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(, 01 Jan 2018;, 07 Oct 2014) Sporting philosophy / motto We had a chance to catch up with Kyle Carter after his successful weekend at the Ocala International CCI2* where he was the highest placing Canadian with an unexpected 3rd place. One of our nutrition experts may be able to help. Medals: 35th Olympic Games Participant, 34th Participant As most will now know I had a tragic accident on cross country while riding in the CIC 3* division at Red Hills. Denny Emerson refuses to comment 7. Send any comments or suggestions about the show to [email protected] Subscribe to the show on YouTube and watch for future episodes. Kyle Carter, who has represented Canada at the Pan American Games, Olympics, and World Equestrian Games, has always held a love for teaching and inspiring the next generations of riders. In addition, for the first time in…, Horses have always been part of my life, so I am more familiar than most the joy and heart break they can provide. is a website owned by Equine Connect Today Corporation © Copyright 2014. WARNING: Only read if you have a sense of humour Welcome to our new weekly feature, Tuesday’s Top Ten. Kyle Carter Eventing Clinic, May 20-21, 2017. Quickly becoming the most entertaining duo in the Eventing world, Buck and Kyle are at Jersey Fresh International bringing us the Eventing version of TSN Sports Desk. Check in every Tuesday for our Top Ten list that could feature just about anyone or anything related to Eventing.

This time they are comprising their teams of one rider from each CIC division. Check out the things happening…, Connect with the Badminton action all weekend:  [Website] [Schedule] [Times] [Results]   Hard on the heels of a thrilling Rolex Kentucky comes the most prestigious four star event in Europe. The extremely humble athlete has a passion for horses that will likely be addressed within the first five minutes of conversation. Join Kyle for…. if (theYear < 1900); Privacy & Terms Kyle Carter lives in Ocala, Florida where he and his wife, Jennifer, run Five Ring Stable. With some extra time left on his hands due to shows cancelling this year, Kyle … Kyle Carter wins Rolex Grand Slam on home breds 8. She…, Eventing’s new favourite duo Buck Davidson and Kyle Carter are back with their Red Hills review and another friendly wager. Off-season horsey shenanigans – VIDEO Break, Tuesday’s Top 10 – Stupidest Christmas presents for equestrians, Equestrian Christmas decorations – VIDEO Break, Another 9 pet peeves only equestrians will understand, This is a great teaching episode and you get free advice from two four-star riders including: factors to consider when building a water jump; and how to use water for training and conditioning your horse. © | Eventing’s new favourite duo Buck Davidson and Kyle Carter are back with their Red Hills review and another friendly wager. CA Supply Chain Act. You don’t want to miss this, EN! Buck and Kyle teach how to use water jumps to condition your horse, Buck and Kyle are back with four-star recaps and Jersey team picks. Read on to find out more about his special homebred Finn and his plans for Rolex on his long-term partner and fan favourite Madison Park. Buck won the Wellington bet, can Kyle…, When you are in contention for selection to the Pan Am Games, you want to take extra care of your horse as we all know that if something can go wrong it will. Laine Ashker wears tracksuit to Rolex jog-up 5…. United States desperate for gold medal – David is back in the saddle 6. Last weekend I received a large helping of heart break. Kyle is a sought after coach for riders at every level, from novice to four star. Badminton, fashion critiques and selfies with my Eventing hero, Who did Buck and Kyle choose for their teams? I think Buck and Kyle might…, Connect with the Badminton action all weekend: [Website] [Schedule] [Times] [Results] [Cross-country highlight video] Michael Jung (GER) and La Biosthetique Sam FBW made Badminton look like a Novice course today and flew around clear, inside the time to hold his lead. theYear=now.getYear(); Kim Seversen and Cooley Cross Border owned the dressage phase,…, The Ocala Horse Properties International Festival of Eventing is now under way with the CCI1* and the CCI2* kicking off with day one of dressage. He has been the Area III NAJYRC Coach since 2002, where his CCI** teams have had three Gold Medal wins in addition to several individual and team medals at both the CCI* and CCI** levels. It will be one of the most exciting show jumping days ever at Badminton.

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