quotes about yesterday, today and tomorrow

I just collect stuff, I guess. Votes: 0, Stop worrying about tomorrow. Votes: 0, Yesterday belongs to the dead. Bil Keane. The arrogance of success is to think that what you did yesterday will be sufficient for tomorrow.

Be better today than you were yesterday, and be better tomorrow than you are today. Today is the yesterday you won't remember tomorrow. Votes: 2, Glorify who you are today, do not condemn who you were yesterday, and dream of who you can be tomorrow. Yesterday is but a memory, Tomorrow an uncharted course, I hope we can all agree that, instead of continuing to subsidize yesterday's energy sources. You can't do anything about yesterday and you can't do anything about tomorrow. What worked yesterday is the gilded cage of tomorrow. Yesterday is history, today is opportunity while tomorrow is mystery. Votes: 0, What you know today can affect what you do tomorrow. May these quotes inspire you to be wiser today than you were yesterday so that you may live your dreams. Preach [and live] as if Jesus was crucified yesterday, rose from the dead today, and is returning tomorrow. Votes: 0, What you were yesterday is fixed for always, making its mark on what you are today, what you will be tomorrow. Votes: 4, There are two days in the year that we can not do anything, yesterday and tomorrow

Votes: 0, Regret is"¦ an unavoidable result of any loss, for in loss we lose the tomorrow that we needed to make right our yesterday or today. Votes: 0, I love who you are, yesterday, now, tomorrow, always. Votes: 0, Old grandsires talk of yesterday with sorrow, And for our children we reserve tomorrow. Yesterday is not ours to recover, but tomorrow is ours to win or lose. If you begin to give people hope that there is a brighter future, there is a new tomorrow, then the people who were yesterday's terrorists become tomorrow's elected officials and they're part of the system. We never live today. Quotes About Intimate Relationship With God. Votes: 0, Ignorance is never out of style. Votes: 6, Choose between yesterday and tomorrow. Until we choose to deal with our yesterday today, we're never going to step into tomorrow. Only such architecture is creative. Yesterday, today was tomorrow. Votes: 0, Yesterday they called it coincidence. -BUDDHA”, “You have to take risks, he said. Yesterday they called it coincidence. Votes: 0, Hollywood is yesterday, forever catching up tomorrow with what's happening today, Votes: 0, Today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday. If I can help it, I'd like to get tomorrow's medicine. Love plans for tomorrow and loneliness thinks of yesterday. Votes: 0, Today is the tomorrow we worried about yesterday. Today it's synchronicity. Yesterday influences today, thus creates tomorrow. Nevertheless, conscious man cannot endure confusion. Votes: 0, Face tomorrow tomorrow's not yesterday Most Christians are being crucified on a cross between two thieves: Yesterday's regret and tomorrow's worries.

