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Constantine then asks Zatanna to send him to someone, and when Zatanna asks who, Constantine replies that she already knows who.

Justice League International | Also, Zatanna cannot jump, dash, crouch, or block while this is in effect but meter is built up really fast. Zatanna is shocked, thinking it is impossible for something to reach them while they are outside of time and space.

Ambush Bug |

In the TV series Young Justice, Zatanna has a flirtatious and possibly romantic friendship with Dick Grayson / Robin during Season 1. No longer an active member of the JLA, Zatanna is asked by officer Dale Colton to help solve a murder case at a restaurant frequented by mobsters. Due to her long history in DC Comics, she has been named as one of DC's best and most powerful female characters[2][3], one of the Justice League's greatest and most important characters[4][5], and as a member of some of the Justice League's best line-ups. Mister Miracle |

Her clash quote, "Think I'll turn you into a newt!" Lois Lane |

She has used her powers to command elemental forces, heal, transmute and transmogrify objects, manipulate minds, and attack her opponents with energy blasts. In addition, it is difficult to impossible to affect a spell that was set in motion with higher-level magics. Nightwing | Zatanna must concentrate on her magic to make sure she is using the proper spell. Teams ", Conway, Gerry (w), Dillin, Dick (p), McLaughlin, Frank (i). This section of the article does not provide a complete profile of the subject. Her younger cousin, the teenager Zachary Zatara, is also a magician in the DCU. "Welcome To Sundown Town Part Two: Shadow and Act", McDuffie, Dwayne (w), Luis, Jose (p), Mayer, J.P. (i). Zatanna then teleports them both to the home of Jason Blood, where Harley first sees John Constantine. This section of history takes place in a timeline outside that of normal Injustice: Gods Among Us history.

[54][55][56][57] Zatanna is kidnapped by a new villain named Siphon, who tries to steal her abilities.

Zatanna casts her spells by saying the words of her incantations backwards. When the Justice League vanish in the past as they attempt to rescue the missing Aquaman, an emergency protocol set up by Batman assembles a new League, with this team including Jason Blood as its magical expert. Animal Man | Zatanna's hair is black and she puts on her classic black hat upon activating her Character Trait. Like the Black Canary, Zatanna's reliance on her voice often leads to her being bound and gagged by villains, a measure that renders her 'powerless'.

In chapter four, Zatanna is present along with Doctor Fate when Bruce regains consciousness just as his cellphone goes off with a call from the President.

To enliven things, Zatanna uses magic to make characters' inner desires come true—Chloe is physically transformed to resemble her cousin, Lois Lane (Erica Durance), for example, and Clark (Tom Welling) becomes "normal". She can cast an incredible number of spells, which she usually does by speaking backwards as a tribute to her father. Her working relationship to Batman sours after he discovers the alteration to his memory. The only magic command issued in both cases, Heal me, had to be spelled backwards, as if she were speaking (laeH em).

Vibe | She was so sensational to audiences that she was easily able to be considered as an entertainer unto herself. Zatanna has shown great control of her magic ability, which extends to an ability to elemental sorcery. Both later concede that Bruce is too devoted to his cause as Batman to give her the relationship she wishes for, but the pair reaffirm their bond as close friends.

- Clash with any Character ... Injustice:Gods Among Us Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community.

Fire |

Blue Beetle | Zatanna is present as Batman delivers a speech concerning the imminent war against Superman, before she teleports Alfred, Catwoman and Black Canary, who gives Zatanna her newborn son Connor to protect, to the Batcave. Full Name

Speaking backwards is as easy for her as it is to speak forwards. Amazing Man | Sargon's Hat Stance: Zatanna puts on her hat and takes out her wand, completely changing her fighting style. Zatanna is introduced at the Ace of Clubs, the scene of Chloe Sullivan (Allison Mack)'s birthday party.

"Team History", Dini, Paul (w), Roux, Stéphane (p), Story, Karl; Roux, Stéphane (i). On August 8, 2013 a video was finally released, confirming her as … [40][41] With assistance from Hardware and Icon, Zatanna and her comrades are able to defeat Starbreaker in a battle in the Himalayas. She subsequently joins Nightwing, Firestorm and Hawkgirl in travelling back to ancient Atlantis, where Aquaman has been trapped in a pool of water as a water wraith, Firestorm creating a channel between the pool and the sea before Zatanna casts a spell that allowed the water-based Aquaman to control the entire ocean as his body, allowing him to sink Atlantis in the past and present and disrupt Gamemnae's power.

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