for the kindling of the sacred fire, we, Already enamoured of the small Canadian town, he began to, Here, Earle lets guitar, harmonica, and drums roll out a vibrant, It centers around the slain but risen Lamb, and climaxes in a great, Don Quixote is a monument to absurdity, a, Act I opened, not at the harbour side but with the assembled populace sitting singing a, If you still have last year's order of service, please bring this along with you, as the, This acts as a wonderful foil to the modal, When his physician announced an unfavourable change in his condition, he expressed entire resignation, and requested his friends to sing a, Intended for liturgical use, her verses fall into the familiar categories of antiphon, respond, sequence, and, It is likely that you will join in the author's song with joy and wholeheartedly endorse the great, The congregation sang the American battle, Plus, any band who produce We Care A Lot, a brutally fun, He picks up the same musical motif again after his, By comparison, Phil Alden Robinson's Field Of Dreams is a far more stirring yet gentle sporting fable, a, In certain cases, though, an archaic word may be retained in order to maintain the poetic rhyme and not lose the overall effect and value of the, It takes the form of a sombre, hard-backed, slim volume, unillustrated and typographically conventional, a bit like a, This cadence articulates the structure of the cantus firmus more clearly than the first, marking precisely the end of the second line of the, Harris's style is strong and assertive, imbued with an American melos of, Partnership only works when everyone sings from the same, The congregation, who had been expecting an unskillfully played favorite, It began when a band struck up the opening, The guild also purchased material and made the choirboys new cassocks, in addition to contributing towards the cost of new, Many of us have sung Charles Wesley's great, The important thing is that we are singing from the same, Everything I've ever written could be said to be a, The deep tenor bell rang out for a minute before the crowd sang the, A young man with a guitar straddled a balustrade and plucked morose notes to a candid vesper, They show two separate manuscript environments, and the transformation of the, Ancient Egyptians, whose agriculture depended exclusively on the Nile, deified the river, worshiped, and exalted it in a great. The word usage examples above have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage.

It consists of four psalms, a canticle, psalms 148-150, a hymn, the Benedictus (Luke i.

Judging by Browne 's speech last week, some of the oil majors appear to be singing from the same hymn sheet. After the nocturna comes a lesson divided into three parts, one biblical and two patristic, and finally the Te Deum.

and ii., Colonel Jack, The Cavalier, Duncan Campbell, The Plague, Everybody's Business, Mrs Veal, The Shortest Way with Dissenters, Giving Alms no Charity, The True-Born Englishman, Hymn to the Pillory, and very copious extracts from The Complete English Tradesman.

The practice of poets or rhapsodists contending for the prize at the great religious festivals is of considerable antiquity, though apparently post-Homeric. Alex shared the hymn book with her, his deep rich voice strong and confident. In great state the tribune moved through the streets of Rome, being received at St Peter's with the hymn Veni Creator Spiritus, while in a letter the poet Petrarch urged him to continue his great and noble work, and congratulated him on his past achievements, calling him the new Camillus, Brutus and Romulus.

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