Votes: 0, Life, too much of it, and not enough. If today were half as good as tomorrow is supposed to be, it would probably be twice as good as yesterday was. Today well lived makes every yesterday a dream of happiness, and every tomorrow a vision of hope." Enjoy your life today because yesterday had gone and tomorrow may never come. Lost between tomorrow and yesterday, between now and then. Tomorrow may be for us and it may not. Votes: 0, When you carry yesterday's thinking into today, you program tomorrow to be like yesterday. Votes: 0, Sacrifice - the future has it´s price, and today is only yesterday's tomorrow. Votes: 0, Most of our lives are crucified between two thieves, yesterday and tomorrow. Living, Changing, New. - Why, tomorrow I may be Myself with yesterday's sev'n thousand years. Today is the child of yesterday and the parent of tomorrow. "ŽNo people whose word for 'yesterday' is the same as their word for 'tomorrow' can be said to have a firm grip on the time. Actually it's crap.”, “To quote the Tsalagi, you should never allow your yesterday to use up too much of today. Yesterday I was sad, today I am happy! Votes: 2, Once Ptolemy and Plato, yesterday Newton, today Einstein, and tomorrow new faiths, new beliefs, and new dimensions. The Church has always been changing. But if people really pay attention to their everyday lives, they will discover that magic moment. The universe was a vast machine yesterday, it is a hologram today. Tomorrow awaits to become yesterday. Votes: 0, Be not anxious;yesterday is your experience, today is your experiment and tomorrow is your expectation. Once you find what you like, it's like it worked yesterday, it works today, it'll work tomorrow. I am tomorrow, or some future day, what I establish today. I believe in living today. Today's patience can transform yesterday's discouragements into tomorrow's discoveries. Votes: 0, I believe in living today. Mindfulness is to be here now, in the moment. Votes: 0, "ŽNo people whose word for 'yesterday' is the same as their word for 'tomorrow' can be said to have a firm grip on the time. We usually lose today, because there has been a yesterday, and tomorrow is coming. We think, "Well, I'm going to kill time," "I'll get back to this tomorrow." That in itself, is an exercise. There is always time to do the will of God. Votes: 0, Yesterday I lived, today I suffer, tomorrow I die; but I still think fondly, today and tomorrow, of yesterday. Votes: 0, My emotional investment is in finding truth. Lyndon B. Johnson. One of these days is YESTERDAY, With its mistakes and cares, Its faults and blunders, Its aches and pains. Maybe I'll wear it tomorrow. You too must not count too much on your reality as you feel it today, since like yesterday, it may prove an illusion for you tomorrow. Only today is legal tender. If we try to recapture it, we will only lose tomorrow. They will be permitted to advocate changing them tomorrow. If we really have too much to do, there are some items on the agenda which God did not put there. Votes: 0, Death is the starlit strip between the companionship of yesterday and the reunion of tomorrow. Votes: 0, Yesterday is a cancelled check; tomorrow is a promissory note; today is the only cash you have - so spend it wisely. Yesterday and Tomorrow. Votes: 0, We are not free to use today, or to promise tomorrow, because we are already mortgaged to yesterday. Votes: 0, The discoveries of yesterday are the truisms of tomorrow, because we can add to our knowledge but cannot subtract from it. He's still the same God yesterday, today and forevermore. Standing in the middle of nowhere, wondering how to begin. Votes: 0, Tomorrow's just your future yesterday. They refuse to shrink a vision of tomorrow to the boundaries of yesterday. Yesterday's just a memory, tomorrow is never what it's supposed to be. Tomorrow is unknown. Today well lived makes every yesterday a dream of happiness and every tomorrow a vision of hope. The work you produce today will create your future. Yesterday is history.

Votes: 2, Yesterday is gone. Votes: 0, Not only don't I know what tomorrow will bring, I'm still not entirely certain what yesterday brought? There are few Popular Quotes about Yesterday Today and Tomorrow. Regrets are meaningless. Learn From Yesterday, Live for Today, hope for tomorrow. Justice is our eternal need! Tomorrow belongs to the living. And stopped asking what's going to happen tomorrow. It isn't the experience of today that drives men mad. Seven days a week. Votes: 0, Today is tomorrow of yesterday.. a better day.. to start with. It may arrive in the instant when we are doing something mundane, like putting our front-door key in the lock; it may lie hidden in the quiet that follows the lunch hour or in the thousand and one things that all seem the same to us. Yesterday is yesterday. Today is here. Votes: 0, Learning and innovation go hand in hand. Because you can get caught up in yesterday and tomorrow and missing their moment that they're actually in. It's peace that no one will take from me. Tomorrow is a promissory note. Votes: 0, If you want to put out a song that you wrote yesterday tomorrow, go on Twitter, type in a new URL, and give it to the people!

Votes: 0, I try to be happy, but I'm never happy. Live for today. Your tomorrow has no right to complain about your today, as long as your today gives you a bliss, unknown and incomprehensible to both your yesterday, and tomorrow! Today is a Tomorrow that we thought about Yesterday. I was happy yesterday, but today and tomorrow is a different story. The important thing is not to stop questioning. Votes: 0, Procrastination is the bad habit of putting of until the day after tomorrow what should have been done the day before yesterday. Votes: 0, Yesterday, today was tomorrow.

Only 'yesterday' and 'tomorrow' still had any meaning for me. Votes: 0, I'm better than I used to be.

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