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Her death (and she doesn't die easily) is the most tragic in the Genocide run.Basically, she's a fantastic character. HUMOR. She's no Mary Sue. He has so much potential. He is consistently funny. Yet again, another job! He's the god of hyperdeath. Blah³ then, the creep comes "if she didn't say that word, you'll be DEAD WHERE YOU STAND" then, the epic fight! And he when both of his children died instead of suiciding he wanted to do something about it. The following is a list of monsters available in the game Undertale. Alphys is a scientist who did cruel things in the name of science. Asgore is better than a lot of the other characters in this list, both in term of personality and depth but also in his comportment and in his manner of thinking. Making friends with her and getting her together with Alphys are two of the highlights of the game. Her struggle and her backstory are things that I can relate to and sympathize with. NPCs. ( he is so hot tho :o), I love Mettaton for many reasons. Her love for her friends and selfless willingness to stand up for them makes me admire Muffet. Looks like people went for the unrealistic depression who is a badass, typical. He is goofy, more complex than we see, and he shows us that anyone can be a good person if we just try. Without him, there would be no beginning conflict, as there would be no Flowey or Omega Flowey. She is the heroic fishlike … If it had been completed, the fight with him while on genocide, would have been far more or just as difficult as the one against Sans.

He's my favorite character in the game, just because of how sweet but powerful he is at the same time. Holy HECC he is one great guy. Fox expressed interest in releasing Undertale on other platforms, but was initially unable to port it to Nintendo platforms without reprogramming the game due to the engine's lack of support for these platforms.

This is when you first meet sans. Sans... Just. Overall, Chara is an under rated character and deserves more attention. Also, he loves bad jokes, so how much better can you get? They’re cool, so... she's/he's just adorable and its not her/his fault the player took control of her/him she/he just wanted to be friends with everyone! They are all perfect for different situations, though his neo forms defense is incomplete. Because adults and people in charge are awful. How can you not like a big dog? His theme is really good for trolling and awesome. Undyne is so awesome. Killed trillions of sans in a different timeline just by looking at them... Before chara destroyed the world he killed her. this kid risked living a happy life being able to feel again just for you to be happy. But, if I may, he is pretty much a character that stands out from the rest. he's not a bad guy, and he is not the terrible creature the Fandom portrays him on. Sans seems lazy, comedic, and maybe even selfish on the outside, but really he's slightly depressed (more so depending on the route), he's serious, and he really cares about his friends. I love how all the characters tend to have these deep motives for their actions, and Muffet's just like, "Give me your money.". I love little dinotist ♥, Toriel is an amazing, well written character. The music is the best music in the game in my opinion, and just seriously, who could hate this guy? Besides, she's LGBTQ+. I love her really much. And I witnessed the funeral held by a family who lost their dear son (After he had been part of their lives for over 20 years).Toriel's situation I found to be analogous to what I experienced.

He is papyrus as sans (which is easy to draw ish) and the fandom for him is the same amount as sans pretty muchBlueberry is sooo cute! Yes, she abandonned her people, but it was to have the chance to save children who didn't deserved to have their soul eaten by a giant goat dad and, by saving them, she could manage to prevent the iminent war between human and monsters. Asriel is the best character in Undertale. He's hot. I seem to be obsessed with Undertale, I have a little bit of a hard time with the fanbase, I always have to make sure it is labeled kid-friendly or clean. Though it may look like she's fighting you because she'll get paid to do so, but in actuality, she only attacks because she thinks you hate spiders, and she has been told that you rejoice in killing them. Also his theme (meglovaina) is AMAZING! He was neglected, scared, and had anxiety, but someone chose to change that. Final boss. But he would never hurt someone on purpose. I love this CHARActer. Oh, Spooky Bloo Bloo, I relate to you so, you adorable pushover with an absolute lack of self esteem. Try to think of a moment that completely stands out in hilarity.

and YOU chose genocide, correct? But that's what makes her great. When you fight him, he can't even look at you, he's too beside himself with remorse. Asgore on the other hand was a father who got no problem with humans for trapping them underground and also adopted a random child that fall into the mountain. Even people who are fanmade and not in-game are higher!

She is me. She is the tutorial character of Undertale, of course, and she helps you with the game. She is filled with determination and also she helped save Asriel and free the monsters! This game seems too real for it to be a game, the characters are too real and the plot is touching. And he has a lovely supposed niece. We're supposed to think she's a big villain at first, but then we find out later that she just wants to protect monsters.

Asgore is what every Father should be, a sweet, goofy guy with a heart bigger and thicker than his skull. He is by far the most refreshing of encounters in the game, and is easly the reason why I keep coming back to this game. And plus Frisk's age is not confirmed, I shown my brother this and he freaked out it was the same with the normal mettaton. which means because you killed all of those people you pretty much corrupted Chara in the process. A monster! She KILLED herself for the monster kind and it's like nobody even knows who she is! Goat Mom is my absolute favorite character other than Papyrus. I'm all out of vacation days." Oh, and to the people who say 'but she's evil!' 1 Ruins Monsters 1.1 Main Characters 1.2 Enemies 2 Snowdin Monsters 2.1 Main Characters 2.2 Enemies 2.2.1 Minibosses 2.2.2 Secret Monsters 3 Waterfall Monsters 3.1 Main Characters 3.1.1 … Asriel has his own fangirls. One of her lines in the quiz show basically foreshadowed the creation of Deltarune (As it was in development at this time, or at least an idea) and she also basically saves the dark world by sending the two heroes of light. He deserves a place highter than Metatton, Alphys and especially Toriel, who is arguably the character I dislike the most in this game (dude, in my second run, after I take the time to study her character, I don't hesitated to attack her all the way, and then I realized Asgore still deeply love her, and I stop right before beginning a Genocide route, by sparing her).Which is one of the many points that make him more complex than the top 3 of this list.What annoys me the most is without a doubt Sans's fans.It's like any popular character's fan.

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