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Jonathan: What I found appealing about GRINDHOUSE, apart from it being very entertaining, was that it was a great movie-going experience, with fake trailers, old-time "feature presentation" graphics and two very fun films. Reviewed in the United States on March 9, 2016, Reviewed in the United States on March 28, 2012. There’s no question they’re showing off a little – a sequence where Leo peppers an assailant with machine-gun fire sparked its own mini-controversy – but the dialogue alone has such a pleasing musicality that it hardly matters. However, Turturro happens to be the brother of Marcia Gay Harden, who's fiercely protective of her sibling and with whom Finney happens to be in love. I highly recommend this CD. Various suggestions exist as to the true meaning of "Danny Boy". In trying to resolve the issue, Tom is cast out from Leo's camp and ultimately finds himself stuck in the middle between several deadly, unforgiving parties. (Miller’s Crossing) November 29, 2007 December 1, 2007 Kurt Halfyard Finite Focus. Would love your thoughts, please comment. The worst film (IMO) is definitely Ladykillers. ... You’ve changed designers for Miller’s Crossing. Tom Reagan, an advisor to a Prohibition-era crime boss, tries to keep the peace between warring mobs but gets caught in divided loyalties. Reviewed in the United Kingdom on August 20, 2017. In one of the newspapers an article reads 'Seven Dead in Hotel Fire,' another reference to Barton Fink. Podcast logo by Josh Hollis. Still it is worth it for the main theme & the great rendition of "Danny Boy". Though consensus has swung hard in the Coens’ direction over the years – albeit not on ranked lists, which is still the surest route to an argument on social media – their work is still so fussily calibrated that it can hard to tell where the heart lies. Being an oboist, I'd love to get my hands on his arrangements of the opening titles and recreate the haunting arrangement of this truly imaginative composer. MILLER'S CROSSING is a great film, certainly one of the brother's five best (and I have to say NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN makes that list as well…if you haven't yet seen it, run out immediately to do so. Noticing smoke coming up from the floor boards (the result of a slaying in another part of the house) he springs to action resulting in a vicious head shot of one of the killers (considering the constant hat motif in Miller’s Crossing, any head shot probably isn’t by accident). I only wish it had been longer, but I'll take what I can get, eh?

Hardly the rip-off that the brothers themselves self-deprecatingly consider it. And yet, despite the number of great films that they’ve made, this is the one that still stands head and shoulders above the rest. If "Danny Boy" gives you goosebumps (and the version here, gloriously sung by Frank Patterson, surely will), then Burwell's orchestral titles theme will have you putting on a sweater. Gabriel Byrne plays the antihero Tom to lonely perfection and Marcia Gay Harden's hooker without a golden heart is excellent. The Coens remain good with situation.

And yet they present it in such a clean, efficient manner that, unlike so many other genre pastiches, the plot machinations never bog it down. The power struggle between Leo and Caspar has many other ins and outs, including the separate machinations of The Dane (JE Freeman), Caspar’s surly henchman, and fringe character like Mink Larouie (Steve Buscemi), who’s variously connected to Bernie and The Dane. There's not a single soft spot on it. He is also on the board for the Chicago Critics Film Festival and the Chicago Film Critics Association. We soon learn that Tom is sleeping with Verna, too. Title: Freeman as Caspar's dark, vicious adviser/thug Eddie Dane. After viewing product detail pages, look here to find an easy way to navigate back to pages you are interested in. Tom Reagan (Gabriel Byrne), Leo’s loyal right-hand man, advises against this. If you were to gather a roomful of film buffs and ask them to name Joel & Ethan Coen’s best film, there’s an excellent chance most of their films could find a proponent or two.

I loved that part of the interview, because in the three McCarthy novels I've read, that's a dialogue device he uses constantly, the statement by one character being repeated immediately by another. That’s the most basic accounting of Miller’s Crossing possible. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. The scene which comes the closest to running the film off the rails, almost becoming a cartoon (It’s operatic and silly in the way the Warner Brother’s Looney Tunes did Wagner), is one that sticks out on first viewing, but then becomes something that you just cannot help but look forward to on subsequent viewings.

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