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Numberjacks: 3, 4, 5, 6, Agents: 58, 81, 18, 12, 72, 44, 99, 37, 108, 63 The Problem Blob is back - and things go backwards and forwards. 6 is sent out to do battle with the Problem Blob, who is causing people to go back to the beginning of things, sliming 6 but Brain Gain helps him. The Numbertaker is taking all the fours he can find - will 4 be able to escape his clutches? 5 investigates. 4 finds things add up to 7 when the Puzzler's about, and 7 is caught by the Puzzler. Numberjacks: 3 (The Numberjack-in-the-box), 4, 5, 6, Agents: 47, 96, 73, 88 There's a pattern to the problems the Puzzler causes - and 5 has to break that pattern. Numberjacks: 3, 4, 5, 6, Agents: 22, 38, 83, 95 This episode was released on March 28, 2007, the same day as Luke Roessler's birthday. He’s an ex-DJ, speaks in rhyme and loves setting puzzles. Going Global. When the Puzzler traps 1 and 0 in his bubble, 5 must rescue them by solving one of his puzzles and put things back to normal. Spooky Spoon is mixing things up and makes things at a cafe behave like party things and vice versa – 3 gets ready to take her on. When everyone passes under a bridge, they become one higher number: 4 turns into a 5, then 6. Numberjacks Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. The Agents are real children who call in to alert the Numberjacks to problems and later help them with their thinking. Air date He’s four-square, steady, logical, measured. (Those are fanon ones) 16 is the only Agent to turn to static, as seen in Seven Wonders.

Famous quotes containing the words episode and/or list: “ Youth is the period in which a man can be hopeless. Volume 5 (Release Date: 24 November 2008).

The Numberjacks have a holiday at the beach, only to face troubles with the Meanies! As the alarm sounds, Four and Six make their way to the control room. 4 goes out to rescue 8 who is trapped by the Puzzler by finding three ways to make an eight. 1 and 0 get out and about and make ten of everything – creating more work for 5. Numberjacks: 3, 4, 5, 6, Agents: 37, 58, 99 They make him go up and down and round and round... until he is all gone.

The Puzzler has 9 trapped in a puzzle bubble - 6 and 3 come to the rescue. 6 flies out to defeat the Puzzler. Become a Numberjacks Agent! The Problem Blob makes the boys pencil get longer and the man's mop and the boys straw. Numberjacks is a 2000-2009 British 3D animated children's television series, aimed at 2 to 6 … Zero - 0 is the baby of the numbers, and doesn’t do much. In this episode. Numberjacks is a 2000-2009 British 3D animated children's television series, aimed at 2 to 6 year-olds shown regularly on CBeebies and occasionally on BBC Two. When 3 and 4 go out to sort out the Puzzler, he traps them in his bubble- It's 8 to the rescue and 8 solves the Puzzler's puzzle and the Puzzler admits defeat and releases 3 and 4 and goes. In this episode, the Problem Blob sticks on two walls and a cube-shaped bush. This empowerment of children is a key part of the Numberjacks’ appeal. They try to share them but the blocks get bored and wander off then 3 flies out to beat the Shape Japer from cutting things to pieces. They each have a number between 16 and 101. and this site is best viewed on PC or Mac, We’ve been sent this wonderful photograph by a Numberjacks fan in Australia – a busy grandmother has made sure that he dreams of Numberjacks. Things don't move when they should, like a walking trash bin etc. It is produced by Open Mind Productions for the BBC and features a mixture of computer-generated animation and live action. Brain Gain helps 6. The Problem Blob has gotten people going around in circles - can 5 restore things to normal? Everyone stops the people going up and down and round and round. Spooky Spoon is making light things heavy - 5 and 3 fly out.

