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Other forms Jasmine | Ryu ponders Sagat's fall from grace as he travels to India, where he watches a match between Dhalsim and E. Honda.

As a child, Nishiyama enjoyed watching Ichidai's animated series, which was influenced by Aoyama's life. Gouken is in a sparring match during the incident. Nash comes in and takes down the soldier. X-23, SNK Universe He encounters and fights Akuma on a secluded island known as Gokuentou, and wins; however, Akuma was only testing him, and senses that Ryu has the same powers as he does. He was loosely based on Ryu's dark persona from Street Fighter Alpha game's Evil Ryu. Deoxys | Kelvin Stelar | Q*bert, Sugar Rush Racers Rashid learns from the fight about himself. When Ryu turned 23, Gouken believed that Ryu's training was complete, and Ryu left the dojo. Street Fighter (1987)

As the enraged Ryu then attacks, Bison tries to recruit him to Shadaloo, desiring to use his power to take over the world, but Ryu adamantly refuses despite the fighting slowly turning in the dictator's favor. For the next titles, Ryu's fighting style was modified, so he had different skills with Evil Ryu and Kage possessing more diverse moves. Ryu is shown using the mystic arts of K'un-Lun to fight off Akuma, stating it is the perfect counter and alternative to the Satsui no Hado. Pullum Purna | Ryu | Ryu looked up to Gouken as a father figure, and regards Ken as his best friend and surrogate brother, a relationship which remains to this day. Ryu appears alongside many other Street Fighter characters in the extra chapters, "Showdown", at the ends of Volumes 9 and 10 of the Kengan Ashura manga. Celebi | Frogger | Ryu told Ken that he was deeply troubled since his victory over Sagat. Corrin | He mumbles about the meaning of a true warrior, why he needs to be strong and reminisces his youthful days. Martial arts in general, Mizuyokan (Japanese sweet bean jelly)[1][6], the path of the warrior[2], grapes, meatloaf, food, helping people with problems, traveling, nature, his best friend Ken, Chun-Li, his master Gouken, his fan Sakura, Cammy, Rose Ryu purges the surge of murderous intent manifesting in Street Fighter V, an independent being called Kage (影, lit. Characteristics

Mew | The film ends with Ryu charging towards him. Gambit | [49] Byron Mann portrays the character in the separately produced arcade and console games based on the American film of the series, both titled Street Fighter: The Movie, where he wears Ryu's characteristic white karate gi and red headband. The Hadoken and Tatsumaki also has super attack variants - the Taka Tatsumaki increases Ryu's reach with the Tatsumaki while the Taka Hadoken has Ryu fire a larger fireball with the form of a hawk, which can strike and lift up an opponent for extra damage. Ryu wakes up from his dream with Gouken telling him that the Satsui no Hado almost consumed him.

MistMan.EXE | The former suddenly sensed an unknown power coming from Ryu, occupying him long enough for Honda to get the upper hand. With every strike, Ken shouted to Ryu in an effort to wake him up. Dr. Goodall |

Peppy Hare | Captain Falcon | Ice Climbers | [66] A Ryu-inspired costume for players to use in Sony's LittleBigPlanet was released in 2008 as downloadable content for the title. The background where the player battles him is reminiscent of that of Ryu's original arena in Street Fighter II. and mountain (山, Yama? Ryu had no interest in joining anyone's army and simply wished to pursue Akuma. Shun dies in Ryu's arms, apologizing for his actions; Ryu forgives him. Adon | Sensing this, Bison teleports behind Ken and tosses him off the side of the mountain. Ryu appears playable character in the Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite. As they fight for their lives, Ryu hits a steaming pipe that eventually causes a chain reaction for the Island to sink into the sea, they find their boat and leave the island, Bison and his men escape into their own ship, letting them know that the battle to stop him from taking over the world is far from over. To those who he is able to beat and is on friendly terms with, he compliments or encourages them to continue training and get stronger, sometimes offering help first-hand (e.g. Ryu tracks down and confronts Akuma, demanding to know if Shun is his son, but Akuma, after attempting but failing to goad Ryu into giving in to the Dark Hadou, denies it. The Sokuto Rush allows Ryu to deliver a dashing kick that can blow back his opponents. Ryu and Ken finally meet in Brazil. The red headband Ryu wears was originally worn by Ken. [86] In 2016, Screen Rant chose Ryu and his Evil Ryu form the "5th Most Powerful Street Fighter Character" commenting, "Naturally, the poster boy of the series ranks high on a list like this. To train to be the best he could be, but not to ever forsake his humanity for victory and power, a battle which Ryu is constantly fighting within his own mind and spirit. Meanwhile Ryu also meets up with Sagat once more; the two fight, and while the result of the fight is unknown, it is implied that Ryu won. Baryl | Spider |

Roberto Miura | Cuphead | Silvia | Meowth | In the Street Fighter III series, Ryu gains the Joudan Sokutogeri, a powerful side kick that shoves opponents away with great force. The Shin Shoryuken is a close-range high-powered uppercut, and the Shinku Tatsumaki Senpukyaku is a multi-hitting kick. He also retains his Shinku Hadoken serving as one of his Mighty Combos. Occupation

They later decided not to do so, but a mistake resulted in Ryu become the weaker character. Ryu has appeared as a playable character in every installment of the SNK vs. Capcom series. He is also more tanned than in the games. Incineroar | Ryu goes to China and gets ambushed by a Shadaloo soldier. Time Man | Nevertheless, he was given a technique from Street Fighter III and new techniques exclusive to Smash. It is often in Ryu's nature to stick to the fundamentals, playing to his more consistent techniques he's refined throughout the years, and often seeks to master while tweaking it by small bits. First, a 16-bit Ryu and Ken notice that the arcade is closed and decide to take a break and head off to the Tapper bar. Dean |

Alex | And as he walks away he can only think of the most recent events of his life, 'What is the purpose? Ryu lets Sagat win rather than do any further damage, and Sagat leaves. Palette | The book also states that the rucksack he carries contains spare clothes he can change into. ), Street Fighter V - Ryu Arcade Mode (HARD), (Super) Street Fighter IV (AE) - Ryu's Rival Cutscene English Ver.

Zero Suit Samus, Assist Trophies Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Tekkaman Blade | The eternal challenger, Ryu. Opa-Opa |

Bass | Like storylines involving chaos, Strazewski wrote a comic in which Ryu was the center of attention as he sought revenge.

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