the flash season 5 episode 8 ending explained

By the time the show ends this fall, Arrow will leave behind five spin-offs (The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, Supergirl, Black Lightning and Batwoman), a densely interconnected universe, and the proven idea that superhero series can use their fantastical settings to tell stories that matter. The Flash Season 5 Episode 8 Well, here we are.

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Well…that’s on all of you. Follow him on Twitter @wayoutstuff. It feels poetic, in a way, that the Arrowverse should suddenly decide to be so straightforward about the long-term impact of change just as its biggest loss ever looms in front of it.

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Let’s see if the writers can write themselves out of this corner by November. Characters can die. Well, all my notes say is “oh shit.” After my ode to Cavanagh as Wells in this review, I have to wonder…is Sherloque a red herring? The show was great... until Season 5. The opening was a fun way to catch folks up who haven’t seen the last two, somewhat lackluster chapters. I guess it fits with the 'love is something that builds over time' thing, but I always felt they worked better as mates. And with it, so did the entire DC TV universe. (Hands up if you too cried when Oliver, Felicity and Diggle said goodbye to the Arrow Cave.). Her journal remained, apparently because of the time language writing within it, which I guess makes it a permanent relic of other potential timelines. The exposition got its work done, and then it was time to go, as Huey Lewis said, “Back in Time.”. The Flash season 5 finale helps set up Crisis on Infinite Earths. Mike Cecchini | Its series consistently reject traditional and/or expected superhero tropes by portraying its characters as multifaceted people (for the most part), and in crafting relationships – both romantic and otherwise – that have real depth and weight. COLLIDER participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means COLLIDER gets paid commissions on purchases made through our links to retailer sites. I agree with your former statements. While “Elseworlds” won’t be that…it sure will continue to set it up! Much like their big-screen cousins in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the CW’s small-screen superhero slate is also approaching a significant crossroads in its storytelling. As Thawne pointed out, the changes to the timeline that were made by changing Cicada’s destiny as well as the destruction of the dagger took a little while to cement themselves.

Despite calling the vast nothingness of the Canadian prairies home (or perhaps because of it) film and television have been a passion since birth. New.

Hopefully this doesn’t mean he’s leaving STAR Labs behind for good, but the rumor mill has been working overtime about Carlos Valdes’ plans for leaving since 2018, so…we’ll have to see how this all plays out. That ain’t Jay Garrick (who I love), kids. Oliver is destined to die. The writing was still there for this season somewhat, and with Richard Roxburgh as Cleaver you know what you’re getting. Well, here we are. For that, I thank the cast and creatives. A one-stop shop for all things video games. Exactly how or why isn't clear, and likely won't be clear until the event comes and goes (if then).

It’s sometimes a little tough keeping up with the demands of writing these weekly reviews while I run Den of Geek, but I’ll let you all in on a secret…. All we know for sure is that Nora brought Flash's disappearance closer to the present day, which means her original birth is now impossible (we think). Contains spoilers from The Flash Season 5, Episode 22. Barry and Iris will still probably end up conceiving Nora, the question is whether that “new” Nora ends up taking on a heroic destiny. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies.

Whether fans appreciate his plan, or Team Flash playing into it, the biggest change of status quo is that Thawne is once again free to move about the future (or as free as he ever was before being imprisoned). But when isn’t it when you’re dealing with this stuff? The Flash season 5 finale helps set up Crisis on Infinite Earths. As a graduate of the University of Manitoba with a degree in English Literature, Andrew has grown to appreciate the story and writing behind everything from blockbuster comic book movies to schlocky B-movie action. Ya I think so, kind of devo he didn't end up with Wendy though. Den of Geek Loved how he outfoxed his opponents and ends up judge. “Legacy” spent its entire final act neatly tying up all of its narrative loose ends.

With a girlfriend who isn't a member of the metahuman community, and with Barry and Iris watching their future fall apart because of the burden of superheroics, Cisco's choice has been looming for some time. Mike Cecchini is the Editor in Chief of Den of Geek. The season 5 finale saw the death of more than one major player in the Flash family, bringing a few ongoing storylines to a close. All in all the season will probably go down as my least favourite season, but still enjoyable. Ranking Every Nicolas Cage Movie Worst To Best. The most obvious would have been to really lay on the syrup and turn this into a self-congratulatory fan-centric party. But thanks to the way the finale closes loops, ties up threads, and trims the fat, explaining the ending means teasing the twists that may be coming. Almost five years to the day since we first met Grant Gustin’s Barry Allen on Arrow in “The Scientist.” With the news that Arrow will end following Season 8 and with “Crisis” looming in the distance, this is sort of unavoidable, as the franchise must now decide not only how to wrap its original flagship show up, but determine what everything else that remains will look like afterward. As her final lesson in playing a true superhero trained by the one and only Barry Allen, Nora learned that changing time can lead to unforeseen problems and threats... and that if you're the reason for the change, be prepared to face the consequences.

