intermission sentence

3. The audience was impressive in size and it was rewarded after.

The violinist resumed playing after the intermission. Most of us stood up to stretch our legs at, 30.

Using tech of oil extraction and test with. The concert will continue after a brief, 11.

Wine was served during the intermission. The Sonics led by only 2 points at intermission. The music has paused but we're only merely taking a short, 34. Theatre lobbies were filled with a vociferous crowd during the, 39. 3. 27. 4. a scheduled break of about 10 to 15 minutes in the middle of a play, movie or concert.

The paroxysm is followed by a definite interval in which there is not only no fever, but even a fair degree of bodily comfort and fitness; this is the intermission of the fever. 3. The violinist resumed playing after the, 7. Did someone step on your feet while going out at. The one glitch of the play that I must note was the unexpected thunder at the start of the second half of the performance after, Either it's an instant hit with playgoers or it leaves them scratching their head during, Refreshments will be available before and after the concert, and during, A show is structured differently from a film, with an, During the intermission you are considered to be a student of the university for the period of the, If you are a candidate for a doctoral degree or masters by research, you may apply for an, Fans have been known to dash across the plaza during, While I contentedly stuck around, his seat remained empty after, That snooty neighbour of yours may be sitting in the same row and spot you during the, We waltzed right past the freezing people in line, checked our coats, and pre-ordered some wine for the, Usually the films are shown in Indian cinemas with a lengthy, Things pick up somewhat in the second act, which is performed in this production without a break for, The chorus of noblewomen and fusileers is unbalanced in quality, but luckily perked up after the, If one complaint can be made, it's the fact that an, As a debate, this was a sideshow, 90 minutes of stilted silliness, an, Students studying at Monash on a student visa can only apply for an, The journalist did not exit from productions at, Ann never left a choice place at the rail during, I only did that with 3 or 4 minutes left to go in the, Ronnie played washboard with his brother Ted's outfit, the Candy Bison skiffle group, in the, Mike Avecilla made a jump shot just before the halftime buzzer to give the Lancers a 26-20 lead at, Musicals are usually presented in two acts, with one short, The season of cotton-picking commences in the latter part of July, and continues without, He promptly explained the situation, breaking early for, After the Giants had sorted themselves out Courtenay's wrister and Todd Kelman's one timer made it 5-1 at the second, His transformation is conflicted and confusing, causing the ballet, which unravels nicely during the first act, to bog down in detail after, Does it heat so fast as to keep up the ascensive force without, If it is a promenade concert or opera, the lady may be invited to promenade during the, Twelve hours a day, from seven to seven, with the off-duty, Day is perpetually dawning, and night commencing to some or other of the inhabitants of the terraqueous ball without, Either the sunlight or the shadow of the Republic must fall on her without, If the interludes are retained there need not be any, I had now been no less than eight voyages in the Havre trade, without, And those were the days of the flying wedge and two forty-five minute halves with only ten minutes, Deep scleritis is more persistent and less subject to periods of, Deputations from all corners of the Union harassed him without cessation or, He passed Magdalen slowly, his lips whispering without, Dear briquet, please order them to prolong the, He breathed harder than ever, in a succession of low growls, and wagged his venerable head at his own delinquencies without, He thought of these concessions, and looked at Magdalen, and smirked and simpered without, The Utes, who scored the half's final three points to close the gap to 32-15 at, Pickaxes and boring irons were set to work without.

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