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Systemic arteries can be subdivided into two types—muscular and elastic—according to the relative compositions of elastic and muscle tissue in their tunica media as well as their size and the makeup of the internal and external elastic lamina. The red blood cells must distort in order to pass through the capillaries. In medieval times, it was recognized that arteries carried a fluid, called "spiritual blood" or "vital spirits", considered to be different from the contents of the veins. include arteries such as the femoral and coronary arteries. The common carotid artery. Systemic arterial pressures are generated by the forceful contractions of the heart's left ventricle. The capillary structure shows a diameter just large enough to permit the red blood cells to squeeze through in single file. The Comparing these arteries to the elastic arteries, the sheet of of smooth muscle (M), but there is still an internal elastic layer (IEL). The T.M. The amount of blood loss can be copious, can occur very rapidly, and be life-threatening.[6].

identify the three main layers - tunica intima, tunica media and Tunica media muscle, with some elastin an collagen. 50. Normally its boundary is considered when it meets or touches the connective tissue. muscle cells, and there is no EEL. The arterial system of the human body is divided into systemic arteries, carrying blood from the heart to the whole body, and pulmonary arteries, carrying deoxygenated blood from the heart to the lungs. The arteries are part of the circulatory system, which is responsible for the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to all cells, as well as the removal of carbon dioxide and waste products, the maintenance of optimum blood pH, and the circulation of proteins and cells of the human immune system. Arterioles are small arteries that deliver blood to capillaries. This is a list of arteries of the human body.. The variation in pressure produces a pulse, which can be felt in different areas of the body, such as the radial pulse. The arterial hydrostatic pressure between contractions The outer layer or adventitia is formed of irregularly arranged collagen bundles, scattered fibroblasts, a few elastic fibers and blood vessels which, because of their location, are called vasa vasorum or vessels of the vessels. Capillaries have no smooth muscle surrounding them and have a diameter less than that of red blood cells; a red blood cell is typically 7 micrometers outside diameter, capillaries typically 5 micrometers inside diameter. and collagen and only relatively few smooth muscle fibres. The pressure in arteries varies during the cardiac cycle. : These need to be elastic because: The aorta; The arteries of the head and neck.

The other unique artery is the umbilical artery, which carries deoxygenated blood from a fetus to its mother. and the intima layer thickens, one of the first signs of atherosclerosis. relaxed. The TA layer consists almost entirely of a single layer up to six layers of smooth In this system, the arteries show a progressive diminution in diameter as they recede from the heart, from about 25 mm in the aorta to 0.3 mm in some arterioles. in the T.M. [2] Most of the layers have a clear boundary between them, however the tunica externa has a boundary that is ill-defined. Can you identify the tunica intima and tunica media layers of this elastic artery? The tunica media is primarily a layer of smooth tunica adventia (T.A.) This compartment is important in determining your blood In general, three types of arteries are found in the body: (1) Elastic Arteries, (2) Muscular Arteries, and (3) Arterioles.All three types are composed of three coats or tunics: (1) tunica intima (inner most), (2) tunica media (middle), and (3) adventitia (outer most). Theodor Kocher reported that atherosclerosis often developed in patients who had undergone a thyroidectomy and suggested that hypothyroidism favors atherosclerosis, which was, in 1900s autopsies, seen more frequently in iodine-deficient Austrians compared to Icelanders, who are not deficient in iodine. In arteries, this layer is composed of an elastic membrane lining and smooth endothelium (a special type of epithelial tissue) that is covered by elastic tissues. The capillaries are the smallest of the blood vessels and are part of the microcirculation. layer of flattened endothelial cells, together with a supporting layer. Take a look at this cross-section through an elastic artery, and

and tunica adventitia. The Tunica Adventitia is very This shows a diagram of an arteriole. layer of elastin rich collagen. The arterioles represent the major site of the resistance to blood flow and small changes in their caliber cause large changes in total peripheral resistance. Arteries have a blood pressure higher than other parts of the circulatory system. The wall of the arterioles, contains less elastic fibers but more smooth muscle cells than that of the aorta. Most arteries carry oxygenated blood; the two exceptions are the pulmonary and the umbilical arteries, which carry deoxygenated blood to the organs that oxygenate it (lungs and placenta, respectively). The effective arterial blood volume is that extracellular fluid which fills the arterial system. A large layer of elastic fibers forming the elastica interna layer. Among the Ancient Greeks, the arteries were considered to be "air holders" that were responsible for the transport of air to the tissues and were connected to the trachea. Systemic arteries deliver blood to the arterioles, and then to the capillaries, where nutrients and gases are exchanged. elastin is now much reduced, and found at the border between the The external carotid artery; The triangles of the neck; The internal carotid artery; The arteries of the brain; The arteries of the upper extremity The subclavian artery; The axilla.

[12][citation needed], Blood vessels that carry blood away from the heart. cells. There is a well defined The first branches off of the aorta are the coronary arteries, which supply blood to the heart muscle itself. aorta and the pulmonary artery. It consists of three tunics: Tunica media, intima, and external. These The axillary artery; The brachial artery; The radial artery; The ulnar artery which can be seen very clearly. diameter. The elastic tissue allows the artery to bend and fit through places in the body.

2. 3. This theory went back to Galen.

4. Arteries form part of the circulatory system. This layer also has fibroblasts [3] Inside this layer is the tunica media, or media, which is made up of smooth muscle cells, elastic tissue (also called connective tissue proper) and collagen fibres.

These small diameters of the capillaries provide a relatively large surface area for the exchange of gases and nutrients. The hollow internal cavity in which the blood flows is called the lumen. They carry blood that is oxygenated after it has been pumped from the heart. The arterioles supply capillaries, which in turn empty into venules. the large arteries need their own blood supply. [5] There are two types of unique arteries.

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