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Chowder (voiced by Nicky Jones): A 12-year-old chubby purple cat/bear/rabbit hybrid who serves as an apprentice under the chef Mung Daal, Chowder lives with Mung Daal and his wife, Truffles, in a room at the top of the catering business. Gwen Tennyson • Jesse Cosay • Fourarms •

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Mung Daal is Chowder's master.He has a big nose,(Which was caused by Big Nose Syndrome from the episode Grubble Gum)a moustache(and a beard which was ripped of by his wife Truffles when he was distracting her from her majhonng game which was mentioned in the episode Mahjonng Night)and glasses.He is a "ladies man" at least he think he is.

He doesn't believe in superstition. Do-Gooder Frankenstrike • Tramm •

Lupe Toucan • Ranger Tabes, Prohyas Warrior • Edward Platypus • Daddy • Vambre Warrior • Mordechai • Origin Mung said when all of the sudden a large bird which looked like Christopher Eccleston picked him up, and began flying with him towards the sky as the song Ocean Drive by the Lighthouse Family played in the background. No information 0 Reviews 1 Comment Join the conversation. Shh! Ray Ray Lee • Association of World Super Men, Cow • Mr. Gus • His apprentice is the titular protagonist, Chowder the cat/bear/rabbit hybrid, and his employee is Shnitzel the rock monster. Tails • Pizza Steve • Grey Matter •

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Chowder wants to become a great chef, but he is very impulsive and scatterbrained and often gives in to his urges. Panini, Zak Saturday • Reinrassic III • Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat.

Kwarrel • Kid Flash • J.P. Mercer • Mr. Slinkman • Whampire •, Sunny Bridges • Atticus • Gramps • Jof • Humungousaur • Belly Bag, Steven Universe • Views 99; Downloads 4; Submitted October 8; File Size 8.68 MB; Report; Share Followers 1. Mung also thinks he's a ladies man and offers Chowder advice about finding love. Mung Daal has a limited amount of physical attacks and movement, making the character practically impossible to do a combo with, as well as having a major pause in his Hypers, leaving him wide open for attack; the character also suffers of incomplete design, due to lack of a consistent number of standing, aerial, and crouching attacks. He wears a white coat, alongside an orange Irish skirt, brown shoes, and black socks. Agent Honeydew • Sie wächst meist aufrecht, meist stark verzweigt und erreicht Wuchshöhen von 30 bis zu 150 cm; es gibt auch windende und halb kriechende Sorten.

Atomix • That's why the ladies love me! Wintergreen • Wonder Woman • No information Raven • Eddy • Zed • Action Hank • Truffles loves to relax and take breaks, as they are a very occurrence in her life. Kickin Hawk • Drew Saturday • Ed • Ces petits grains verts de forme ovoïde sont connus sous plusieurs appellations : « haricots mungo » ou « ambérique vert » ou « mung ». XLR8 • Speedy • Bradley the Skunk • Shadow • Living Bullet • Goals SPORK • Grace • Pops • Numbuh 1,600 • Bullfrag • Wildebeest • Die Mungbohne ist eine einjährige krautige Pflanze. It will be a Level 8 Mission, and be given by Truffles herself. Kam, Chowder •

Rigby • Family Echo Echo • Previous File Mao Mao. Hot Dog • 1 Personality 2 Appearance 3 Relationships 4 Gallery 5 Proposal Reason 6 Trivia In some episodes, Truffles shows to be mean and frightening. Bumblebee •

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But overall, she cares for Chowder's well-being, and can be nice at times. Wilykat And Wilykit • Robot Randy • Flinch • Godfrey and Zeek • Goo, Juniper Lee • Bumblebee • Cyborg • Yumi Ishiyama • No information The large-nosed chef has only projectiles to work with, and his wife as a striker. Mung Daal is the owner and head chef of Mung Daal's Catering Company for at least 386 years and has been married to Truffles the mushroom fairy for 450 years. Get some protection. Ditto • Shake & Flick • Icons encased in square brackets [ ] require the respective button(s) to be held down. Batman • -Mung Daal. She, at times, is a very greedy person. Marceline • He is sometimes seen with pink eyes. She is the cashier of the catering company and Mung Daal's bossy and mean spirited wife. Lighting • DeeDee-Bot, Major Glory • Full Name Nazz • The Scarecrow • Upchuck • Louie and Elmo • Gil Nexdor •

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