Thanks for reading every week. Schway! Some of these bits worked better than others, but all in all, it got things done. Ah, but Libby Lawrence was the comic book Jesse Chambers’ mother, and the All Star Squadron member known as Liberty Belle, who married Johnny Quick to bring Jesse into the world. Not at all. Oh, and speaking of The Monitor, he’s the catalyst for Crisis on Infinite Earths, the event that has been teased literally since episode one of this show, red skies and all. 10 Welcome Changes Deep Space Nine Made To The Star Trek Formula, 10 Best Community Characters Who Only Appeared In One Episode. And y’know what? But once fans wipe away the tears, and consider just what The Flash will look like come Season 6, they'll realize... the future has never been less certain. As the Arrowverse has grown, it has become increasingly willing to embrace difficult, complex, and often painful storytelling. On the other hand, it helps that they show Iris talking some sense into him about allowing Nora to do her thing (as well as saving his ass physically and emotionally at key points in history). But if you stuck around to the very end, the episode used the very first surprise the show ever dropped on us to tease the upcoming Crisis on Infinite Earths. Well, it was a line that Thawne dropped on him about how it was Thawne’s attempt to murder Cisco (in one of the show’s all time greatest episodes) that made him “extraordinary.” We all know that isn’t true, but Cisco took it to heart, and it was the last thing he needed to hear to convince himself that his Vibe powers are a burden. 100 episodes of The Flash. Ever since it was revealed that Nora was working with Reverse-Flash in the midseason finale, the show has constantly alluded to the villainous speedster's master plans (with multiple episodes throughout the second half of the season adding a little more backstory) and, after Ralph Dibny finally discovered what it actually was in last week's penultimate offering, it was clear that it would have major repercussions on not just everyone involved, but the timeline itself. As far as I can tell, season 5 was obviously shit as soon as the first episode (s05:01). Note that we never had any mention of other heroes on that show. To me, the absence of both Red and Barney was very noticeable.

And in doing so, they have provided us with a whole bunch more options for future spin-offs and related Arrowverse series, if we’re lucky. Fans got time to prepare themselves thanks to early rumors that Carlos Valdes was leaving The Flash, but that won't make his departure any easier to take. MORE: Arrowverse Theory: Green Arrow Will Die in The Coming Crisis. Seen on Sky News; featured in The Guardian, NY Times, The Independent and more. We’ll find out more when The Flash Season 6 arrives in October. I don’t think I would want it any other way.

40,000+ articles posted by thousands of contributors spanning the entire cultural spectrum. That isn’t made clear. The Flash has never been purely logical or even easy to understand when it comes to the time travel past and future of Eobard Thawne, and that remains the case. That was driven home by Ralph returning to his old office (with a stuffed baby giraffe and a bottle of booze…or was it Gingold?) To me, the absence of both Red and Barney was very noticeable. Snow to have some properly stylin’ superheroic threads next season. When a little show named Arrow premiered back in 2012, pretty much no one could have possibly imagined where it – or the entire television universe it spawned – would end up. Thats a good idea there in the first para,would have been hilarious. We may never see Thawne murder Iris West in this manner, but there does seem to be an undercurrent to his tone there.

The Big Bang Theory Quiz: What's My First Line? After over-exposing the villain with a maudlin origin story last week, Thawne’s smirking “the one that got away” crack, and the faraway look indicating he knows even more about Cicada, was a nice way to reestablish that tone that had been set in the early episodes of the season. Well, yes…EXCEPT when it’s a perfectly timed surprise needledrop of Huey Lewis and the News’ “Back in Time” from the Back to the Future soundtrack. We don’t see it in full, but expect Ms. Données clés Série Flash Pays d'origine États-Unis Chaîne d'origine The CW Diff. Cisco’s parting gift to Caitlin Snow for helping him with the cure and for “being a great friend” appears to be a new Killer Frost costume. You might question the logic of a character whose powerset includes dimensional travel when we know that Crisis on Infinite Earths, which has the entire concept of interdimensional travel pretty much baked right into its name, giving up said powers at this time. With all the time-hopping back to specific episodes, could you almost consider this a clip show? – Was it me, or were all the dates on Cisco’s board off by one or two days? All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. Able to switch from affable, mysterious charm to suspicious, probably evil dick with nothing more than a sidelong glance, and yet I was always still left hoping that he isn’t a secret villain in those earliest episodes, no matter how much evidence there was to the contrary. “What’s Past is Prologue” is an elegant celebration of the weirder elements of this series over the last four plus years, leaning hard into the time travel/speed force/dark matter mumbo jumbo, and exploring key pieces of the show’s history with friendly nods rather than celebratory high fives. Spoiler would have Scarlett quitting the profession had she still been alive and just saying fuck it. So with her conception erased, Nora soon dissolved that same instant.

For all of its crazy conceptualizing, “What’s Past is Prologue” is about as low key a 100th episode as you’re ever gonna see from a superhero show.

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