types of media ownership pdf

This will help establish a correlation among media ownership, media freedom and professionalism.

The same company tends to have listed shares in the share market.

The Influence of Media Ownership and Control on Media Agenda Setting in Nigeria International Journal of Humanities Social Sciences and Education (IJHSSE) Page 38 3. Although " media ownership " is a fairly straightforward concept, it can be further qualified according to a variety of forms. These include horizontal (the ownership of distinct but similar media products), vertical (the ownership of

predominantly privately-owned print media (see Print Media). Newspapers Media ownership in Nigeria started in private hands ever before government got interested in mass media. All of these ownership types include both traditional and new media.


Within the Media Watch program, we drew attention to the threat these issues pose to media pluralism in …

We discuss these modes of control as well. The Current Debate Over Media Ownership Limits This book presents a critical view of the current state of commercial mass media in America. The concern therefore is examining and analyzing patterns of media ownership in Nigeria in a bid to draw useful conclusions. Media Ownership PREFACE The issues of media ownership concentration and the formulation and implementation of an effective media legislation received considerable attention in recent years. The focal point is the Federal Communications

community media (see Community Media). In many countries, even with private ownership, government regulates the media industry, provides direct subsidies and advertising rev-enues to media outlets, restricts access to newsprint and information collec-tion, and harasses journalists. Party and politician-owned media: These cover the range of different types of mass media created by parties, from small party propaganda sheets to media owned by rich politico-businesspeople. For the sake of simplicity the different types of media ownership can be summarized thus: public or state-owned media, primarily in the area of broadcasting (see Public/State Media. Company Ownership Pattern - In this type of ownership, the company owns the media. It examines the media through the lens of the public policy debates about limits on the number and type of media outlets that a single firm can own.

private broadcasters (see Private Broadcasters). MEDIA OWNERSHIP PATTERNS The ownership of the mass media namely; electronic, print and the new media in Nigeria has different historical origins. media content. For eg: HT media has shares in BSE, NSE, KK Birla Group has 69% stake in HT Media, HT manages newspaper, radio etc.

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