noble fir identification

The species has seen limited use.

Noble fir is arguably the most attractive of the native firs because of its symmetrical form, bluish color, and the elegant, well-groomed appearance of its needles.

St. Helens [C.J. Earle, 2010.06.26]. The R.A.F.

For details, search the Bibliography of Dendrochronology. This tree died in, probably, 2009 (R. Van Pelt email 2012.10.12). This is one of the tallest types of fir tree and its botanical name procera literally means tall. Rhodora 42:522-524. Shasta Fir, Abies x shastensis, is a common hybrid of Noble Fir and California Red Fir, A. magnifica; found in southern Oregon and California. Crown, showing typical placement of seed cones (Mt.

Wetland Status.

To get more information please contact us. Within a few years these trees had set seed and now A. procera is widespread on suitable sites within the blast zone. Growth: One of the tallest known living trees, near Randle, Washington, was 278 feet (85m) tall but has been in decline since the area surrounding it … Basal bud scales pubescent throughout; seed cones 15-20 Seed cones oblong-cylindric, 10-15×5-6.5 cm, green, red, or purple, overlaid with green bracts, at maturity brown (bracts light-colored and scales dark), sessile, apex rounded; scales ca. The needles are generally twisted upward so that the lower surface of branches are exposed.

Farjon, Aljos. It grows to 250 feet (75 meters). The 3 regional districts, in association with the BC Christmas Tree Council were formed to represent commercial Christmas Tree growers, wholesalers and retailers throughout BC. Nearly mature seed cone showing exserted bracts that nearly cover the fertile scales [C.J. The BC Christmas Tree Council represents many of these growers, who are members of regional Christmas Tree Associations in: (a) East Kootenays Christmas Tree Association, (b)Thompson Okanagan and Northern BC, (TOCTA)(c) Southwest BC and Vancouver Island. St. Helens (Meta Lake). Fraser Fir (Abies fraseri) John Fraser, a Scottish botanist, was the inspiration for this fir tree's name. Earle, 2008.09.07].

Abies procera, a new name for Abies nobilis Lindl. shastensis (orange). The wood is easy to work. The largest specimen ever recorded was 72.6 m tall, dbh 275 cm, crown spread 12.5 m, stem volume 174.3 m3 when measured in 1988; also in the Goat Marsh Research Natural Area (Van Pelt 1996). Distribution of Abies procera (green), A. magnifica (red), and A. magnifica var.

Königstein: Koeltz Scientific Books.

The heartwood is indistinct. Earle, 2008.09.07]. Rehder, A. This species is unusually wind-firm, moderately shade-tolerant, not fire-tolerant, but does extremely well in high-light situations. Dense branching and short internodes near the middle of the photo show the tree's height at the time of the May 1980 eruption, which the tree survived because it was buried under the snow. Buds hidden by leaves, tan, ovoid, small, not resinous, apex rounded; basal scales short, broad, equilaterally triangular, pubescent centrally, not resinous, margins entire to crenate, apex sharp-pointed. without longitudinal groove. This species contains the largest trees ever recorded in Abies. Christmas is over, your Real tree can be converted to mulch in a seasonal recycling program.

Based on 10-year performance, noble fir is acceptable for reforestation of high-elevation … Noble fir is also important in watershed protection [18,22]. Earle, 2008.09.07]. This plant has no children Legal Status.

St. Helens in Washington (Van Pelt 2001). It is valued for its light color and uniform straight grain. A. procera also prospered following the eruption of Mt. The bark is smooth with resin blisters when young and changes to brownish-gray plates with age. To encourage and promote improvement of our environment through planting and growing healthy trees. Dwarf varieties of these evergreens are … Fruit: Large woody cones (4-6" long); cylindrical in shape; have distinctive bracts that look like elephant heads. A tiny groove runs the length of the upper side.

Earle, 2003.08.24]. Abies procera, the noble fir, also called red fir and Christmastree, is a western North American fir, native to the Cascade Range and Coast Range mountains of extreme northwest California and western Oregon and Washington in the United States.It is a high-altitude tree, typically occurring at 300–1,500 m (980–4,920 ft) altitude, only rarely reaching the tree line Burns and Honkala (1990) report ages of >300yrs without supporting data. Data from USGS (1999).. Seeds 12 × 6 mm, body reddish brown; wing slightly longer than body, light brown to straw; cotyledons (4)5-6(7). - Provides a detailed account, with illustrations. jemail("pingora", "protonmail", "com"); BC Christmas Tree Farm Association Members,,,,

Thus it tends to occupy distinctive locations on the landscape, and to be a very effective competitor in places that provide suitable conditions. Basal bud scales pubescent centrally, glabrous at The noble fir has most certainly earned its name, particularly because it is the largest native fir in North America. St. Helens.

