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Totsu Machi (凸待ち) means "waiting for a caller".

The Japanese word “niko” means “smile”; following a common pattern of word doubling in Japanese, “niko-niko” has a meaning closer to “smiley”. ptpt is short for "putsuputsu" (プツプツ) and a term used when a namahousou, call or Skype call is laggy. I've made very few mistakes through the year so I'm not worried, Nico is trying everything possible in his head to come up with some kind of way of dealing with things. As with other activities, such as retrospectives, where team members are asked to report subjective feelings, self-censorship is always a risk. Points cost money to buy, and any user can donate points to a video. Rather, a person, often unrelated, takes a few singers' covers and combines them to make a chorus-like version. Sasuga (さすが or 流石) means "as expected" and is seen in comments when a song exemplifies an utaite's unique style. Nico Nico huge party) takes place. Bokukko (ボクっ娘) Also known as "Bokko", it is a Japanese term for a girl that acts like a boy. many voice type) is sometimes seen in tags of a utattemita in which a single utaite uses several different voices. Not to be confused with Bishoujo, which is used for younger-looking pretty girls. It is also commonly seen as Yabe (やべえ/ヤベエ), which is an alternative slang pronunciation whereas many extras can be added as necessary to convey shock. Wilhelm was born into the wealthy Päffgen Kölsch master brewer family dynasty in Cologne and was Catholic, while Grete came from a lower-class background and was Protestant.

The name Nico is of Greek and Italian origin.

Its origin is "Italian variant of the English name Nicodemus".

888888888 is a term used on Nico Nico Douga to mean applause or to clap. rolling [one's] tongue) is the Japanese term for the alveolar trill, otherwise known as "rolling your R's". Other variation include putting the utaite's name in the middle. ktkr stands for kitakore (来たこれ, lit. Over 7 years of experience with Suki Desu. ought to have more attention) is a phrase used on Nico Nico Douga to tag videos that users consider excellent but seem not to have as many views as they deserve. I think Lando Norris and I have realized it's for our own benefit to keep this thing going until hopefully we can make it back to the top. Shinsaku Anime no Kyoku wo Matomete Collabo, Nico is a form of Nicholas and is generally pronounced like "NEE koh". Typically used in arrow comments, a pen is someone dumb enough to get arrowed. Picture from Portfolio Visualization and Prioritization for Business Agility – Workshop. Read Lino's story and those of other victims lost this year because of the flu.

2828 2828 pronounced Niya Niya (ニヤニヤ) literally means grinning or smiling. Variations include Motto Motto Hyouka Sareru Beki (もっともっと評価されるべき, lit. Makijita (巻き舌, lit.

Web. She also had roles in several films, including a cameo in Federico Fellini's La Dolce Vita and Andy Warhol's Chelsea Girls, as herself.

2525 cafe is a Nico Nico Douga cafe located in the Nico Nico Douga studio building headquarters in the heart of Harajuku district, Tokyo.[1]. Well, search no further, the Nico Nico Dictionary is here! Awasetemita (合わせてみた, lit. Dokyun (どきゅん), shortened DQN is a term used in a derogatory context describing individuals and groups with lower educational status. It comes from the word "warau" (笑う), which means "to smile/laugh". While Nico Nico Chokaigi is held during the day, in the evening Nico Nico Cho Party (ニコニコ超パーティー, lit. Shoken (初見, lit. Nico Blue Hoon is the daughter of the late lead singer of Blind Melon, Shannon Hoon. Yazawa [矢澤] is written ya [矢] means arrow or dart, making total reference to his Idol ability that hits the hearts of fans.

Thank you and until the next one! Well known netaite include recog, Funi (Imouto), __ and Shijin. We truly appreciate your support. The format of the calendar allows each team member to record, at the end of every workday, a graphic evaluation of their mood during that day. Usually when everyone does silly things or clumsy acts, a simple apology from a way to counter embarrassing moments is by bowing the head a bit with a hand at the back while smiling; a wink while sticking their tongues out. (2000 U.S. CENSUS), Nico was first listed in 1980-1989 and reached its highest rank of #382 in the U.S. in the year 2018. Taseirui (多声類, lit. Contact us and send us your article to publish!

Access website in Portuguese. Puni puni (ぷにぷに) means "Squishy" in Japanese.

Children named Nico are often lovable and genuine but most of all they are read more >>. The format of the calendar allows each team member to record, at the end of every workday, a graphic evaluation of their mood during that day. Most kamikyoku can be found on our Famous Utattemita Songs page. bkk stands for Bakaka (バカか) and is usually used when someone's an idiot.

That's how he deals with it. You may have already come across some viral meme video where an annoying little girl repeats without stopping the word nico nico ni.

Ok (おk) A Nico Nico Douga term for 'okay', combining the hiragana for "o" (お) with the English character "k". She is voiced by Tokui Sora. Nico Chu (ニコ厨) is someone who is addicted to Nico Nico Douga (e.g. "niconico" (ニコニコ) is the onomatopoeia of "smile". It is usually seen at the end of a namahousou performance, basically thanking the host for his/her efforts. School Idol Proje ct by the character Yazawa Niko .

Some famous bearers of this name include: Nico Hulkenberg, and Nico Rosberg. wktk is an acronym from the word wakuwaku tekateka (ワクワクテカテカ), an onomatopoeia of being excited and eager.

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