starfire new 52 controversy

I wanted to use a familiar room, so that you know that she was in there with him. Starfire’s attitude was never that sex was “no big deal.” It was always seen by her as the ultimate expression of love. We've been seeing more characterization being built throughout these first six issues and the chances are we still haven't seen everything. An Unmitigated Success in Attracting New Readership, NON-DC: A brief word about Joshua Hale Fialkov’s.

I like the new starfire, it a new prospective and like the real world Fantasy isn’t all black and white. They couldn't hurt him and shouldn't define who he is. Update: I somehow missed the fact that DC reacted to the uproar by issuing the absolute dumbest response ever (which you can read about here).

We see that their relationship is beginning to get a little complicated... (Ultimately, she decides not to murder the guy who murdered her boyfriend). As much as Jason would hate to admit it, he's still under the shadow of Batman. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. That doesn’t stop them being interesting characters because that’s only one part of who they are. Have to disagree on this one. I believe she deserves better. Right!

She go offroad one time and you call her pornographic? Too much shouldn't be read into it. She is treating her encounter with Captain Comet extremely casually and he is a male teammate. The REAL issue with her for most fans was actually something much simpler and not really what I would call “controversial” at all. She would have absolutely no need for them but chose not to get rid of them. She simply has her priorities straight and doesn't worry what others think or have to say. But it should be noted that this isn’t the first time Starfire’s been all “Yeah, I’ll totally call you” when it comes to bedding male teammates: Yep, that’s her humping and dumping Captain Comet in the pages of R.E.B.E.L.S. Tony Stark slept with lots of women, Black Widow slept with lots of men. Vision Tries to Redeem Himself Against Ultron, But Will S.H.I.E.L.D. Her purpose, intelligence and...recreational habits were all called into question. It has to be shown that Dick is not giving her a hard time, that it’s unrequited. Dick Grayson (LTR), Karras (Husband /deceased/ political marriage, Phyzzon (husband/deceased/ married after she left earth) and Captain Comet. And that, I believe, is the point of making her sexuality so over-the-top. This is crazy i watched teen titans as a kid now starfire has become a sex doll who has no clothes to begin with wtf dc. She didn't have the greatest childhood and her experiences would be enough to drive others down a dark road but that's not her way. Thats tipical reactionary nonsense. When Supergirl arrived, having been raised on Kandor (a Krypton colony), and having the same morality, people assumed all aliens had the same view of relationships and sex as humans. When RED HOOD AND THE OUTLAWS debuted, Starfire was the center of major controversy. Her innocence and naiveté (she was new to Earth) prevented the way she was drawn from feeling tasteless or exploitative. Who the fuck cares go find something else cause it’s not changing no matter how much you bitch and complain. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. Thanks so much to Heidi and George for the information! : Starfire in the New 52. (Or else none of the male Titans members would be off limits.) And, after all’s said and done, still pretty gross. Do you mean the Red Hood/Red Arrow pages or the Captain Comet pages? Here is the first legend. Otherwise, it would be an insult to the Starfire character if she said, “I’ll abdicate my throne,” without us being really sure that it was worth abdicating. I’m not entirely sure what you mean. Comics writing has gone to Hell. She wears what's comfortable. We even see a flashback scene between Jason and Dick where Jason clearly felt he was competing with Dick in becoming the next Robin. Often heroes feel the need to prove themselves to the world. The bigger question is why was Dick protesting so much in assisting her in learning the language? This time, it's a Dick Grayson-themed week! Here’s a glimpse of her in almost three decades ago in the Titans’ most famous storyline, 1984’s The Judas Contract: Nothing subtle about that, but the objectification was offset by Starfire’s obliviousness to her own sexuality. She is incredibly heroic and loyal, but she sees sex as an activity you share with your friends.

Let’s be honest, though: Starfire was never without giant breasts and a skimpy costume. The old series made it look naïve, the new series makes it look pragmatic. In those days, for many fans, the letter column was the only way they would ever know if there WAS a controversy or not! Though I’m not advent in the DCU, I can tell when something makes sense or doesn’t, especially with the images to clarify. film version of Batman in the 1980s?

That was the gist of this article. Not by a long shot. Superman spoiled everyone by making them think an alien would have the same morality as humans. Pérez: They’re worrying more about the fact that he’s gone to bed with someone whom he’s deeply in love with. As opposed to any vagueness as to whose bed that is. Somebody should publish some comic books that kids could read and afford to buy without selling a kidney. He has written two books about comics for Penguin-Random House – Was Superman a Spy?

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