A girl has a hundred or so beads to make a necklace but then has only ten, then one. 1 goes to the Control Room after 4 has left. Not hugely self-confident, tries not to panic. Agent 63 and 108's agents numbers are not seen, as they only appear in the Brain Gain machine's screen. Royal Television Society Educational Television Awards 2007, 46. Their thinking (as well as the thoughts of the. A girl can't get near her teddy, and grown ups need help with things being too close. Numberjacks: 3, 4, 5, 6. In this episode. This is the first episode to contain the Shape Japer. Things are changing length thanks to the Shape Japer, so 6 is sent out to change them back, this is the first episode in season 2 with the appearance of. All Numberjacks material is © Copyright Open Mind Productions Ltd. 2015. In this episode. “I’m not sure, but I’ll try a bit more.” Still happiest at home, not entirely happy as a jumper, but OK as long as things don’t go wrong. The end of every episode is the end of the world. The Shape Japer is causing problems again by stretching the shapes of things - 6 is after her, but one problem is when two circular hoops are turned into ovals. Spooky Spoon is swapping light things and heavy things – 5 and 3 fly out. “I’m fine!” She’s a good and cool singer, has a good fashion sense (for someone who never wears clothes). Look out for Numberjacks if you are going on holiday! This is the first episode to contain the Problem Blob, and the first episode to have an actual meanie. Six explains he has the Lurgi, but Four doesn't know what that is. Agents: 58, 81, 18, 12, 72, 44, 99, 37, 108, 63. Preview Episode Numberjacks: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, Agents: 25, 61, 96, 100 He’s a bit special, because he can turn things into nothing, and can line up to make bigger numbers like 10 and 100. Numberjacks: 3, 4, 5, 6 (two 3s), 9, Agents: 28, 101 (Although mixed up with 42), 85, 70 She’s a touch motherly, quite sensible, grown up and neat. The Numbertaker likes two lots of three today – 6 is the Numberjack to sort him out.

6 flies out to sort the Problem Blob. This is the only time a Numberjack gets sick. One or two of the Numberjacks will go out into the real world to solve the problem, while the remaining Numberjacks stay in their base and watch their progress on a screen. There is a special Numberjack known as the Numberjack Man (played by Steven Lim), known as 4's temporary replacement. Numberjacks: 3, 4, 5, 6, Agents: 53, 28, 94, 68 There's only one of everything, thanks to the Numbertaker – 6 sorts things with help from 1. He spits out many green, smaller blobs, and whatever does get "blobbed", will begin to cause problems. 16 October 2006 – 11 December 2009 ... Then an "agent" (a live-action child) will call in and describe the problem that is occurring. In this episode, 4 becomes green, tiny, big, then. A girl cannot get near her teddy, and grown ups need help with things being too close. This is the first episode when a Numberjack makes problem.

The Numbertaker is taking threes today - but he can't take Numberjack 3: In this episode, 3 turns into a 4. - 6 has got to sort Spooky Spoon out. Numberjacks: 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 9, Agent: 17, 54, 60, 106

Spooky Spoon is mixing things up again, so instead of being on things are off – 4 is on the case. The Shape Japer is after things that come in eights - 4 goes on the mission. After much fun, adventure and powerful thinking the Numberjacks win the day – till next time. The Problem Blob makes things go wrong when people can't estimate - 5 to the rescue. Everything is empty thanks to the Puzzler - 3 helps 5 to fill things up again but not without 3 getting caught by the Puzzler. the Shape Japer stays as a circle. Six - 6 is a “bigger” number, playing tricks, is good fun. In this episode, the sent Brain Gain is used by a hundred agents' thousand fingers. Eight - 8 is a good jumper, and has a special bond with 4, being looked up to as a sort of big brother. For some reason, Six coughed while he had the Lurgi, even though none of the other Numberjacks with Lurgi coughed. Seven featured on many fanon episodes, including his first one, ", Zero is featured in many fanon episodes, including her first one, ", Bonus Episode: One of Five (Problem Blob). 2 is out and about and making everyone count incorrectly - 6 goes after him. Numberjack 1 plays a trick on Numberjack 4, always making the number of buddy blocks on the seesaw unbalanced. Boxes go wrong when the Shape Japer plays tricks - but 6 can do the trick too, when the Shape Japer puts him in a box. The Home of the Numberjacks. He’s a floating circular face, with features that can move around. The Problem Blob is making things move when they should not, so 5 is sent out to stop him. The Puzzler is causing some people to repeat his silly movements – 3 is sent out to stop him, and must solve three puzzles by herself as she lost contact with 4,5 and 6. Agent 58 reports the problem: a boy is bouncing on a trampoline, but he cannot stop bouncing. It's 1 that's causing all the trouble. NUMBERJACKS The Trouble With Nothing S1E1,

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