spirits of the air, gremlins of the clouds review

Proyas‘ aim seems to be minimalism, centered around big concepts, both abstract and concrete.

VIDEO:Codec: MPEG-4 AVC (30.36 Mbps) Felix begins sharing with Smith his plans for a flying machine, which he believes one day will carry him and his sister out of the desert and away from their isolated existence. A Celebration of Physical Media! The characters are absolutely charming in their eccentricity, and despite the fact that they are, (on purpose I expect) slightly caricatured, it seems to fit in totally with the alternately gaudy and melancholy feel of the environment. The films pacing seems to be deliberate, but also may be maddening for those hoping to get to a resolution without embracing the ride.

Director of Photography : David Knaus - ACS. “Spirits of the Air, Gremlins of the Clouds” marks the 1989 feature film debut of Egyptian-Australian filmmaker Alex Proyas. Lead production designer Sean Callinan’s bold “found objects as art” visual approach takes basic items and uses their inclusion to introduce symbolism into the films narrative. Entering production at the tail-end of the Post-Apocalyptic film boom of the 1980’s, “Spirits” does indeed share similar locales of previous Australian film shot in the Broken Hill area of the Australian Outback. It’s presented via a gorgeous new 16mm transfer in 2K quality. But overall, a pretty informative interview. Originally conceived as a 45 minute short film with hopes to secure a government grant to fund the film, Proyas was approached by the Australian Rock group INXS to fund a feature length version of the film for theatrical release. ( Log Out / 

“Spirits” is filled with symbols representative of religion and technology and even things seemingly added for decoration can hold weight against the films narrative. External Reviews

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Cult/Horror/Exploitation/Action and everything in between. The image gallery also contains 2 Easter Eggs, one is the Proyas short film “Eyeball” which I was not familiar with, but was a cool little horror short.

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Believe me you have better things to do. | However, it’s against Betty’s wishes as she believes Smith to be a demon, and is intent on getting rid of him one way or another. Smith mentions his desire for flight – quite a coincidence, as Felix is obsessed with building a glider to clear the mountains to the north and fly off to a new life. Felix we’re never quite sure about, and the relationship between he and his sister lets us know right away that one or both of these characters may be off their rocker, and that Smith may be in danger. |

The score is a haunting blend of inspired minimalist electro pads and creaky violin, that conjures up perfectly the sun-bleached skulls, the tumbling weeds and the pathos of the two characters caught in their own cycle of madness and humanity. This release also contains a substantial amount of extras, including an audio commentary by Alex Proyas; another audio commentary by composer Peter Miller and editor Craig Wood; an 8-minute interview with actress Rhys Davis; a 37-minute interview with actor Michael Lake; Spirits: Making a Post-Apocalypse Western, which is 24 minutes of various pieces of behind-the-scenes footage; the Spirits Song music video by Peter Miller and Karina Hayes; an image gallery with 111 stills of behind the scenes photos, sketches, promotional and print materials, and home video artwork; the film’s 2018 re-release trailer; an Easter egg that can be accessed after clicking left when Alex Proyas’ commentary is selected, which will reveal an eye that takes you to an unrestored version of the film’s opening sequence; and another Easter egg that can be accessed after clicking left when the interview with Michael Lake is selected, which will also reveal an eye that takes you to Alex Proyas’ MTV short entitled In Your Eye. Despite the locales, the film seemingly does not possess any of the well-worn tropes that saturated the genre during the period. In other words, a complete waste of time. Perhaps it leans a little too much towards … Spirits of the Air, Gremlins of the Clouds, it was a story of success and failure, like dream and reality. During the early 1980’s Proyas directed video for artists such as Fleetwood Mac, Yes, INXS, Mike Oldfield, Cock Robin and Crowded House and produced many low budget short films (Neon, Groping, Strange Residues). ( Log Out /  Umbrella Entertainment’s Worlds on Film: Beyond Genres line of Region Free Blu-ray titles continues with Spirits of the Air, Gremlins of the Clouds, which is Vol. Spirits of the Air, Gremlins of the Clouds, ultimately, is an art piece rather than a narrative one – more thematic than story-driven. Spirits was produced on a super low budget, but none the less the crew did get the minimum wage, and it was much fun to shoot. It's worth a 7 for being brave and technically brilliant, but I'd really think twice about making it a gift for a new friend. Film/Blu-Ray blog

It’s also a stable presentation with only the mildest of speckling leftover. I don’t know what it is about Lake, but I find him absolutely fascinating.

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The third reviewer colsim reviewed four movies so I guess we'll give him the benefit of the doubt. Proyas is best known for directing the visually arresting film adaptation of James O’Barrs comic book series “The Crow” in 1994. Some may call it sluggish, but I appreciated the time with these strange and quirky individuals, isolated from whatever world remains after the fall. Along with the many music videos and TV commercials that Alex Proyas did in the 1980s, the film was basically his calling card for bigger things. Philosophical themes of death, hope, paranoia, religion and technology are all major parts of the films narrative. News /Reviews /Interviews and Discussion It would be really hard for me to recommend this movie, as the story is thin, the three characters unlovable, and if you are not into 1980s New Age electronic music, then you definitively WILL throw something at the screen before an hour is up. In a dead world where all hope is lost, glimmers of it might still be found, all within the confines of the earthen floor and the open …

Images are uncompressed).


“I don’t want to make a film under those circumstances again,” he says.

Actually tea leaves floating in a fish tank, shooting into a light as … With nothing more than sand and sky in his palette, Proyas paints a thematic picture of longing and loss, both almost exclusively intertwined with each other. Before me there are three other reviewers, one called davidknaus1 and one called drella-3 and both reviewed exactly one movie with a perfect score, guess which one? If you love art, and particularly Australian desert landscapes, and in particular the almost uncanny use of colour, texture and design from that landscape, then Spirits of the Air may best be described as 90 minutes of a really excellently vivid (and original) slow moving art show (with a very tiny apocalypse theme), yet with a 1989 play trying to narrate. – Audio Commentary with Director Alex Proyas – Alex Proyas speaks in-depth about the production of the film, the Broken Hill shooting location, the difficulty of shooting on such a tight budget. Dialogue is clear when discernable and there’s no major leftover damage to speak of.

It was a protracted process, filmed over a year as he struggled to find the finance himself. Yeah...I don't know where I got that idea.". Miller creates a haunting electronic soundscape with flourishes of Morriconian bliss. 'Spriits of the air gremlins of the clouds' is better known as simply "Spirits". And just when you think there is a resolution, even bigger philosophical questions are raised and will have you scratching your head and wondering why ‘Spirits” never had a proper continuation. The story of Spirits takes place in a post-apocalyptic world, where all modes of transportation are either defunct or forgotten.

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