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To bring the tower design back to near verticality and account for long-term creep, Vancouver House was deliberately constructed vertically out of plumb (tower cambering) at each floor following directly opposite to the final displaced shape of the tower. The level of scrutiny placed on this project made it essential for efforts above and beyond any other project to develop a practical, constructible design. It will be the first project in Vancouver to employ vertical post-tensioning and a robust walking-column system. The envelope is designed to provide a 60-40 glazing-to-solid ratio. 0000007208 00000 n 0000009286 00000 n While shrinkage and flexural cracks quite commonly occur on reinforced concrete buildings, it is much more important to fully understand the performance and sensitivity of a tower with this level of complexity and scrutiny.

6�6�� �ۡ��Sܸ&��5�~���j��LHL�$�� 4��`��b\Y��8˃ Pf��. Set for completion in spring of 2020, the Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG) designed project includes both high-rise and low rise structures, with the tower rising 59-storeys at the … Non-structural components such as … The Vancouver House is one of the most spectacular projects currently under construction near the False Creek in Vancouver, Canada. Vancouver House employs a reinforced concrete core utilizing innovative systems that have never been used in the local residential high-rise construction industry. Simpson Strong-Tie Introduces Expanded 2020 Catalog of Connectors for Cold-Formed Steel Construction. Core only (top left); Full structure (top right); Full structure exploded section view (bottom).

Performance-based-design with the use of the latest technology in non-linear analysis developed the possibility for a tower like this to exist. First, a 30-metre setback from the bridge greatly cuts down the area of the site. Looking up, you see the tower gradually grow out to one side above you, consecutively with each floor, seemingly without any columns supporting the tower as the floor plate expands in width by 16 times and doubles in area. The upper floors of the tower were cambered to offset the slopes formed by building rotation and column shortening. Vancouver House • 156.9-metre (515-feet) highrise tower (including parapet), 60 floors above grade. With the total design philosophy at Vancouver House, there was a re-conception of residential living, starting with the bold framing architecture, then continuing right down to the tiniest details inside. An industry built around static structures under gravity required a new approach to coordination leading up to the construction of the building. If you are looking for the contact details of a specific individual member of the SEABC, please see the Engineers and Geoscientists BC Membership Directory. Fields marked with a red asterisk * must be completed for the message to be sent. 0000001082 00000 n It’s a focal point for people that arrive from the bridge. At BONE Structure we build more than houses, we design and assemble HOMES. Needing to maintain at least a 98-foot (30-meter) safety offset from the bridge, the design architects at Bjarke Ingels Group sculpted the outline of the tower around these constraints without compromising the usage of the space, taking the shape of what Bjarke Ingels describes as a curtain being drawn aside. We often see geometric moves in the work of architectural offices. Concept and integrity of the gravity load resisting system. 0000002526 00000 n Photo courtesy of Miguel Fraino endstream endobj 163 0 obj <>stream The cumulative stresses onto the post-tensioned reinforced concrete slabs meant significant limitations on the allowable concrete embedded services. Stepped columns merge as they move towards the base of the building. Promoting the interests of structural engineers in British Columbia. Thirty metres above the bridge, it begins to reclaim the lost area from the setbacks by expanding into a rectangular floor plate. The Vancouver House's seven levels of underground parking required a 24.4 m deep excavation that was stabilized by a shotcrete anchored wall for the full depth. Picture yourself standing at the base of a 515-foot-tall high-rise tower looking up to the sky with the side of the building being only as wide as you are tall.

To balance the sculptural aspect of the tower, the external façade is quite simple and subtle. As the vertical columns gradually walk down the height of the building, they merge together. Each façade uses high-performance, triple-glazed insulating units and all balconies are fully insulated at the top, bottom and slab edges. As such, all contact is via email or voicemail at our telephone number. 0000002446 00000 n 13.7 m. Due to the changing ground conditions in the excavation area, 200 hollow bar anchors were also installed. We'll never share your email address. **We hate spam too! 0000002764 00000 n Do you really want to delete this item from your favorites? The cantilevered form is in line with the profit centre of the building, and those profits probably pay for the structural gymnastics. 0000006220 00000 n 0000003072 00000 n 6. For a thorough discussion of building structural design, see the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development's Residential Structural Design Guide: 2017 Edition. Vancouver House topped off in July 2018 and will always be a catalyst for creative architects and engineers.■. Topped-out Vancouver House tower north view (left) and south view (right). sculptural silhouette is not the result of formal excess, but rather the outcome of design and real estate optimization.

If constructed using traditional methods, at the point of structure top-off, the elastic movement at the upper height of the tower would have displaced nearly 10 inches towards the east relative to the base. The design is based on a triangle that rises from the ground and gradually transitions into a rectangle as it ascends to the top. He is the Project Manager and one of the structural design engineers for the Vancouver House project. The tower is situated on a 9-storey podium base, housing a mixed-use urban village offering intimately scaled commercial, retail, recreational and public spaces. :: Maxime Frappier :: Many “leftover” sites in our cities are nice found opportunities to develop new types of buildings. Concept and integrity of the lateral load resisting system. CLIENT Westbank | ARCHITECT TEAM BIG—Bjarke Ingels, Thomas Christoffersen, Beat Schenk, Agustín Pérez-Torres, Melissa Bauld, Amina Blacksher, Aran Coakley, Alexandra Gustafsson, Alina Tamosiunaite, Arash Ahmadian, Armen Menendian, Barbora Srpková, Bennett Gale, Ben Zunkeler, Birk Daugaard, Blake Smith, Brian Foster, Brian Rome, Carolien Schippers, Christopher Junkin, Christopher Malcolm, David Brown, David Dottelonde, Doug Stechschulte, Edward Yung, Elena Bresciani, Francesca Portesine, Gabriel Hernandez Solano, Hector Garcia, Ivy Hume, Jan Leenknegt, Janice Rim, Julian Liang, Julianne Gola, Karol Borkowski, Lauren Turner, Marcella Martinez, Martin Voelkle, Michael Taylor, Sean Franklin, Spencer Hayden, Terrence Chew, Terry Lallak, Tran Le, Yoanna Shivarova. M� ��2�۳RY8d�8`%�Y)�M6O.�8f%���qST/��).���2�ˇ�u5-_q� _�}_����q:o�Jc��P�WAe�Cu�@�����t�@���5y���:��G���8�v�E�M]�m��a7>��;�;��D3 ;u+g>W�dr�>���&�*6��~o����M�H��{zϿ�E�v�ӻ�����1�z��+b���>a�'|¼�S%��7a�3��:�p2�zj1����N?�/�^���e��ۊ��Mj�ߡ�!nõ�Ai�C��?J�kJ?

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