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Q92 - Alliance, OH - Listen to free internet radio, news, sports, music, and podcasts.

English; Website; Like 0 Listen live 0. You make my day ❤️❤️ From Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada. Merci beaucoup. Peterson, Inc.,All rights reserved. Terry Francona won’t manage the Cleveland Indians in the post season, according to the team president. https://t.co/fm8DbD09GO @Q92Sports Retweeted, A beautiful fall night for football at Perry Stadium! 1. trackAdPresent('Sarchione Ford (Sticky)'); PERRY WINSThe fourth and two pass is incompletePerry-14Olentangy-10, With 1:51 left Olentangy will have one drive to score from their own 41Perry-14Olentangy-10, For the second straight week! Q92 - Alliance, OH - Listen to free internet radio, news, sports, music, and podcasts. A beautiful fall night for football at Perry Stadium! McKibbin is said to have died of a brain aneurysm on Sunday.McKibbin placed in the […], Scarlett Johansson and Colin Jost tied the knot in an intimate ceremony over the weekend, the Instagram account for Meals on Wheels America announced on Thursday. With 1:51 left Olentangy will have one drive to score from their own 41, For the second straight week! 2020 Iowa High School Girls State Volleyball Tournament, Independence Police Investigating Weekend Vandalism Spree, A Director’s Cut of ‘Suicide Squad’ Isn’t Coming To HBO Max, Iowa Breaks Its Voter Registration Record, Black Hawks’ Ticket Sales Start Wednesday For This Weekend’s Games, Michael Bay Writes Touching Tribute to Sean Connery, Waterloo Police To Sport Facial Hair During "No Shave November", Woman Arrested for Fighting Another Woman in 2 Different Towns, Sean Connery Dead at 90: Celebrities React, Lizzo Dressed Up as the Fly That Landed on Mike Pence's Head, Megan Fox Says Ex Is Trying to Paint Her as 'Absent Mother', Gigi Hadid Shares First Family Photo Featuring Daughter, Iowa Wide Receiver Suspended One Game Following OWI Arrest, Chrissy Teigen Gets Tattoo to Honor Late Son Jack, Special Needs Player Has Unforgettable Moment Against CR Prairie, ‘The Mandalorian’ Season 2 Premiere: Every Easter Egg, Two Popular Chain Restaurants Closing Locations, Scariest Horror Movie Quote Ever, Revealed, LeAnn Rimes Shares Nude Photo, Reveals Psoriasis Diagnosis. jQuery(document).ready(function($) {function sb_getwinsize() {var wsize = {winCurrentWidth: $(window).width(),newWidth: 0,winCurrentHeight: $(window).height(),newHeight: 0};var gapWidth = Math.round((wsize.winCurrentWidth * 15) / 100);var currentWidth = wsize.winCurrentWidth-gapWidth;wsize.newWidth = currentWidth-10;var gapHeight = Math.round((wsize.winCurrentHeight * 5) / 100);var currentHeight = wsize.winCurrentHeight-gapHeight;wsize.newHeight = currentHeight-30;return wsize;} var $wall = $("#timeline_wall368").isotope({ itemSelector: ".sb-item", layoutMode: "masonry",getSortData: { dateid: function( itemElem ) { return $( itemElem ).attr("id"); }}, percentPosition: true, masonry: { columnWidth: ".sb-isizer", gutter: ".sb-gsizer" }, transitionDuration: 400, originLeft: true, });$("#timeline_wall368 .sb-thumb img").lazyload({effect: "fadeIn",skip_invisible: true});/* wall in cache */setTimeout(function() {$wall.isotope("layout"); $(window).trigger("scroll");}, 500); $(window).resize(function() { setTimeout(function() { $(window).trigger("scroll"); }, 500); }); /* Filter wall by networks */$(".filter-items").on("click", "span", function() { $(".filter-label").removeClass("active"); var filterValue = $(this).addClass("active").attr("data-filter");$wall.isotope({ filter: filterValue }); $wall.on( "arrangeComplete", function() { $(window).trigger("scroll"); }); }); $("#sb_wall368 .sb-search").keyup(function(){ var filterValue = $(this).val(); if (filterValue != "") { $wall.isotope({ filter: function() { return ($(this).text().search(new RegExp(filterValue, "i")) > 0); } }); } else { $wall.isotope({ filter: "*" }); } });$(window).bind("scrollstop", function() {$wall.isotope("layout");$(window).trigger("resize");});$(".sboard .sb-thumb .iframe").colorbox({iframe: true, maxWidth: "85%", maxHeight: "95%",width: function() { var size = $(this).data("size"); if (size) { sizearr = size.split(","); return parseInt(sizearr[0])+10; } else { return 640; }},height: function() { var size = $(this).data("size"); if (size) { sizearr = size.split(","); return parseInt(sizearr[1])+10; } else { return 460; }},onComplete: function() {var size = $(this).data("size"); if (size) { var sizearr = size.split(","); var iframebox = $( "#cboxLoadedContent iframe" ); if (iframebox.length) { iframebox.attr("width", sizearr[0]).attr("height", sizearr[1]); } }}});$(".sboard .sb-thumb .icbox").colorbox({photo:true, maxWidth:"95%", maxHeight:"95%"});$(".sboard .sb-thumb .inline").colorbox({inline:true, maxWidth:"95%", maxHeight:"95%"}); $(window).on("resize", function() { if (jQuery("#cboxOverlay").is(":visible")) {var wsize = sb_getwinsize();var cbox = $( "#cboxLoadedContent" );var iframebox = $( "#cboxLoadedContent iframe" );if ( iframebox.length ) {var iframeWidth = iframebox.attr("width");var iframeHeight = iframebox.attr("height"); if ( $(window).width() <= 767 ) { var pheight = Math.round( (iframeHeight / iframeWidth) * 95 ); jQuery.colorbox.resize({width: "95%", height: pheight+"%"}); } else {if ( cbox.children("div.sb-slide").length > 0) {jQuery.colorbox.resize({maxWidth:"95%", maxHeight:"95%"});} else {if ( iframeHeight > wsize.newHeight ) {var newWidth = Math.round( (wsize.newHeight * iframeWidth) / iframeHeight);iframeWidth = newWidth;iframeHeight = wsize.newHeight;if ( iframeWidth > wsize.newWidth ) {iframeWidth = wsize.newWidth;iframeHeight = wsize.newHeight;}}jQuery.colorbox.resize({ width: parseInt(iframeWidth)+10, height: parseInt(iframeHeight)+10 });}} } else { jQuery.colorbox.resize({maxWidth:"95%", maxHeight:"95%"}); } } }); }); © Copyright 2018 D.A.

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