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Overmars Van der Sar Use of UEFA.com signifies your agreement to the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. It will be a big shame if PSV lose players as a result of their success this season. G KICKING Balance attribute is the ability to maintain balance after a physical challenge.

R. de Boer

Ball control is the ability of a player to control the ball as he receives it. Over the two legs I am confident that Milan will beat PSV Eindhoven but it won't be as easy as some people are trying to suggest.".

Jack Smith (1920–22) • He was known for possessing "a rare combination of speed, strength and ball-playing ability", as well as an excellent positional sense. 15. 16. PES 2017 Cardiff City F.C. 5. This tends to be coupled with the balance trait if he is not fully facing the goal. Future Legend #5 (Jaap Stam) FIFA 17 Ultimate Team Squad - join the discussion or make a squad of your own! 16. Niedzwiecki (1991c) • M MENTAL "Once they did well in the Champions League, Porto lost their best players.

In this case, aggression needs to work alongside jumping and strength. AI players will do this off the ball, and when you’re in control of a defender their Marking stat will affect how good they are at containing. But Stam fears that the Eredivisie's finest may suffer a similar fate to Porto as a result of their success. It evaluates how tired your player gets as the match approaches half time or full time. Sorry, but we haven’t realized about what are you talking. 1. Positioning is the player’s ability to take up good positions on the field during a game. Davids It depends. It’s also a desirable attribute to have for at least one of your strikers, just to give you a chance in 50-50s with defenders. 4. This is made thanks to the attributes. T LONG SHOTS © FIFAUTeam Copyright 2012-2020 | All FIFA assets property of EA Sports, FIFA 19 Attributes Guide – All Players Attributes Explained. PES 2019 ML Graphics Chinese Super League by Mulia... PES 2017 Facepack vol 22 by Eddie Facemaker. The higher the value, the better the player performs when under pressure from an opponent. Winter Westerveld T BALL CONTROL If the stat is low, he is more likely to miss time the challenge or kick the ball away. This attribute also determines how quickly a player recovers between matches and the amount of time a player can sprint before slowing down. T TECHNICAL 3. T SLIDING TACKLE Agility measures how agile the player is while moving or turning. Handling is an exclusive goalkeeper attribute used to measures how cleanly he catches the ball and does he hold on to it. T STANDING TACKLE F. de Boer They only show, in a general way, how the player is. It has an influence on how well the player can keep possession of the ball when the opponent tackles. … P REACTIONS, DEFENDING This is made thanks to the attributes. 4. Davids "Jaap Stam's personal website is at www.icons.com. Bouma But 32-year-old Stam - who has overcome a hamstring injury and is fit to play tonight - believes it would be foolish to underestimate their opponents. Ideally, you should pick a free-kick taker who has a good score for free kick accuracy and curve. We took a look to the GK stats and haven’t seen many GK with high heading stats. National Football Teams without an confederation, 2020 League of Ireland Premier Division table, Voetbal International website and 2007/2008 presentation magazine, https://football.fandom.com/wiki/Jaap_Stam?oldid=240795. Branfoot (1984–89) • Kluivert This stats measures the heading accuracy of the player for either a pass or a shot. Interception determines the ability to read the game and intercept passes. 4. 10. T VOLLEYS Shot Power evaluates how hard the player hits the ball when taking a shot at goal. In other words, it is the frequency that the keeper catches the ball rather than parrying it and whether or not he holds onto it. T LONG SHOTS PSV are not known as a big, glamorous club but they have a quality side and that is all that matters. Matthews (1902–20) • 4. Jaap Stam; Personal information; Full name: Jakob Stam: Date of birth 17 July 1972 (age 48) … It applies to headed passes as well as headers at goal. 13. The Board (1922–23) • 9. 12. van Bronckhorst Reaction also influence dribbling, although it doesn’t quite make a player a better or worse dribbler, it allows your player to have the right reaction when the opponent goes for a sliding tackle, try and win the ball from you, and eventually it even gives your player the ability to jump over a tackle attempt. I haven’t seen any gk heading. It has nothing to do with the player’s speed.

Cruyff 11. van der Vaart PES 2019 Facepack International vol 20 by Jonathan... PES 2019 German Stadium Boards​ by 1002MB, PES 2019 SPFL Scoreboard​ 2019​ by Hova_Useless. PES 2019 Stadium Stamford Bridge Update with Snow ... PES 2018 Faces Converted by PolishCatalan vol. Players with high aggression offer some risk while inside the area because they can cause a lot of penalties without you pressing a single button, and that could possibly end with you smashing a controller, so be careful when you choose centre backs like this.

Extract the file with WinRAR and copy all files to. Hi, i have fb firminho 93 that have 85 strength and 84 aggression, in the paper he should easy to maintain position and reflect opponent body, but in my game is very easy to pushed, cause my premium sbc eriksen 93 have less status but can’t so easy to pushed like fb firminho. A typical aggression-based action is when you go “shoulder-to-shoulder” against someone, with high aggression our player has the initiative to push the opponent strongly (as far as his strength allows him to) and this determines the winner of the challenge. M AGGRESSION T FREE KICK ACCURACY This is another stat that only goalkeepers have. Reiziger Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The Football thread featuring COVID-19: Barcelolna ... Jaap Stam.

A player with a low shot power can still hit the ball hard into the back of the net but the longer you hold B/O the more likely he is to miss. Westerveld, 1. van der Sar "My only concern for PSV is that their team may break up in a similar way to Porto," he said. It is the GK’s ability to position himself correctly when saving shots. Useful experience"Phillip Cocu has been inspirational for PSV since going back to Holland at the start of this season. P AGILITY To choose the right player you should look to each one of more than 30 attributes each player has.

19. Does Composure affect a player’s dribbling in any way???

12. T SHOT POWER T MARKING 13. This attribute measures the accuracy of shots from outside the penalty area.

14. 18. 1. Haselden (1991c) • "They keep on winning in all competitions under Guus Hiddink and the treble is still on for them. Reactions measures how quickly a player responds to a situation happening around him. 17. van Hooijdonk Numan T PENALTIES It doesn’t matter how high is the long passing stat of a player if he doesn’t have a decent vision. G KICKING You can find players with 4 or even 5 stars of skill that have low dribbling. 15.

G SPEED. R. de Boer 12. Dribbling is the player’s ability to carry the ball and past an opponent. 10. van Nistelrooy thanks. The length and accuracy of throws are partially determined by the kicking attribute but mainly determined by the long throw trait.

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