political movements of the 21st century

Groups like the Black Panthers, the Chicago-based Puerto Rican group the Young Lords, and the Chicano organization the Brown Berets forged close ties to battle what they saw as their common enemy—imperialism and white supremacy. These activities must be undertaken face-to-face or in private discussion groups that may be virtually hosted, but include only lead activists. Gerald Lenoir is the Identity and Politics Strategy Analyst working with the Haas Institute’s Network for Transformative Change. Education, Featured. The collapse of Third World states, coupled with developed countries raising their moats, will enrage immigrant communities; some of their members may try to get back at the rich world-destroyers, e.g. Where should we begin in accounting for the rise of the movement for black lives? The judge asked the Special Agent in Charge how many FBI agents worked in Camejo’s presidential campaign; the answer was 66 agents.

At this point in history when the degree of wealth inequality has reached such staggering proportions that the richest 400 people have the same wealth as the bottom 154,000,000 people, when unemployment and foreclosures rates are high, when tens of millions can’t afford health care and students can’t afford to go to college, those in power are fearful that the people will rise up. Herbert Hoover ordered FBI agents to “expose, disrupt, misdirect, discredit, or otherwise neutralize” the activities of these movements and their leaders according to, Surveillance and Governance: Crime Control and Beyond. Bolivia: Áñez Asks US For 350 Visas After Arce’s, American Militarism Marches On: No Discussion or Media Coverage of Washington’s War Against the World. They like concepts such as internationalist geoarbitrage or living off Internet “muses” as opposed to traditional employment and national loyalties, and are interested in things such as virtual reality, life extension, nootropics and psychedelic drugs, and the technological singularity. Through communications strategies, i.e., videos, digital storytelling, speeches, op/ed pieces, etc. For instance, just what is the Libyan Jamahiriya? 2.

Grievances are ever-present: resources are scarce, inequality is a fact, and systems of governance, including democracies, tend toward oligarchy and bureaucratization. The context has certainly changed since the 1960s and 1970s. “Unlike some other movements that have emerged this century, BLM has proved itself particularly skilled at not confusing the technology for the movement itself.”, Quote: “the probability of being black, unarmed, and shot by police is about 3.49 times the probability of being white, unarmed, and shot by police, on average.”. Popular resentment at the decline in consumer purchasing power will be tempered by greater equality and dedication to meritocracy and transparency. Closely aligned strands are the open-source movement, which stresses voluntary and collaborative work to produce free software; and the Wikileaks project, whose guiding philosophy is that authoritarian conspiracies rely on secrecy for their effectiveness and dissipate when revealed to the light of mass scrutiny. Though I live in the UK, I was able to tune into UStream feeds that documented the militarized police response and the palpable fear and resilience of the demonstrators. It seems that media outlets and non-movement actors increasingly require easily communicable slogans.

The Civil Rights Era is generally thought of as having occurred during the 1950’s to the 1960’s. A BLM rider and writer for Colorlines magazine, Akiba Solomon, related the aftermath of the rides this way: On Facebook I friend everyone I recognize from the trip […]. Video: Faculty Clusters Present Research Briefs, Religious Diversity in America (Religion Cluster), Realizing a More Inclusive Electorate (Democracy Cluster), Responding to Rising Inequality (Economics Cluster), Responding to Educational Inequality (Education Cluster), Food Justice & Community Health in Richmond, Foreward: An Opportunity Not To Be Missed, Common "Solutions" That Seldom Solve Anything, Potential Solutions: Different Accounting For Different Questions, Home with a Purpose: A History of the Safe Return Project, New Financial Logics and Repurposed Tax Policies in a Financialized Economy, State Supported Uses of Debt and Donations for Endowment Growth, Islands of Privilege in Undergraduate Enrollments and Instructional Spending, The Impacts of Islamophobia on American Society, Strategies and Policies to Combat Islamophobia, Moving Targets: An Analysis of Global Forced Migration, Part 1: A History of Refugee Protections: Race, Colonialism, and the Unevenness of Forced Migration, Part 2: Dynamics and Colonial History of Contemporary Forced Migration, Part 3: Migration and Displacement by Region, Policy Intervention: Toward a TwentyFirst Century Refugee Rights Framework, Part Two: The Need for Rent Control in Achieving Housing for All, Opportunity, Race, and Low Income Housing Tax Credit Projects, Public Health & Wealth in Post-Bankruptcy Detroit, Schools at the Core of Surrounding Communities, Conditions at the Closed School Buildings, Race and Economic Jeopardy For All: A Framing Paper for Defeating Dog Whistle Politics, The Racisms Underpinning Dog Whistle Politics, Knowledge Production Intervenes in the Electorate, Empowering Communities by Improving Voter Engagement Practices, Civic Deliberation, Deception, and Public Trust, Religion, Race, and American Politics from the Founding to Scopes (1789-1925), Immigration and the American Religious Landscape (1845–1924), American Religions amid Radical Transformations (1924-2001), Educational Policy Perpetuates Inequities, Re-segregation and Tracking Undermine Educational Opportunity and Achievement, Educational Policy Can Alleviate Educational Inequity, Responding to Rising Inequality: Policy Brief, Legislative Changes: Proposals and Models, Structuring Development for Greater Community Benefit, An Opportunity Model: Utilizing a Community Development Entity, The Future of SNAP? The restrictive practices of the US towards Latin American immigrants arouses resentment among Hispaniacs, both those in the US and in Mexico, Guatemala, etc. Which is to say, this is about the making and sustenance and vision of a mass movement in the 21st century. Even so, activist Johnetta Elzie remembers that the sentiment that kept repeating on her social media timelines was one of resignation: “It’s just another dead black boy. January 18, 2016. Many techniques were used to accomplish the assignment. Top 10 Revolutions of 21st Century. The government, often with corporate interests, are gathering huge amounts of data on Americans and targeting a wide range of groups and individuals for intelligence gathering and infiltration. Then there are their compatriots in the developed world. Likewise, real world examples will inevitably diverge from the templates suggested in this post. One ideological product of these development will be many different manifestations of what I termed “Green Communism“. With much to celebrate and much to mourn, these are the 25 most iconic moments so far — notable for their immense influence and impact upon the world. Yet admirers of the movement and its aims later came to use the term, and it is this term by which they are most known to history. Infiltration is the Norm, not the Exception, of U.S. Camejo estimated he had a campaign staff of about 400 across the country.

