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The iconic square, round and arched windows made famous by Play School are again used as a device to transport the viewer from the studio to the outside, real world. The show features two different presenters and a small dragon puppet named Tamba, who resembles Spyro the Dragon in colouration. The title "Tikkabilla" comes from the Hindi word meaning "Hopscotch", a popular children's game.

Where's Woolly is a publishing enterprise, fueled by a genuine desire to create education inspired content that provides value for young, old, and everyone in between. Daily magazine programme for preschool children, with songs, rhymes, surprise guests, animals and things to make and do. It's up to you to keep him from escaping by keeping your side of the cage strong enough to hold him in. Shopping Song. These presenters include Justin Fletcher, Sarah-Jane Honeywell, Simon Davies, Lorna Laidlaw, Paul Ewing, Veejay Kaur, Toni Fruitin and Amit Sharma (both series 4 only) and Beverly Hills (series 1–2 only). Tikkabilla is a UK children's television programme, shown on BBC One, BBC Two and on the CBeebies channel.

Sue Eves has also written many scripts for the programme.

Much of the show's format follows that of 1964–1988 UK children's programme Play School and later show Playdays. Tikkabilla sometimes shows animated clips originally from other educational BBC programmes mostly from Words and Pictures and Numbertime. Not available. Dewch i weld Tikkabilla ar-lein, argraffu a gwneud a lliwio pethau, anfon e-gardiau, edrych drwy'r ffenestr a gwneud pethau gyda Tamba, a pharatoi bwydydd blasus gyda Veejay.

Tamba serves as the programme's naive child; the programme's educational content is introduced as the presenters explain things to Tamba. From the rules: You've captured a rare and hairy Wild Wooly, a creature few humans have ever laid eyes on! Occasionally, special guests visit, normally to demonstrate a special skill or performance. Click to Play Learning Games, Coloring Games, Kids Games, Fun Games and many more Games

Play 100+ Games. Whilst Tamba appears in every episode, a team of presenters take it in turns to pair-up in each show. On iPlayer. Tikkabilla is a UK children's television programme, shown on BBC One, BBC Two and on the CBeebies channel. Francis Haines and Jake Hook co-wrote one of the songs. The programme aims to educate pre-school children in an entertaining manner. One episode once showed an animated clip from Hotch Potch House.

Supporting Content. Sometimes a piece of food will calm him down - but not for long!

Location items, sometimes featuring the presenters and Tamba and usually including young children, introduce the wider world to the young audience. Tikkabilla features mini-series inside the programme, such as Bonny, Banana and Mo, Sami's Worlds, Summerton Mill and Higgledy House, the latter two of which were later shown as standalone programmes on CBeebies. This wild thing doesn't like being in a cage and he wants to be bust out. The programme aims to educate pre-school children in an entertaining manner.

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