running conversion calculator

Use the temperature calculator before a run to adjust your pace.

Evaluez votre potentiel et votre VMA à partir de vos meilleurs résultats sur d'autres distances. This calculator quickly converts between different running speeds and paces, and also finish times for 5k, 10k, half marathon and marathon. (Pace distance: Miles 400m Kilometers).

Purpose: Used to experience race pace conditions for those training for a marathon or simply as an alternative to Easy pace running for beginners on long run days. *, Get a custom training plan from Jack Daniels. Intensity: Reps are fast, but not necessarily "hard," because work bouts are relatively short and are followed by relatively long recovery bouts. article entitled “Athletic Records and Human Endurance” published in American However, the calculator, which by the way was developed by the founder of Running Connect, Jeff Gaudette, and legendary running coach Jack Daniels, has an even better use.

It's even better to use it before you go out for the run to adjust your pace. Your fitness level is then converted to an equivalent 10K time, for easy comparison with other race results at different distances. Enter the distance and finish time of your most recent race, Calculate predicted finish times at other common race distances, Calculate race pace from distance and time, Convert race distance to miles or kilometers, Calculate equivalent finish times at other altitudes for this race at, Calculate equivalent finish times at other temperatures for this race at. Save your VDOT paces and create workouts on VDOT O2, Add in a race result or a race performance that represents what type of shape you are in, Select “Anticipate Performance” and then enter the condition, Click calculate to find out what the effect will be, Select “Race Results” and then enter the condition, Click calculate to find out how much the condition hurt your performance. You do not have JavaScript enabled. As an Amazon Associate BMOW earns from qualifying purchases. You may be up to 20 seconds slower or faster than the specified pace on a given day. input time or pace below, or both to calculate distance. Reducing rest time between individual work bouts does not make for a better workout, in fact it probably makes for a worse workout because the short rests could increase the stress and lead to poor economy. If you just ran 45:16 for 10K and want to know what the equivalent performance is for the marathon it will tell you 3:28:26. Click on calculate. It takes about two minutes for you to gear up to functioning at VO2max so the ideal duration of an "Interval" is 3-5 minutes each. Intensity: Generally in the range of 95-100% of VO2max or 98-100% of HRmax. Purchase custom training for your next race from Dr. Jack Daniels on the VDOT O2 app and improve your VDOT score!

Course à pied, calcul de vitesse en km/h ou mph.

While simple, it is widely used by the running community due to its ease of use and accuracy.

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