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He can manipulate fire and even turn his entire body into it and fly. Genetically altered by Dr. Henry Pym, Janet Van Dyne gained the ability to alter her size, fly at rapid speeds and fire bio-electric energy “stings”. 312-76: 15: 12: Forum Posts Wiki Points Following Followers; Navigation. We collected your votes for the greatest DC and Marvel characters of all-time and here is the master list of your picks for the Top 100! Wanting to put out a ranking of the top 10 superheroes, we put our heads together here at to try coming up with a definitive list. The highest-rated television character was Daredevil, who finished 15th in the voting. In balloting, the character was ranked incredibly high, often finding herself in second or third place.

The biggest Avenger on the list, the Hulk (Mark Ruffalo) is arguably the one character here who's been robbed of a legitimate franchise.

He is among the top intellects and martial artists of the world. He must remain forever quite because with just a small whisper he can destroy cities, and with a loud scream he can level continents. A founding member of the X-Men, Dr. Hank McCoy is a mutant possessing animal-like strength and agility with blue fur. Copyright 2018 The latest in a long line of warriors who wielded their power against the wicked. Superheroes traditionally are characters with special abilities who use them to protect others, especially from super villains. Jubilee is a long-time member of the X-Men and serves as a teacher to Generation X. After Captain Marvel zoomed to a massive box office, there's no denying Carol Danvers (Brie Larson) deserves a spot on this list. List RulesVote for the best Marvel Comics superheroes (no villains), not just the strongest Marvel superheroes. Just so you know how the voting process happened, each writer was asked to give their top 10, and from there, a weighted algorithm was used to rank the character based on where they stood in each writer's individual rankings. Jacques DuQuesne, or Swordsman, began his career as a circus performer.

She has the same ability to shrink and grow in size as her father which she gained through utilizing Pym Particles. He was transported to and became trapped on our world. Another character with three on-screen appearances to his name, Rocket's shaping up to have a nice-sized role in Endgame as well. He is the living personification of darkness. Madcel This user has not updated recently. Who are the Marvel superheroes? In addition, Hank possesses an astounding intellect and a superb wit. Noh-Varr was the youngest member of a Kree diplomatic team that was blown out of the sky after reaching Earth.

Symkarian ruler and leader of a band of mercenaries known as the Wild Pack.

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Union Jack is one of Britain’s greatest defenders and a champion of the common man. We should find out more about that once Spider-Man: Far From Home hits theaters in July. 2019 Top Marvel Characters 3-1. She has ability to instill “bad luck” around others. Known as the Prince of Power, Hercules is one of the strongest beings in existence. Kaine was the first clone of Spider-Man created by the Jackal. Are they the most popular Marvel characters or really the ones you truly love and grew up with? In addition, for a while, he also became a superhero when he was transformed into the gamma-powered m… So, today, we're going to celebrate those heroes with our list of the top ten heroes with no actual powers. He is the wisest and most powerful of the Asgardian Gods.

He later became Captain Marvel and later the Protector. During WWII, Steve Rogers took the experimental Super-Soldier Serum which enhanced him to the pinnacle of human physical potential. In fact, there was one ballot that entirely left off the character that started the entire MCU. Though the Marvel Cinematic Universe has made Black Widow a household name, Black Widow has been a prominent figure in comics for over fifty years. Kitty Pryde (a.k.a. Other notable characters that just missed the top 10 include Hawkeye, The Wasp, Scarlet Witch, and Peggy Carter. Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.) was unable to get a single first-place vote and notched just one single second place tally. Additionally, he is a founding member of The Pet Avengers. Eddie Brock bonded to the alien symbiote after it was discarded by Spider-Man, becoming the first Venom. His control of ice is vast; he can create shields, clones, spikes, slides and also freeze others. The 100 Greatest Marvels of All Time was a series of trade paperbacks published in 2001 by Marvel Comics. Barbara “Bobbi” Morse is an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. The second most powerful member of the Fantastic Four. T’Challa is the Black Panther, king of Wakanda, one of the most technologically advanced nations on Earth. and one of his closest friends. Luke Cage was altered in a failed prison experiment that granted him unbreakable skin and superhuman strength. He eventually became Nova-Prime, leader of the Nova Corps, and a universally cosmic hero of immense power. Tony Stark was the arrogant son of wealthy, weapon manufacturer Howard Stark.

Stark uses his vast resources and intellect to make the world a better place as the invincible Iron Man. That being said, it’s time to take a look at the top 25 Marvel heroes of the last decade. Earlier in the year, the publisher had held a poll asking readers to vote on their favorite issues of Marvel comic book series. He was bitten by a radioactive spider as a teenager, granting him spider-like powers. In time Flash befriended Peter, becoming a decorated war hero and was bonded to the Venom symbiote.

Check out the best Marvel villains and enemies to vote for popular Marvel bad guys, like Magneto and Dr. Doom. A third of the Marvel trinity, Thor's been as integral to the MCU just as much as Iron Man or Captain America. The first person on this list to notch a first-place vote — conveniently enough, which was on my ballot — Thor (Chris Hemsworth) has had one of the biggest story arcs out of any other character in the MCU. After encountering the Kree hero Captain Marvel, Carol Danvers was accidentally subjected to otherworldly radiation that transformed her into a superhuman warrior called Ms. Marvel.

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