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Indeed, chemistry in Strasbourg takes the 14th place in the world according to the last ranking of Shanghai. Among the leaders of those research teams figure 6 members of the National Sciences Academy, 9 members of the University Institut of France and several winners of prestigious academic awards. students. Located in the heart of the Upper Rhine area, which was the birthplace of one of the main industrial chemistry centres in the world, the Faculty of Chemistry is an academic centre for excellence. The Faculty offers undergraduate and graduate courses on various subjects. Faculté de pharmacie - 74 route du Rhin - CS 60024 - 67401 Illkirch Cedex - Tél. PhD (1964) Organic Chemistry, Strasbourg, France. Welcome at the Medicinal Chemistry Department ! This expertise is the hall mark of LIT scientists. Nicolas comes to us from Mark Lautens’ group at the University of Toronto, where he worked on Pd-catalyzed methods for heterocycle synthesis. Cathrine “Cate” Reck, Ph.D. came to Department of Chemistry at Indiana University in the summer of 2001 to hold the position of Clinical Assistant Professor. Ferdinand Braun (Strasbourg University, 1909) Highest subject rankings of universities in Strasbourg #1. Faculté de chimie - Université de Strasbourg - 2012-2020 - Tous droits réservés The ICPEES was created in January 2013 from the merger of the Laboratory of materials, surfaces and processes for catalysis (LMSPC) and the Laboratory of Polymer Engineering for High Technology (LIPHT). The EPICUR Alliance has just signed a partnership agreement in Strasbourg, during its first Steering Committee. Faculty of Chemistry. Our expertise is applied in a pragmatic manner, within collaborative projects with biologists, and aims at discovering major breakthroughs at many different levels: Valorizing our discoveries remains a strong asset of the lab. Metal-induced Organic Synthesis and Heterochemistry (SOMHet). I wish you a very happy navigation on our website. Université de Strasbourg #2. University of Strasbourg (UNISTRA) CNRS: The Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (National Center for Scientific Research) is a national public organisation under the responsibility of the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research. Réalisé par la Direction des usages du numérique (DUN) - Plan du site - Mentions légales - Crédits, Technical and administrative staff of the Faculty, Bachelor (professional) Chemistry of Synthesis, Molecular, Green and Supramolecular Chemistry, 1st year, Physical Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry and Materials (CPAM), 1st year, Molecular and macromolecular chemistry (CMM), Physical Chemistry and Materials, 2nd year (EN), Biochemistry and Biophysics - BioPhysicochimie (EN/GER), Chemistry of Complex Systems International Graduate School, Sciences Analytiques pour les Bioindustries (SA-BI), École doctorale de physique et chimie physique, Quantum chemistry, molecular modeling and chemoinformatics, Chemistry of transition metals and homogeneous catalysis, Organisation of Higher Education in France. dentification of novel molecular mechanisms to manipulate disease phenotypes. mehr. The prize supports promising collaborations between young French and German researchers in the areas of health, pharmacology or chemistry. Circulating tumour cells use the lymphatic and blood systems to spread throughout the body and form metastases away from ... Institute of supremolecular science and engineering (ISIS), Strasbourg Institute of physics and materials chemistry de physique et chimie des matériaux (IPCMS), Institute of chemistry and of energy, environment and health processes (ICPEES), Hubert Curien multidisciplinary institute (IPHC), Laboratory of design and application of bioactive molecules (CAMB), Laboratory for therapeutical innovation (LIT), Laboratory of biophotonics and pharmacology (LBP), Team: Analytic chemistry of bioactive molecules  (IPHC/CAMBA), 36 doctoral students employed by the university. 1 rue Blaise Pascal - BP 20296 - 67008 Strasbourg Cedex - France - Tél : 03 68 85 16 72 Die internationale Entwicklung ist eine der Hauptaufgaben der Universität Straßburg. in chemistry from Kalamazoo College (Kalamazoo, MI), where she studied a year abroad in Strasbourg, France at the University of Strasbourg. The research network and its associated foundation aggregate 80 research teams working in a large variety of chemical disciplines. Top 20. in chemistry in the world.

Réalisé par la Direction des usages du numérique (DUN) - Sitemap - Legal notice - Credits. In the heart of the Upper Rhine border region, one of the most outstanding centers of the chemical industry in the world, the Faculty of Chemistry of Strasbourg is an academic site of excellence in research and training. Université de Strasbourg #4. The Institute of Chemistry and Processes for Energy, Environment and Health (ICPEES), is a joint research unit with a partnership between the French … It confirms the support of the European Commission and strengthens the cooperation within the consortium to become an attractive, innovative European university, geared to the new generation of European citizens, to face the great societal challenges of the Europe of tomorrow. It confirms the support of the European Commission and strengthens the cooperation within the consortium to become an attractive, innovative European university, geared to the new generation of European citizens, to face the great societal challenges of the Europe of tomorrow. Given the large diversity of macromolecular targets we are interested in, we do  not focus our activity towards a particular protein family or a peculiar disease area. It provides opportunities for student exchange with the best French and foreign academic institutions, access to research in the best laboratories of the world or to the job market with a recognized initial qualification.

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