Nonetheless, it is necessary, because of their overwhelming influence on the historical process; for instance, the 20th century would have been totally different had Communism, fascism, and Islamism failed to overtake major states such as Russia, Germany, or Iran. The government, often with corporate interests, are gathering huge amounts of data on Americans and targeting a wide range of groups and individuals for intelligence gathering and infiltration. However, this question does not deal with the issue of fundamental, qualitative change in the organizations themselves. A question on many people’s minds is to what extent the success of current political and social resistance movements is (or is becoming) dependent on Facebook, Twitter, mobile texting, and the like. And philosophical. The usage of the term mirrored international developments that preceded the multi-racial alliance building that was occurring in the United States. What is the American polity willing to avow in the face of the dual challenge and charge to prove that they do? This action, model after the Freedom Rides of the 1960s, brought over 500 people from Boston, Philadelphia, Chicago, Detroit, Houston, Los Angeles, Portland, and Tuscon, among other cities, to “support the people of Ferguson and help turn a local moment into a national movement.”. In terms of what’s new about the way BLM and other 21st century social movements organize, social media cannot be ignored. FBI director Hoover had agents go to press conferences with false media identification, stationed FBI agents around the perimeter of the encampment and authorized an expensive informant program. Find out more about our vision and strategic goals to advance a more inclusive, fair, and just world. At some level, Anonymous is quite easy to infiltrate, because anyone can sort of join and participate. So sure were Florida authorities that the death of young Trayvon required no accounting that it took 45 days of protest for the admitted killer to be arrested. In addition, many millions of people migrating from Africa, Asia, the Pacific Islands, the Caribbean, the Middle East, and Latin America are being introduced to new racial categories and have no reference point to adopt this identity. EP 28 - Settler colonialism, 1960s revolts, & today. Create a negative public image for target groups by surveiling activists and then releasing negative personal information to the public. While the innovative use of available technologies may not be in dispute, the relative importance of them on the outcomes will be argued for the foreseeable future. That they were made more determined than they had been because they witnessed the pain and fear of the people who lived in the town. We hope to mount a collaborative effort on the data-collection front, as this will involve sifting through a massive amount of information coming out about the use of social media and the networks they helped to create.

The FBI , federal intelligence agencies , the military , state and local police , private companies , and even firemen and emergency medical technicians are gathering incredible amounts of personal information about ordinary Americans that can be used to construct vast dossiers that can be widely shared with a simple mouse-click through new institutions like Joint Terrorism Task Forces , fusion centers , and public-private partnerships . The Freedom Rides forged the popular injustice frame “#blacklivesmatter” into an insurgency with a collective identity. With the issues of income inequality, immigrant and refugee rights, and anti-black racism on the national stage, the right-wing backlash is in full swing. FBI field operatives were directed to: disclose numerous cases of the FBI’s intentions to stop the mass protest against the Vietnam War.

Feb 16 21st Century Resistance Movements. That’s right, 1/6th of the total protesting population was made up of spooks drawn from various federal agencies. What is success, and how do you achieve it? Learning from these successes, this book provides a road map for how potential new […] It also described how the group was open to infiltration. Were such factors controlled for?

Given these developments, I particularly liked this reminder that new media will not save us from the hard work of political change:

During these dialogues, they talked together about how to connect the dots — politically, rhetorically, organizationally — between the particular institutional abuse that led to Michael Brown’s death and the systemic vulnerability of black lives across America and throughout the world.

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