obetz fireworks 2020

That dramatically changed the estimated attendance at our Halloween celebration just before the event happened. Our Fireworks vendor is now available on July 4th because of other cancellations. To offer the best visibility for as many residents as possible, we have worked diligently with the fireworks company to order only high flying fireworks.

What else should you know?I am re-evaluating every Village event and its date based on the changes in the world. Now that no one can gather, I am trying to find the best location to create the best views for all Obetz. Below, I explain how we got here and how it will go next year. I hope it will work out, but there is just no way to know right now.

How has the date of the fireworks evolved for this year?With Coronavirus, the considerations we made when the last administration chose July 2nd have changed. Mayor Kirk Announces that Obetz will have Fireworks on July 4th I know that everyone is wondering, so let me confirm for you that Obetz will have fireworks on July 4 th, 2020.Unfortunately, there will not be an event at the Fortress to go with the fireworks because of the Coronavirus rules. In late 2019, as a council member, I was informed of those decisions—as we are every year. Coronavirus (COVID-19) Alerts and Updates, Emergency Medical, Fire, & Rescue Services. I don’t need any staff because there is no event to go with the fireworks.

That will likely be impossible for all of Obetz to have a good view, but I am working hard to figure that out. 2018 Ordinances; 2017 Ordinances; 2016 Ordinances; Elected Officials. Picnic with the Pops: Patriotic Pops featuring the Air Force Band of Flight. Then, I (the Mayor, our Executive branch of government) apply all of those event considerations to determine the best dates and methods for hosting the events. I look forward to your input on our future events.

Fortress Obetz. Obetz, OH 43207

That is unfortunate, but I don’t know a way to know all those types of issues.

I don’t need vendors because there is no gathering to go with the fireworks. I have renegotiated the vendor contract to allow for a new location to be considered. Keep your fingers crossed! I will ensure that your ideas are included in the considerations we are making daily and that we will continue to make up to the date of the event. Those dates are informally shared with the Council and public through our electronic media. © 2020 Village of Obetz. Watch the Obetz fireworks from the comfort of your own home this year! Memorial Park will be closed to pedestrian and vehicle traffic.

The Village of Obetz will be letting off fireworks in Memorial Park on July 4th at 9:50 PM.

That will give us the best chance of having a Zucchinifest this year. Ordinance … The Village of Obetz will be letting off fireworks in Memorial Park on July 4th at 9:50 PM. 116 were here. So, we make our best guess based on all the data I explained above.

2) I will present the proposed dates to Council in December of each year, in a public meeting, so that the Council and public may formally weigh in on what they would like to see. Ordinance 02-20 |Passed January 13, 2020 An Ordinance Authorizing The Director Of Finance To Make Payment On A Contract With Franklin Communications Inc, And Declaring An Emergency. With rain predicted on Trick-or-Treat night last year, everyone wanted to take advantage of a night with good weather. Although the prognosis doesn’t look good right now, I plan to wait until the last minute to decide. Ordinance 01-20 |Passed January 13, 2020An Ordinance To Approve Changes To The 2020 Appropriations For The Current Expenses And Other Expenditures Of The Village Of Obetz. I can tell you that I had the contracts set in such a way that I can cancel the Zucchinifest 14 days before it is set to start. I can tell you that we have a talented group of people making every effort to safely produce those events within the confines of the law.

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