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Those present at the ceremony were original unit members George Buckingham, John Mackay and the then commander of Special Operations of the Australian Defence Force, Major General Mike Hindmarsh. The unit was created at the suggestion of the commander of Allied land forces in the South West Pacific area, General Thomas Blamey, and was modelled on the British Special Operations Executive (SOE) in London. Butt, Maj J. K. L. Brown, Sig A. J. Campbell, Cpl G. R. Edlin, Sig N. G. Flemming, S/Sgt G. R. Greenwood MID, Cpl J. K. Harris, Sgt W. H. Horrocks, WOII R. G. Houghton, Lt F. J. Leckie, Capt L. T. McMillan, Capt R. M. Morton MC, DCM, Sig E. H. Myers, Sgt R. J. Newdick, WOII L. N. Northover MM, Lt A. G. Palmer, Sgt R. B. Shakes, Sgt V. E. Sharp, Netherlands East Indies Forces Intelligence Service, "Australian Z Special MIAs fate determined after 65 years", "Remains found in PNG thought to be those of lost Australian soldiers", "WWII soldiers' Spencer Henry Walklate and Ronald Eagleton to be buried", "The Official History of the Operations and Administration of Special Operations - Australia (SOA), Volume 2: Operations", "Royal Australian Navy Gun Plot: Services Reconnaissance Department", "Royal Australian Navy Gun Plot: Z Special Unit – SRD Mother Ships", Memorial move prompts ceremony for Z Force soldiers, Australian Commando units of the Second World War, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Z_Special_Unit&oldid=985559057, Military units and formations established in 1942, Military units and formations disestablished in 1946, Military units and formations of Australia in World War II, Military units and formations of the Australian Army, All Wikipedia articles written in Australian English, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 26 October 2020, at 17:12.

[29], Throughout June and July 1945, several operations under the aegis of Operation Platypus were launched in the Balikpapan area of Borneo.

Lyon ordered that the boat be shipped from India to Australia. [1], Although the unit was disbanded after the war, many of the training techniques and operational procedures employed were later used during the formation of other Australian Army special forces units and they remain a model for guerrilla operations to this day. [15], The Hoehn Mk III folboats stored in the Mustika were deployed to make the party's way to Merapas. Originally named Operation Hornbill, the goal of "Rimau" was to sink Japanese shipping by placing limpet mines on ships.

Warrant Officer Houghton made it to shore in a second boat but was captured ten days later and languished in Balikpapan Prison where he died of beriberi about 20 April 1945. As a training exercise, one group led by Samuel Warren Carey paddled folboats between Fraser Island and Cairns. [11], They arrived off Singapore on 24 September and that night six men left the boat. [35] SRD operated two such vessels—HMAS Anaconda and HMAS Mother Snake—both of which were 125 feet (38 m) long wooden motor vessels. When, occasionally, a Japanese float plane flew over, members of Z Force would wave and stand in a circle pretending to unpick fishing lines.

[26][27] In late February 2014 it was announced that the remains of former St George first grade rugby league player, Lance Corporal Spencer Henry Walklate, and Private Ronald Eagleton, would be laid to rest in May 2014 with full military honours at the Lae War Cemetery, where the other five men from Operation Copper are buried. An autobiographical account of this operation (SEMUT I, one of four SEMUT operations in the area) is given in World Within (Cresset Press, 1959); there are also reports—not always flattering—from some of his comrades.

In September 1943, Krait transported members of Z Special Unit to Singapore, where they successfully raided the city's harbour, sinking seven ships. You are here: She was then acquired by the Australian War Memorial in 1985 and was lent to the Australian National Maritime Museum, where she has been displayed to the public since 1988. They paddled 50 kilometres (31 mi) to a small island near the harbour where a forward base was established in a cave.

[22], Of the eight men, only one survived.

[4], It contained several British SOE officers who had escaped from Singapore, and they formed the nucleus of the Inter-Allied Services Department (ISD) which was based in Melbourne. On the night of 26 September, using folboats the party paddled into the harbour and placed limpet mines on several Japanese ships. After scuttling the junk and the Sleeping Beauties with explosives, he ordered his men back to Merapas. In 1942 some ambitious officers of the Allied Intelligence Bureau (AIB) wanted to strike the Japanese in their secure strongholds. [13] When they reached the island of Merapas, which was to be their forward base, it was discovered to be inhabited. Evidence given to the commission by native witnesses ensured that the Japanese involved paid the penalty for this atrocity. [10], At midnight on 22 June 1943, the unit left Magnetic Island and paddled by folboat through the heavily mined mouth of Townsville Harbour.

They were then sent to Fraser Commando School, on Fraser Island, Queensland, to be trained in using parachutes, unarmed combat, explosives and the Malay language. This movie depicts the Z Force Missions undertaken by Australian Z Force Unit against Japanese shipping in Singapore Harbour during WW2.

[34] The MV Krait was originally restored in 1964 and used for training and recreation purposes by the Royal Volunteer Coastal Patrol. Later, two more were built but they were not completed in time to see service during the war. On the day of the planned attack, 10 October 1944, disaster struck. > History & heritage HMAS Blacksnake deployed GIRAFFE and SWIFT operatives in the Celebes and HMAS Tigersnake sailed out of Sarawak to set down operatives of SEMUT IVB. Around 10:00 am, the limpets were discovered, and panic ensued. On 25 March 1945, Tom Harrisson was parachuted with seven Z Special operatives from a Consolidated Liberator onto a high plateau occupied by the Kelabit. The MV Krait is a wooden-hulled vessel famous for its use during World War II by the Z Special Unit (Z Force) of Australia during the raid against Japanese ships anchored in Singapore Harbour. The boats were officially commissioned ships and were outfitted with two 300–320-horsepower diesel engines and armed with one 20mm Oerlikon as well as a number of assorted smaller machine guns.

He was named Peter and had lost his tail. [9], Operation Jaywick was an Inter-Allied Services Department operation to infiltrate the Japanese-occupied Singapore Harbour and destroy shipping. At Ambon, the boat acquired a monkey as a mascot. [28], During 1943–45, Z Special Unit conducted surveillance, harassing attacks and sabotage behind Japanese lines in Borneo, as well as the training of natives in resistance activities.

The Krait was used by the Australian military throughout the war, and was present at the surrender of the Japanese forces on Ambon in September 1945. Lyon decided to drop off four more men with Carey: Corporal Colin Craft, Warrant Officer Alf Warren and Sergeant Colin Cameron. [41][42], The Z Special Unit Association (NSW Branch) was disbanded in March 2010 due to a decline in members and the Association's last Sydney ANZAC Day march was held in 2010. "Z" Special Unit Commandos were trained at:-- Fraser Commando School (FCS) located on Fraser Island off the Queensland coast near Maryborough - Cairns (Z-ES) (The "House on the Hill") - Richmond (PTU) - parachute training unit - Camp Z, located at Cowan Creek, Refuge Bay (Broken Bay), north of Sydney [35], Of the Snake-class boats that saw service, at least three were used to deploy Z operatives with Hoehn military folboats in enemy occupied areas for reconnaissance or small scale raids. The Krait and Z Force. Z Special Unit (/zɛd/) was a joint Allied special forces unit formed during the Second World War to operate behind Japanese lines in South East Asia.

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