The ITRDB tree-ring chronology WA028 covers 1655-1976, 321 years, and is probably derived from live-tree material. Hunt (1993) discriminates A. procera from A. magnifica according to this key: USA: Washington, Oregon and California at 60-2700 m elevation in mixed conifer forests (Hunt 1993). Earle, 2011.09.24]. St. Helens, WA) [C.J. These include uncommonly windy situations, such as in the Columbia River Gorge or on exposed montane and subalpine ridges. Currently the largest known is a tree 82.9 m tall and 253 cm dbh, with an estimated stem wood volume of 126 m3; it grows in the Goat Marsh Research Natural Area near Mt. Introduced into Britain in 1830, the noble fir - or Abies procera - is a native of the forests of Washington and Oregon where it grows to a great height. Long considered an excellent Christmas tree because of its beauty, stiff branches and long keepability, the species is growing in popularity (between 25% and 30% of the fresh tree market in the Pacific Northwest). Typical sun foliage, showing quadrangular needles with stomata on all surfaces; axillary buds will form pollen cones [C.J. It is a long-lived pioneer tree, meaning that it often comes in aggressively after a disturbance such as fire.

It loves windy sites because it is one of the most windfirm trees, swaying grandly in even the most howling gales of winter. It grew near Harmony Falls northeast of Mt.

It is also widely used in the greenery business to make wreaths, door swags, garland and other Christmas products.

Just like the … Fall apart when mature. Its warm, light color and straight grain makes ideal interior finish material for siding, paneling and doors. The wood was formerly used for airplanes and ladders, in both cases because it is light, strong and can be bent far before breaking. 2.5×3 cm, pubescent; bracts exserted and reflexed over scales. The blast associated with the eruption denuded the landscape over a large area primarily north to east of the mountain, but many A. procera seedlings and saplings survived the destruction because they were protected under the dense snow cover existing at the time (mid-May). It is the tallest of all true firs. This tall, narrow tree features a long, columnar trunk and conical crown with short, nearly horizontal branches. OTHER MANAGEMENT CONSIDERATIONS : Noble fir is a preferred species for planting or seeding within its range . Despite being over a century old, they are generally accurate, and are illustrated with some remarkable photographs and lithographs. This tall, narrow tree features a long, columnar trunk and conical crown with short, nearly horizontal branches. A seedling 12 cm tall [C.J. This mulch is then used in a variety of ways - to cover hiking trails in area parks, to serve as protective covering in your garden, or to help retain moisture around a newly planted tree. cm, bracts included or exserted; adaxial surface of leaves usually Species: Abies procera Rehder – noble fir Subordinate Taxa. shastensis (orange). The Goat Marsh RNA stand, mentioned above, is well worth a visit.

(1999). Dense mixed regeneration, dominated by the blue-green crowns of A. procera, within the blast zone at Mt. We have […]

Earle, 2008.09.07].

The forest in that area was destroyed in the mountain's May 18, 1980 eruption (Van Pelt 2001). Needles: It's easy to identify noble fir by looking at the underside of a twig. It is a long-lived pioneer tree, meaning that it often comes in aggressively after a disturbance such as fire.

Tree at Mt. It is still regarded as one of the best true firs for lumber due to the strength of the clear, lightly grained wood. leaves usually with longitudinal groove. Pollen cones at pollination ± purple, ± red, or reddish brown. Bark grayish brown, in age becoming thick and deeply furrowed (furrows and ridges about same width) and reddish brown (especially reddish when plates flake off). It is often sold separately for appearance applications and as Hem-Fir (Hemlock-Fir) for construction applications.

Bark on a sapling 15 cm diameter [C.J. Noble Fir The Pine Family–Pinaceae Abies procera Rehder (Ay-beez prah-SIR-uh or pro-KAY-ruh) Names: The name “procera” means “tall.” Noble Fir lives up to both its names, being both tall and noble! Data from USGS (1999).

Long internodes at top of the photo show rapid growth release (beginning about 3 years post-eruption) in response to complete removal of the overstory by the volcano's blast [C.J. Illustration of tree, cones, and foliage [Matt Strieby, 2020]. Branches diverging from trunk at right angles, stiff; twigs reddish brown, finely pubescent for several years. Noble fir In the wild, the trees are tall, beautifully symmetrical and grow to over 200 feet in height.

SWBCCTA Membership Application (Renewal and New Members). Mosquito planes of World War II were built with noble fir frames.

The wood is moderately strong and light weight. North America; Arid West: FACU Western Mountains, Valleys, and Coast: FACU Related Links. See also Thompson et al. In the wild, the trees are tall, beautifully symmetrical and grow to over 200 feet in height. Description of Abies procera (noble fir). Syn: Abies nobilis (Douglas ex D. Don) Lindley 1833, not A. Dietrich 1824 (Hunt 1993).


It has long and pointy leaves that turn upward, revealing the branches below. Some fine stands can be found in Mount Rainier National Park. There is the above-mentioned tree-ring chronology. margins; seed cones 10-15 cm, bracts exserted; adaxial surface of Pricing/Availability: Noble fir is used as construction lumber and is commonly grouped together with other species of fir and hemlock and sold under the more generic label “HEM-FIR.” Prices should be moderate for such utility lumber, though clear, quartersawn, or other such specialty cuts of fir lumber are likely to be more expensive.

To bring together those involved in the Christmas Tree industry for their mutual benefit; To sponsor education and public relations programs which help develop public understanding of the industry; To promote, assist and engage in research of value to all members; To promote production of high quality marketable trees and related products; To develop, collect and dispense statistical information and data of value to all members; To develop and expand the market for trees grown in all regions of British Columbia; To improve marketing procedures and provide support on both the wholesale and retail level; To provide a unified voice for the betterment of the industry in British Columbia.

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